Monday, December 7, 2009


Alliance Defense Fund's Senior Legal Counsel, Mike Johnson wrote:

There’s an incredible double-standard at play with the ACLU and its allies, who’ve always been more worried about praying children than preying pornographers; more concerned about committed Christians than committed terrorists. Their record and their relentless agenda defy logic and betray the best of our traditions. They are a threat because they are so subversive.

He goes on to say:
In recent years, the Leftists have made it their goal to eliminate prayer at public gatherings, concentrating much of their legal intimidation on hometown governments, hoping to bully them into surrendering a practice that dates back to our Founding Fathers. (The Alliance Defense Fund is meeting – and defeating – the secularists on each of these battlefields, by God’s grace.)

Yet, somehow – for all the ACLU’s aggressive legal efforts to eliminate invocations at city council meetings and graduation exercises and public events throughout the nation – prayer persists. People just keep talking to God. And some of them insist on doing it right out loud.

Leftists are especially fond of that old Quaker quote about “speaking truth to power.” It makes them feel brave – the idea of standing up to a gracious, polite society, calling for the abolition of the essential tenets of Western civilization – with no one to back them up but an omnipresent mass media, a posse of increasingly activist judges, and the glittery Hollywood Thought Police.

The irony, though, is that public prayer is the ultimate way of speaking truth to power.

Read his whole article HERE.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


nomsthehun said...

Hi! I just discovered this blog, and I think its very interesting, even if I disagree with many things on it. As one of the "Leftists" referred to in the article above, I guess I think it's interesting how paranoid our "sides" are of one another. The author says the Left is fantasizing that it is in the minority, bravely "speaking truth to power," when in reality it has the backing of the media, Hollywood, and activist judges.

It is equally paranoid, but I see precisely the opposite. I see Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and George Bush as the true puppetmasters of mainstream American. I see activist judges, but in the opposite direction -- going to undue lengths to punish criminals whose backgrounds and life circumstances should mean that they are given psychological treatment and shorter prison terms (although, of course, criminals must be punished). I see mobs of people who want to reverse the right of women to have an abortion Despite the fact that, as a Christian, I oppose abortion, as an American I don't think that the government -- on a state level or a federal level -- has any right to tell women how they should treat their bodies. I see right wing protestors hearing and perpetuating outrageous lies about alleged "death panels", without having taken the time to read through the proposed legislation by themselves. All of this suggests to me a giant, out of control swarm of Rightist thought that I find frightening. Both the Right and the Left see themselves as victims in the minority. Which means, I guess, that both our "Sides" should simmer down and review the facts.And the feelings. We're all patriots, you know.

Barb said...

Welcome --I like to discuss opposing points of view. Why preach to the choir?

Noms --any explanation of your screen name?

I don't think GW Bush is manipulating or saying much of anything these days. As for Rush, he's a bit abrasive for me, but I remember when I first heard him --his popularity is because he spoke some common sense when all the rest of the media seemed to lean left. He was rare and a breath of fresh air because of it. That's the reason for Fox news popularity, too --they have some conservative-leaning journalists --which used to be almost unheard of --except for good ol' Paul Harvey!

To me, conservatism is common sense --and liberalism is off the wall--wanting to try remedies for social problems that just don't work.

I'm not sure it's necessarily conservative judges who want to lock people up and throw away the key and make bad decisions --perhaps cynical, uncompassionate judges aren't politically driven, per se. Just being tough on criminals doesn't make one a conservative all the way round.

As for abortion, as a Christian, if abortion is wrong for Christians, it is wrong --period. It depends on the definition of abortion--we Chrsitians say it is taking a human life. It seems obvious that it is; we're not talking about social drinking or tithing here or differences in scriptural interp --we're talking about ending human life --in favor of women who do not want to be mothers though they have conceived.

Some choices belong to God --and He chooses to allow us to conceive as a result of sex. He can make a beautiful life with any child--regardless of whether or not the mother wanted to be pregnant--regardless of whether or not the circumstance of the conception was righteous --as within marriage.

Abortion causes the end of a precious, unique, life with goodness knows what potential!

Re: death panels--I heard Obama myself --say something to the effect that we can't just expect that everything be done for us as we approach the end of life -- there's a limit--generally because of efficacy. Sometimes letting people go is the better course. People on unlimited health care or who don't pay their med bills anyway, will insist on keeping grandpa going even though he's been out of his mind for years --i.e. they insist on "full code."

Right now, it's the insurance companies who have panels that sometimes say "no, we won't pay." Gov't will drive us further into debt if they DON'T have panels to review cases for or against extraordinary life support.

So I think death panels are a given for any system --and an excuse for not supporting reform.

but I also think the gov't should not make tax payers support abortion; it should force tort reform; it should force some corrections in the insurance business --but it should NOT take over health care. When they do, it is MORE expensive and more abused --not less. As with Medicaid and medicare.

their first priority should be healthy business economy --so companies can afford employee health care.