Monday, October 19, 2009

Something different for a Change.


Barb said...

This so much is something I would love to do --break out in song in public places! My husband's mother and I did that on the D.C. trains for the 4th of July--sang patriotic songs --but nobody joined us and the kids were embarrassed. We do it on the boat at the lake fireworks. I would think everyone in other boats would want to join in --but they don't. Maybe the u-tube phenomenon will make public singing more popular! Imagine the Muslims singing do re mi in their burkas and head coverings!

I'm reminded of the --was it coca cola song --about teaching the world to sing? Great idea.

You know, someday, every knee will bow to Christ as Lord --and I bet we shall SING!

~J~ said...

Beautiful! Thank you for posting this ~ Rob.

Jeanette said...

Oops, that took an old email address and put in my initial instead of my name~~don't know why that happens but it's associated with a now closed blog.

That was the real Jeanette