Saturday, October 31, 2009


The atheists are, more than other interest groups, joyous cannibals and regurgitators of their own ideas. They thrive online, where like adolescent boys they rehash their rhetorical victories to their own delight. The whole thing has started to feel like being trapped in a seminar room with the three smartest guys in school, each showing off to impress...whom??

Heh heh. This was written by Lisa Miller, the religion editor, in Newsweek article about a new film called Collision --about 2 white guys arguing about faith vs. atheism in a bar. She said neither side concedes any points --Christopher Hitchens vs. an Idaho pastor, Douglas Wilson --arguing about whether Christianity is "good for the the world."

If Lisa is a Christian herself, I couldn't tell. Seemed she leans toward the atheist side. But I sure liked her assessment of the online atheists. What she didn't tell is how nasty and repressive as bloggers so many of them are. They attack and kick off bloggers whose views they dislike --rather than putting up a good rebuttal.

As for Christianity being good for the world: We know of the secret nuclear facilities of Iran now. Iran is where Sharia law and Shihite Muslims reign. Saudi Arabia is the hotbed of Al Quaeda and they tend to be Sunni Muslims, as I understand it. Egypt and Somalia have stoned young girls to death in the last year, a rape victim and a convert to Christianity. The Communists of North Viet Nam are persecuting Christians with brutal police harrassment as we speak --and there are thousands of converts there. In India, the Muslims have persecuted Christians in Orissa and driven thousands from their homes. Also, in Africa and everywhere in the middle -east --in nearly every country where Muslims are the controlling majority, there is constant turmoil, death and poverty. Is it a matter of time before they bring it to the US?

And the online atheists will be right there with them, wanting to incarcerate Christians and suppress Christian liberty --as so often expressed by the worst of the Christian-hating bloggers --named Mudrake. As for the more famous/infamous atheist PZ Meyers, he's just an intolerant jerk whose tool is mockery of those who disagree with him.

There is a goal of Islam to eventually dominate the world with their adherents, religion and laws --and they allow no dissent and no religious freedom for other faiths. And the atheistic bloggers sound just the same. So tell me, Mr. Hitchens, is Christianity bad for the world? compared to online atheistic hatred for Bible-believers, compared to atheistic communism and erroneous Islam with their terrifying doctrines?

Mohammad elevated himself over Jesus Christ, lied about the historical record of his death and resurrection. He elevated himself over the one who teaches charity and love, and compels the church to good works all over the world. Granted, Christianity has a checkered past due to Catholic Church corruption throughout history and to the present day. And the Church of England had a dubious start under Henry VIII for bad reasons--and that church is splitting between those who believe the Bible on matters of morality and those who don't.

Mohammad is responsible for ONGOING, present-day beheadings, conversion by the sword, religious intolerance of the worst sort --and for marrying a 9 year old, marrying an older rich woman, being a political schemer, etc. Reportedly, even he doubted the nature of his angelic source at some points of the revelation of the Koran. I do believe he was deceived by the one who would appear as an angel of light (Lucifer) and deceive many. Supposedly Mohammad was illiterate, so to write the Koran, he claimed an angelic inspiration and used scribes --one who famously quit because he doubted the authenticity of the source when Mohammad's revelations suited his political ambitions.

I'll take Jesus's "love your enemies" and promise of eternal life over "kill the infidel," terrorism, honor killings, beheadings, female circumcision and marching around a square box at Mecca any day.

The Protestant Reformation did more to civilize the world than any movement since --with the Bible in the hands of the laity. The Christians ended slavery in England and the US and today they and the predominantly Christian U.S. are responsible for more humanitarian works in the U.S. and around the world than any other single group. Much that is good about the U.S. (or even Europe) is because of our Bible-respecting, God-believing culture of past days. Hatred is not justified for Christians; but atheists think Christians deserve to be hated for not approving gov't endorsement of homosexuality, abortion and using embryos for science. They say "all manner of evil against [Christians] falsely," as an excuse to deny them their free speech rights and freedom of religious advocacy regarding our laws. They consider it fair game to hatefully scorn them for not believing in evolution.

Actually, the atheists have much less to like about radical Muslims with their extreme moral views (death to homosexuals, e.g.) So why do they focus on Christians? Because Christianity is the truth and in their atheism they play right into Beelzebub's hands and focus on the true religion instead of Islam --with whom they share a hatred of Christianity. But Islam ALSO hates atheism and their libertine moral views. Atheists are said to be 12% of Americans now; they ought to quit biting the hand that tolerates them. If Islam is in a position to persecute Christians or atheists, they'll treat us the same!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


matthew said...

I've read the book that came out of the debate between Hitchens and Wilson, the Idaho pastor. I've read a lot of Wilson's books, actually. He's a great guy. He has a series of books on the Christian family that are among the most helpful I've ever read. Well worth checking out...

Jeanette said...


Doesn't the New Testament tell us over and over again that in the last days the Church will be persecuted?

We are merely seeing what Jesus told us we would see.

And we Protestants are not completely clean either. Remember the witch trials and burning at the stake of women deemed to be witches.

All groups that claim to be Christian have committed atrocities in the name of Christianity. Don't blame just the Catholics.

Barb said...

Jeanette, I didn't blame just the Catholics. I mentioned the protestant Church of England. I've also commented previously on the Salem witch trials you suggested --being the work of the devil against Christians --using occultic witchy teen girls and a hypocritical Christian judge as his instrument of torture. That was a case where superstition and hypocrisy worked together. Nevertheless, TRUE Christianity survives onslaught and misrepresentation in every generation from within and without the church.

I have also agreed with Christianity's critics that protestants found biblical support for slavery before they began to apply the Bible's Golden Rule teachings of Christ and the message of compassion and equality in God's sight found throughout the NT.

Speaking of the church today:

I am in the healthiest church that I have been in since my home church where I grew up which WAS healthy-- my present church had some historical hard times, too many self-annointed (though admittedly sincere) lay "prophets, teachers, and exhorters," heady with their self-proclaimed "spiritual gifts" (I'm always leery when people are encouraged to figure out their spiritual gifts and claim a lofty biblical title--then they won't do anything out of their role asked of them.) There have also been "my way or the highway" types from which we have recovered.

Now, we in leadership at our church are mostly lovers. It's the best church board I've ever been on for fellowship and loving spirit --where the people at the board meeting seem the same as they are out of the board meeting and strive for genuine fellowship with one another --instead of belonging to factions. Our pastor, even as a young man, was never a clique-ish sort seeking the favor of people --but strives to be respectful of all and not in any one person or family's pocket, seems to me. (And I would say our past pastor was that way, also.)

The church can stand against sin --as in the social issues-- without being unloving --and when the church IS unloving within (or without) its walls and to other Christians, it has a major deficiency of the Holy Spirit and will be hindered from God's intention for them.

Agreed, the church and believers will be persecuted --doesn't mean we should therefore retreat behind our walls --or that our method is wrong because we meet with opposition.

Many of us still believe that a perfectly loving approach to opposition will win people over to our side. Not according to prophecy. Of course it is true that "a soft answer turns away wrath," and there is no reason to be arrogant as a means of witness! And of course, love is powerful. But just because we are hated or persecuted, doesn't mean we were the ones in error.

I see you are posting pictures in France. Fare thee well!

Barb said...

Thanks, Matt, for that additional info. I had not heard of Wilson. As CE Director, I shall get right on it!!! Duty calls! even for a lowly woman! : D

Jeanette said...

Actually I sent a powerpoint presentation to people on my email list and described the first photo as being taken in my home area. I think I sent it to you too.

Anyway, I didn't post any photos in France but the host did and I just answered the questions asked of me.

AndThenSome said...

Prominent atheists like Harris, Dawkins, and Hitchens have been very vocal about the dangers of Islam. And apart from Mudrake, I'm not aware of any atheists, certainly not PZ Myers, who are calling for the incarceration of believers. While they may be very critical of certain religious people and religion in general, there is a huge difference between ridicule and persecution. To suggest there is or will be some unholy alliance between atheists and Muslim extremists borders on hysterics worthy of Glenn Beck.

matthew said...


Yes, do check out his stuff. The books are small and simple, not heady or overly intellectual. They would lend themselves very well to Sunday School classes.