Saturday, October 31, 2009

Air Force One --the President's Opening Remarks

I think I have seen snatches of Air Force One, the movie. Tonight I just listened to the opening speech of the president --saying the Free World, the U.S., had acted too late --watching the horror in Kazakastan? from afar on tv -- hiding behind sanctions and attempts at diplomacy, as 200,000 men, women, and children were murdered by their dictator. He concludes that we must not ever again try to negotiate with those who inflict terror on the world, on their countrymen --or words to that effect. And that we should do what is right to end such suffering wherever we find it.

Wasn't that Geo. Bush, II's thinking? Not that we took on the whole world --just the pieces of it that WERE directly sponsoring terrorism on us and threatening our national security interests. Even the charge that we cared only about oil overlooks the fact that OIL IS a national security interest. The US is not ready to function militarily or economically without foreign sources of fuel.

This fictional movie president committed us even beyond our national interests --saying "never again" to ignore the plight of thousands being displaced and murdered by their rogue leaders. He appealed to the world to do what is "right."
And said, we will not negotiate --that these rogue gov'ts. needed to fear us [of the free world.]

President Obama, watch the movie! Not that we can afford to go everywhere. We don't have enough people to give to this cause --nor enough money at this time. But National Security and defending the defenseless ought to always be uppermost priorities for a great, humane nation.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


matthew said...

This sounds good on paper but can you trust our government's judgment on defending the defenseless? Who is going to decide who we defend along with when and where? Probably the same people who defend women who pay people to murder babies inside them. We simply cannot claim the moral high ground on anything.

Jeanette said...

I think it's time for us to stop being the world's watchdog.

We should commit to win in Afghanistan or withdraw our troops so not one more drop of American blood will be shed there.

We should pull out of all bases around the world and let Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy etc. all fend for themselves.

The purpose of our military should be to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. How can they do that when they are spread all over the world where we aren't appreciated?

Bring them all home, let the economies of those countries suffer and they get what they want.

We get our full force of armed services to be stateside to protect and defend our homeland. They can be on lookout for attacks just as the intelligence agencies are doing now, and bring them down before they are carried out.

The days of us being the biggest guy on the playground are over. Obama won't commit enough troops to win in Afghanistan and I'm not sure it can be won with all the difficult terrain and hiding places.

We need to pick off Al Qaeda right here in the US.

See how the world wrings their hands once we leave them to their own devices.

Barb said...

I don't like us being the world's watchdog either --especially when we don't finish the job and get them established with basic civilized infrastructure and democratic processes --Nation building--which we have attempted in Iraq and afghanistan. But people without a Judeo-Christian base are probably doomed to their own inner defeat!! their own constant need to get even for past grievances. "Eye for an eye," and all that. It's one thing to bring murderers to justice and STOP their reigns of terror --and another to think we have to get even all the time. When we rebuild a nation that has attacked us or harbored our attackers, we are returning good for evil --as Jesus taught. We do see national poverty and misery as a reason for why young men blame the rich west seen on tv and go to war and do the bidding of Little Kim in Korea or Osama bin Ladin. What have they to lose?

All these Muslim societies have this problem of vengeance more than Christian societies do. We'd rather get on with peace, life and comfort!

However, I think it is worth the effort, Matt, to go after criminals and the terrorist leaders of rogue nations like Korea's--if we can. there are no doubt thousands of No. Koreans who wish for Yankee deliverers like those who stopped Hitler --who wish for heroes and pray for God to deliver them from their enemies, their own gov't. And I wish we COULD do that --but without loss of our own --and therein lies the rub --bombing is the only way to do that and there is always that risk of what is euphemistically called "collateral damage." But we have loss of innocents on BOTH sides when we send our troops in.

E.g. the risk of just dropping a bomb on the korean nutty leader's palace and his military installations and his nuclear plants --is that some other nation will gain the power and a nutty leader to do the same to us. which is why we need an anti-missile shield --"star wars" if it is possible.

It would be much nicer if we could simply convert the leaders of rogue nations to Christianity --so they would have compassion, feel accountable to a righteous
God, and start to take care of their own and quit threatening their neighbors. But we know that prophecy says things will get worse not better before Christ's return--and that seems to be proving true. Despite all our education and progress, things aren't better. E.G., even educated atheists hate christians for sodomy's sake and want the church locked up and denied audience.

Jeanette, as for the errors of Christianity past: I DID give credit historically to the Protestants and the Catholics, --the Church of England and the Catholics. And I agree that church people since and yet today can be guilty of judgmental cruelty within their own families and churches --power hungry and arrogant people --disrespectful, unloving, grudging, contentious people --sin abounds in every generation and lurks and works in every church to some degree.

Barb said...

BTW -Matt--I don't think it's true that we can never claim moral high ground on anything. I agree it's a task for which we have no funding right now --to defend the defenseless --but there oughtta be a way, nonetheless, to stop holocausts --including the abortion holocaust.

Don't you consider the prolife cause moral high ground compared to the pro-abortion cause of the pseudonym, "women's health?"

And isn't it moral high ground to protest the stoning to death of 12 and 13 year old Christian convert and a rape victim by Muslims? within the last year.

Do you read Voice of the Martyrs which tells us pretty clearly who's who needing defense in the world?