Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mudrake's Latest Hysterical Fear --that Palin will be Elected!

Occasionally, I wade over in the muck-bog at Mudrake's new Wordpress blog. I don't give him the satisfaction of trying to register there, however, to comment there, as he, a mysogenist, will not print the comments of Christian women. I'm sure I'm already blocked.

He wrote recently about Sarah Palin and her critics:
As I understand those who critiqued the book, it is essentially a
fantasy that deflects the blame of her defeat to all but her. She, as
portrayed, appears as the jilted princess, the heroine who was continually
stabbed in the back as she attempted to bring her message to the American
masses. A Shakespearian play. A Greek tragedy.
And they believe her.
really believe all of the nonsense between the covers of that
That is the real tragedy. That is what dims the bulb of hope in
this nation.
If tens of millions of American citizens believed her to be
qualified to ascend to the Presidency, then this nation is in terrible

Mudrake would do well to note that some of Sarah Palin's book reviewers, including him, didn't even read the book. How smart was that??

We can have Bubba, notorious, lip-biting rapist and philanderer as president, whose daddy was a crook, whose mommy accidentally killed someone as an anesthetist in surgery and tried to cover up the ineptitude that led to the incident; we can have a near-socialist with ultra-radical friends and Muslim loyalties in office now, who has increased our national debt and deficit tremendously in a few months, whose wife is the most self-indulgent spender with the largest personal staff seen in the White House yet--

but the little housewife, beauty queen, popular governor, former mayor, fisher-woman, hunter, mother of 5 appealing kids, daughter and daughter in law of 2 normal, married couples, wife of a very appealing husband who seemed comfortable in his role as "first gentleman" from Wasilla, Alaska , is dangerous. And stupid.

You know why she's dangerous? It has nothing to do with her intellect --that's just the liberals' excuse. They fear her popularity and charisma in combination with her evangelical, conservative, pro-life, pro-family values perspectives. They fear she's electable!

They will work this intellectual deficit issue because it's all they can think of!! They did it to Dan Quayle, Geo. Bush, and tried to do it to "just an actor" Reagan. It intimidates candidates and probably leads them to more rhetorical blunders than they might otherwise commit. It's an offense tactic that too often works --because millions of people really ARE easy to fool --as Mudrake observes --and they WILL believe the negative press.

Liberals/democrats always claim to be intellectually superior --with their liberal social and religious views. The rest of us are all "kool-aid drinkers," "provincial," "racists and homophobes," and selfish with money, uncompassionate, etc.

The real problem with Sarah Palin is that she is a successful person in every realm of endeavor -- so of course she feels persecuted by liberals --SHE HAS NEVER BEEN UNPOPULAR BEFORE! SHE NEVER HAS HAD SUCH VICIOUS ENEMIES IN HER LIFE! What should she conclude from all this criticism? That they are out to get her.

and so they are.

May God's Will Prevail --whatever it is!!!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Barb said...

It occurs to me that our best (and most popular) presidents have not been Ivy League --Reagan, Lincoln, Truman --and I doubt Eisenhower was.

steve said...

My hope is that she runs for Pres and Wins --> Because America Deserves her... but It would be awful to be a member of the armed forces if she did win, knowing that your commander in chief might be sending you into combat with an enemy she doesn't even know anything about - including all the geopolitical facets and fallout of attacking said enemy. She has no historical knowledge to draw wisdom from. Barb, you could do a better job of managing foreign affairs than she could, at least you know the difference between North Korea and South Korea.

It would be an incredible four years of entertainment if she did become president. I'm pretty disapointed with Obama so far, I'd like to see Hilary give it another shot.

steve said...

One of our greatest presidents, and the greatest American ever was Teddy Roosevelt - he graduated from Harvard.

Barb said...

And Teddy Roosevelt was wise --a Republican. I wouldn't say the greatest American ever!

You have no reason, Steve, except mudrakian (and other liberals') hysteria, to believe that President Palin would send troops into harm's way without any intelligence briefings, and the recommendation and support of our armed forces leadership --nor without necessity. As she said, war is the last resort.

One thing she has not proven to be is a fool.

but your role as democrats is to do all you can to make her look like one.

That's the name of the game in politics --sad to say.

Barb said...

Hillary -btw --is an empty suit!

Barb said...

Bytheway, Steve, what do you think of the stats that show that all the high crime and gov't dependent urban area counties vote democrat --all the property owners and a majority of employed citizens vote GOP -- most counties went red, not blue --in all recent elections.

Most of the tax payers vote republican. What do they know that you don't? They understand that family values and sound economics are supported more by the GOP --and that makes for a stronger nation all the way around.