Monday, December 7, 2009


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Medved has pointed out the upside down perspective in left-wing propaganda regarding First Amendment concerns today:

Part of the debate here is, which side is the aggressor? To understand what the other side is up to, it is important to recognize that THEY [emphases added by The Barb Wire] believe that WE are the aggressors, and that somehow we are trying to alter this wonderful, consitutional, God-free and religion-free paradise by introducing the serpent of religious messages into public education.

They don't realize that there is nothing that even the most conservative religious believers want for our public schoools or for the public square generally that would not have been normal in Eisenhower's America. Nobody wants to establish an official religion or impose faith on anybody. Unless you believe that we lived under a theocracy under FDR or Eisenhower, these charges about the theocratic leanings of religious believers are clearly bogus and deeply misleading. Truth & Triumph, Vol II, Issue 4, p. 14.


Michael's view is similar to my observation that the Christians have not been the radical change-agents here, as the Left would have us believe. E.G., the LEFT implies the traditional definition of marriage, the practice of public prayers by public agencies, the posting of The Ten Commandments, the free expression of religion in courts, congress, and schools, are all NEW and a NEW THREAT to American freedom --and yes, unconstitutional.

In fact, it is RADICAL to deny Americans the traditional right to pray and express faith most anywhere and most any time they wish (granted, there are places and times when free expression might be inappropriate or impolite and we won't all agree about that.) It is radical to make Americans afraid for their religious expression and belief --and radical to scare everybody with threat of lawsuits for religious free expression --and radical to redefine marriage and family to mean any creatures sharing a bed and a house.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

Do you think it is OK for Islamic girl students who attend public schools in Dearborn for example, should those students be allowed to wear the hijab to school and should they be allowed to bring a prayer rug and pray toward mecca during the day on school grounds?

Should a Jehovas Witness student be allowed to proslytize and distribute Jehovas witness pamphlets to other students during school time on school grounds?

U.S. demographics have changed substantially since the Eisenhower erra.

Barb said...

I don't know what the hijab is exactly, but I think they should be able to wear head coverings --like mennonites could wear theirs. Amish have worn their traditional clothes to public school.

The question is --what accommodations do you make for P.E.? Some clothing wouldn't work. I think schools historically have made accommodations, however --even exempting some kids from some things --but you don't get PE credit if you don't do PE.

As for passing out lit --most little JW's and Muslims aren't going to want to do this any more than the Christians do now -- They could have a religious freedom day (as is coming in January --but I think it's a Sunday) --and everybody share their faith during the school free times --and even for some class assignments --or on their t shirts, etc. They should be able to pass out lit to their friends, on the bus, in the cafeteria --but how often do kids want to do this?? and how many will TAKE the lit?

We need to prepare our kids for the public square --not denude the square.

As for prayer rugs --nah. to cumbersome; tell them to pray silently in their minds; they'll have to have Allah wait until they get home to use the rug. We are not going to restructure the school day so they can all pray several times on their rugs-- unless the whole school is Muslim. Then maybe---but I don't think we should come into the U.S.A. and ask us to make our country just like the countries they were so eager to leave!!!

And in fact, many Muslim youth (and parents) may be HOPING we won't accommodate their legalistic burdensome rituals --so they can be FREE, too! And so they can tell the Imam who wants them to do it, to go back to the middle east because they are in America now!!!