Friday, October 23, 2009


I think I had a worse problem than Mudrake's at the Ohio DMV. I lost my driver's license and after an agonized search of everywhere I had been, calls to the businesses, and looking everywhere in the house, under all the couch cushions, etc. --I then went over to stand in line to renew it with my SS card as ID --having been told I would need that --and was told that they couldn't prove who I was from my social security card which had not been re-issued since before my marriage -- nor by any other ID I had with me(just cards with signatures of my "new" name, hmmmm--I didn't try my expired Sam's card with the insipid smile photo on it! --but there was no photo with my old name, of course, to compare it to the unmarried Barbara's SS card.) Since I had married 40 years ago and had a name change--I would need my marriage license to prove that the unmarried girl on the SS card was the same person as the one I claimed to be now.

So after calling, I wrote to the courthouse in Indiana for a copy of my marriage certificate, since I have no recollection where my original is -- paid $2 and went to stand in line at the license bureau again.

My amazement was that they claimed to NOT have my lost driver's license issued last year on line anywhere from which to verify --with picture and S.S. number ---though the number would not have been on that newer card, but not in their files either? --so even that would not have worked unless they LOOKED AT MY FACE and compared it to the picture!!! I would think, however, that since they ask you to bring your S.S. card in as one form of ID that they should have my SS number on file!!! Or what's the point??? And if the SS number WAS on file with them since they ask for it as ID, why wouldn't my old card be sufficient even with a different last name??? And they could've asked me to write my maiden name and compared the signature for verification.

Finally, I took a defunct computer printer to be fixed, and the guy called me and said he found my lost driver's license in it and he mailed it back and told me the printer couldn't be fixed as it was too old for parts. It was better than the new one -faster, and had a FAX function, etc --but my husband got the new simpler one free with a camera. Everytime it runs low on ink, it won't function--I don't know how to override its insistance that I replace the cartridge --even though the computer copies are still good enough for my purposes. Seems I'm too frequently running out of one or the other of the many little cartridges in this EPSON system--just when I need copies for CLC!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...

A couple of things, Barb.

If you want to ever collect social security or Medicare benefits you need to get your name changed on your social security card or you will not get what you need.

Secondly~we have found it is just about as cheap to replace a printer as to buy new ink cartridges unless you are using a laser printer, which I have, and is much more expensive to replace the toner.

Good luck!

Barb said...

Thanks for info.

Christian Apologist said...

"The government is expanding the beaurocracy to meet the expanding needs of the beaurocracy"

Jeanette said...

Off topic, but I thought I'd put this on the top post.

Sunday night my husband and I were having a discussion about a sermon preached on Sunday morning. It was about people making choices in their lives.

I made the comment that it was like King Agrippa who told Paul “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian” and said what a sad thing it is to contemplate that someone almost accepted Christ and His gift of Salvation and Eternal Life, but wasn’t quite persuaded enough.

Monday I was speaking to a woman who lost her job and cooks hot meals to sell in order to keep supporting her house and her daughters as she is now a single mom.

She asked me if I remembered the 18 year old boy who was killed by someone driving by and shooting him in the head a couple of weeks ago. I told her I had heard of it.

She said she and her sister go out on Mondays and witness in their neighborhood and surrounding area and that on the Monday before this boy was killed they witnessed to him and invited him to become a Christian and follower of Christ. His response: “I’m too young to devote my life to Christ.” Now he’s dead and as far as we know his fate was sealed when he rejected Christ that day.

I am at the point of tears now and my stomach has a big knot in it just thinking how close this kid came to having eternity in heaven instead of eternal torments in hell.

~(End of Part 1)~

Jeanette said...
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Jeanette said...
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Jeanette said...

King Agrippa, believest thou the prophets? I know that thou believest.

Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

And Paul said, I would to God, that not only thou, but also all that hear me this day, were both almost, and altogether such as I am, except these bonds.
(Acts 26:27-29)

How about you? Are you “almost persuaded” but not quite? Do you love this world and what it has to offer so much that you are willing to gamble that you will have another chance to accept Christ as your Savior?

Will we cry and have knots in our stomachs because you didn’t have time for Christ now but thought you’d have time later on? What happens if someone shoots you in the head or you die in your sleep? Will you have time and the presence of mind to repent and accept Christ? No one is guaranteed one minute of life beyond the one we are living right now.

Think about it.

~End of Part 2~

Jeanette said...


I deleted the previous 2 comments because I wanted to follow any posts after these and had to post a letter a to just get that done, and on the second one the italics and bold were in the wrong place.


Barb said...

The real Jeanette is always welcome. And if Mudrake could imitate the real Jeanette's spirit and character and say the same things she would say, what the heck!?

Jeanette said...


The comments about the boy who was "almost persuaded" were indeed made by me and the deletions were made by me also because I messed up the italics and bold print.


mud_rake said...

Jeanette- Who's on first? No, what’s on second base. I don't know- third base!

Confused, Jeanette? So am I.

Remember that 60's ditty, "First you say you do, then you don't, then you say you will, then you won't."

Confusion- part of the syndrome.

Ladies- I note your continuing infatuation with me as evidenced by the regular flow of dog poop you leave on my blog moderation site. I am just so happy that you regard me and my blog with such high esteem, but, alas, it is a complete waste of your creative time.

You see, those carefully chosen words which you write to me nearly every day, go directly into the 'delete' can. Directly, unopened. 'Delete!' Whoosh, gone. Alas.

Perhaps you could post them here [as there is little else worth reading on this silly blog]so that the two of you could get your mutual jollies.

Maybe you could attract one or two more readers to this bland blog. That, in itself, would be a refreshing up tick.

Hey, ladies, I'm just trying to help out two fairly helpless, delusional believers.

"Love one another." - Jesus

Barb said...

o hi, Mudly. Are you still lurking here? I'm flattered.

Guess what!! We know our comments on your blog are deleted. And you HAVE claimed not to read them, but you know you do. You are too curious! and looking for something you can use against us always. You seem to enjoy writing about us and excrement --with regularity! no pun intended.

I comment on your blog just as I would if I were to be printed there, JUST FOR YOU to read at least and usually, but not always, to refute what you say----though I'd like to respond to some of your other writers just to participate in conversation about topics of interest--sometimes just to comment or even AGREE with something! like to say (to your post) that I had license bureau issues also! I CAN socialize pleasantly and non-controversially with people who don't share my views. Why can't you???

I don't find YOUR blog bland. I'm surprised you'd call mine the "best homophobic blog in northwest Ohio" on the one hand --and then "bland," on the other. Which is it? (Dear readers, I'm neither homophobic nor homo-hateful, despite opinions to the contrary. Mudrake's allegations are an example of people "saying all manner of evil against you falsely for righteousness' sake." Which Christ said would happen to his followers.

Mudrake, many of your postings sound loony frankly--inflammatory and defamatory, dishonest and unkind, with threatening and dangerous hate speech if anyone were to take seriously your remarks about Christians needing to be silenced and locked up --about which you seem quite sincere.

Again, yes, Jeanette and I have come to "love one another" as Christian "sistern," and while we are not infatuated with you (having our own fine men), we nevertheless don't wish you any ill will --as you do us.

What could we do to bury the hatchett? Should she visit and we'll take you to dinner? Of course, you wouldn't do that without slipping arsenic in our soda pop!

Of course, I know that most people would say you are hopeless, not worth arguing with, and that ignoring you is the best course. And I've done that --and then I go to the blog of someone who posted here, and you follow along to nip at my heels. And I should ignore you, but it doesn't suit me to do so --for whatever reasons people want to speculate. And you have been blogging about me for a few years --before I knew about it. So, naturally, I've got my eye on your blog --now and then --just to see what Mudrake's up to NOW! I think radicals bear watching, don't you? So I guess I'll hear from you now and then --and you'll hear from me, too!

mud_rake said...

My email just said, The conversation has been moved to the Trash.

Unread. Directly to the trash.

Such wasted energy...

Jeanette said...

We have to excuse Mudrake for his outbursts of incoherent blather on Barb's site.

It seems his OCD is getting out of hand.

But we still love you, Mudrake, and we are still praying for your soul to be saved. It's never too late until you die.

Barb said...

It's kind of sweet of you, Mudrake, to want us to know that we are wasting time since you claim not to peek at our comments at your blog. It's uncharacteristically thoughtful to care about us "wasting our time." I'm touched! Aren't you, Jeanette?

Jeanette said...

Actually, Barb, I see Mudrake as a lonely man who has a lot of issues. Some of them passed on by his father and others of his own making.

I posted a comment to his site telling him to stop impersonating me even though I knew he wouldn't post it.

I told him I have no hatred for him but love him. Not as a brother or as a husband but I love him and want him to be saved.

I meant that. I also made a phone call to his house when I was supposed to be at an appointment according to a post he made in my name. Guess who wasn't home? Mudrake and Mrs. Mudrake. I left a message that was kind but firm in telling him to cease and desist. I never received a call back, so if it was the wrong person he didn't call to tell me so. Therefore I assume I had the right number and he didn't have the courage to call and talk to me in person even though I left my telephone number. Not that he doesn't know it as he has published it numerous times. I have reported him to Google, but don't know how much good that will do.

I know you're reading, Mudrake, so please take down the empty fake Jeanette blog.

I do love you, Mudrake, in a spiritual sense, and pray for your soul to be saved and for all your hatred to go away. It's a terrible way to live a life.