Monday, December 7, 2009

Eastern Michigan U Denies Degree for Values Viewpoint

Julea Ward is a very together and very attractive, accomplished A student (African-American, incidentally) with two master's degrees, a teacher who decided she'd like to be a school counselor. The problem? She was assigned in her practicum to counsel a gay student wanting counsel re: a gay relationship --and she does not believe in such relationships because of her Christian beliefs. Though she had a 3.91 GPA there, her professors stated they would weed from the program students who would not embrace the school position of affirming clients in homosexual relationships.

She asked her advisor if she should disclose her Christian faith on the "informed consent" paper given to the potential clients for counseling during the practicum. The advisor said not. But she explained her beliefs --and knew them to be a "values-based conflict," with gay clients. Such conflicts are allowed as a reason for assigning a client to a different counselor. She wasn't refusing to counsel homosexuals; but she knew she was not to establish rapport with a client with whom she was going to have a values clash, but instead, refer them to someone else.

But Julea's advisor said she would undergo an "informal review" for her refusal to approve homosexuality. Her professors concluded that Julea was "in violation of EMU's code of ethics." She was to either 1. change her belief system through a remediation program --or 2. withdraw voluntarily from the program --or 3. request a formal review hearing. In option 3, which she chose, in which she was allowed no outsiders or legal representation, the panel decided to dismiss her from the program.

THIS MONTH, The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) will defend Julea who has sued the school for reinstatement in the program. Read about her case HERE.

Obviously, EMU has a problem with religion-based values and the definition of marriage. As do most of our state universities. We shall see more and more that Bible-believing college and grad students are discriminated against for not affirming homosexual acts and relationships, unless we help our ADF and ACLJ attorneys do this very important work of defending students like Julea.

We recall a similar case of an African-American woman administrator in human resources at U.T. Does anyone recall her name or how her case resolved??

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Anonymous said...

Human Resources Vice President Crystal Dixon was fired by the University of Toledo for authoring a letter to the editor in her capacity as a private citizen (not on behalf of UT). UT's blatantly discriminatory action has also been taken to court by the Thomas More Law Center of Ann Arbor.

Gary Glenn, President
American Family Association of Michigan

Barb said...

Thanks for the update--and finding my blog!