Saturday, January 30, 2010

GOP vs. OBAMA and My Suggestions for Solutions

Obama might be innocent of the GOP charges --some of them--but the fact is that he has indebted us for decades ahead far more than GW Bush. And Bush helped him with the bail-out idea --and I don't know what would have happened if they had not bailed out AIG, etc. --to people's ins. and pension plans, etc. --but why should any of those same CEO's, etc. get million dollar pay if their company had to borrow from the gov? Because of their contracts? Makes no sense at all.

Obama is legitimately suspect by Americans because of his attempts to put known radicals and socialists in high positions.

Obama really does believe that federal solutions and federal spending are panaceas--instead of starting incrementally in health care with the reforms that the democrats should support --but won't, because their lawyers make their livings suing doctors and hospitals and driving insurance costs up. Give us tort reform and let people take policies with them, continuing to pay their portion of them, when they change jobs or states. Otherwise, their pre-existant conditions incline ins. companies to refuse them for fear of going broke. A logical decision on their part.

Obama wants feds to take over healthcare, not just reform it.

They should also address the huge fraud problem and go after genuine fraud more aggressively before overhauling the present system. Medical ethics and the value of honesty and charity in healthcare charging should be stressed nationally. MOST people do not have to carry the burden of the huge costs as it is. But people should all strive to get health insurance and be part of the solution.

I know people who are continual drug seekers --and for vague ailments --and they pile up the unused meds on top of the frig --never looking through to see if they already have a remedy for their common cold but instead preferring the "daddy care" of a doctor.

Someone should do a survey and see if fatherless people --and people estranged from either parent or both-- spend a lot more time in doctor's offices and ER's than the well-parented. I think you would find that family breakdown correlates with high use of physicians.

We also have too many people getting free rides in taxation and healthcare because of their family breakdown. They need help --but why are there SO MANY who need help? Breakdown in national morality, that's why.

We have several just waiting for unemployment to run out before they'll even seriously seek a job, change states, etc.

I think Obama's best bet is to give tax advantages to employers for every new hire. If every employer would hire one or more, could we drastically reduce unemployment? What about a tax credit for men and women who stay married? who marry their baby-mamas! I know of 2 guys who have had babies with at least 3 or 4 women --and they are raising none of them. But would that even work? They'd get the marriage license but still live as before, probably. We are more and more a dysfunctional society of single parents and shacked up and gay couples. As our tv media push, push, push immorality as the norm. Our heroines and heroes sleep together in tv programs, reality shows --with nary a blink of shame for not being married. That didn't used to be --when I was a kid. Shacking up was very rare and very frowned upon. We cared what others thought --and we believed in a God of morality.

I also think any gov't subsidized business --or business that downsizes -- should have limits on top salaries.
I was astonished to hear that the CEO's or presidents of Mercy medical and Pro-Medica, each make almost 2 million dollars a year! WHY? Do we really think these guys wouldn't work for less??? What's the matter with these boards of directors? They could afford to hire, insure, and pay really well 15 more employees at 100,000 each and still pay their CEO 500,000 annually!

It is inequity like this that leads to counter-productive revolts --unions, strikes, etc. Greed at the top is no more respectable than greed and/or laziness at the bottom of the pay scale.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

I just would like to direct your attention to the ministry of Jesus. One of Jesus's main ministries was healing the sick, in fact it was his predominant ministry. I think any kind of ethical consideration, as far as believers of Jesus are concerned, should look toward the savior as an ethical base in their decision as far as how best to provide health care to the sick. And I'm convinced that if you do this, and are honest with yourself as a Christian, you will come to the conclusion that for profit health care that treats people as clients instead of sick people in need of healing, is a moral evil and needs to be reformed. What vehicle that reform takes is subject to debate, but not the moral bankruptcy of a system that champions profits at the expense of people. If you come to the conclusion that for profit insurance is more important than people's health, then in essensce you are supporting mass murder, since tens of thousands of people needlessly die each year because of lack of health insurance.

Christian Apologist said...

Even the best health care is only able to delay the inevitable for a short time. Jesus' main ministry was going about preaching 'Repent, for the kingdom of God is near'.

steve said...

I'm saying in a practical sense.

Jeanette said...

Just in case you don't know and are addressing your comments to Barb, Barb had major surgery on Tuesday and is still recuperating in the hospital.

I expect she will answer as soon as she feels up to it. In the meantime, please lift her up in prayer that she will heal quickly.

steve said...

I will certainly keep her in my thoughts and prayers!

Barb said...

Thanks for blogging and praying! and Jeanette, for your call and prayers.

I saw that Mudrake had a nice piece at his blog about a family friend who died. I think he might be more likable in person than in blogging. he even said "Bon Jour" to the French teacher after the priest gave her last rites. Good journey to where, Mudly? Even he hopes there is a Heaven to gain! He's an intelligent good writer --except when after me! Then he gets this glassy-eyed look.....

Thank God for His resurrected Son who gives us a "bon jour" when we die! Call me delusional if you will; I believe in the Gospel of Jesus! Seems that even lapsed Catholics believe enough to want their "last rites."

Barb said...

Steve, Jesus and I are of one mind about it: for health care for all people --and employment for all the able --and for compassionate conservatism! and whatever meets the whole world'a needs --be they next door or in Haiti, etc.

The devil is in the details. I don't believe in exorbitant profits for heads of corps that take care of people and provide essential services--nor for anyone who owes the gov't to save their companies --nor for company heads whose profits are mostly based on laying off people.

I think most Americans BELIEVE in healthcare for all --but we don't BELIEVE in Gov't's ability to DELIVER BETTER than we are already doing. We see need for improvement, but it will start when the democrats reduce their reliance on the lawyers who make their livings off of doctors --good doctors.

Mega-rich people do pay a lot of taxes and give charity. No one should begrudge the very rich for their "well-gotten gains," but they are obligated: "From him to whom much is given, much is required."