Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday a Full Moon at the Blade Letters Forum???

A lady from Archbold, Sarah Maxwell, a Democrat, complained in a Blade letter printed yesterday, that GOP Rep. Bob Latta was making a "slur" against the Democrats when he referred to "democrat party." She insists the word can only be a noun and never an adjective --and thus should be "democratic party."

But then, what of the Republicans? Should they be the Republicanic Party? Isn't the word used as both an adjective and a noun? Why shouldn't Democrat be used the same way???

In fact, the dictionary does refer to democrat as a noun and republican as both noun and adjective. Yet, the dictionary had an example using democrat as an adjective in the name of a wagon --a "democrat wagon." So the word was a modifier/adjective for wagon in that case.

I think it's the height of silliness to think that everybody knows that the Party is the Democratic Party and not the Democrat Party --considering that the GOP is the Republican Party, filled with Republicans. While Ms. Maxwell seems to have slight dictionary support for insisting that democrat is only a noun, I think she's really paranoid for her party to think Latta intends a slur when he refers to the "democrat party."

Now, my husband's Uncle George is another story! He referred to the Damocrats!

Then, silly letter no. 2: a fat person of 400 pounds declared his self-loathing and said we over-weight Americans should --in effect, "carry our own weight," and pay for our condition --that we all lack self-control (duh!) and should pay extra for ourselves. Well, I guess we DO pay extra for the food! And so far, my med chart and expense doesn't look like those of smokers --who start having CAD (coronary artery disease) in their 40's. While the gentleman, Jason Craig, made valid observations about obesity, I can't help but wonder WHY??? Does he really want us to pay more for health insurance or be taxed for our weight? Is he nuts? considering his own condition??? Would he think we should be denied health care unless we could pay more for it than most others?

Finally, Rebecca Swinney somehow knows exactly how much is owed the city in traffic fines for getting caught on camera running red lights at intersections -but she has apparently never figured out why the city isn't collecting. Fine enforcement is lax because of the much publicized concern that the cameras cause more accidents than they prevent --as people jerk to a stop when the light changes --causing rear-end collisions. WHO LIKES THOSE CAMERAS? Almost nobody but Ms. Swinney, apparently.

And finally, Bruce Whalen, native American, is offended that the IRS is treating people of native American heritage JUST THE SAME AS THEY TREAT ALL THE OTHER AMERICANS! When are the natives going to forgive the past and realize they are no more entitled to the continent by accident of birth than the rest of us who were born here? And we ALL resent the IRS! You can see what hanging on to the grudges of ancestors will do for a nation--just look all over the middle east. Americans should ALL let bygones be bygones and protect this almost "shining city on a hill," this place where the beacons of liberty and opportunity still shine for native Americans and immigrants alike --who are willing to forgive and forget and move forward.

Whooeeee! Kooky letter day at the Blade!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

I've read some research articles that the Obesity epidemic might be caused by a yet undiscovered virus. Therefore it might turn out that it is an infectious disease that people really don't have too much influence over.

Barb said...

Right --my story, too, and I'm stickin' to it!

Anonymous said...

So qrazy..