Friday, January 26, 2007

Who are Today's Fascists? NOT ME!

The word Fascist is a favorite with liberals who use it to describe all on the right who disagree with them. It's a hate and hysteria-generating word.

Notice the title of the book by Chris Hedges, American Fascists --The Christian Right and The War on America. There is no possibility of civil discourse and national unity when you call the other side "fascists."

The most famous fascists of world history deserved to be assassinated as the murderers they were.

Note the definition of fascism:

"a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and race and stands for a centralized autocratic gov't headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition."

Conservatives do exalt our nation but that's where the resemblance to fascists ends. Racists exalt their own race and they can be either liberals or conserves. Liberals want big centralized (federal) govt; Conservatives want more local, grassroots control --though both sides want their pet concerns upheld by federal law.

Liberals want more economic regimentation as with socialism or communism and high taxes--

Conservatives want the people to enjoy the fruits of their labors without having to pay high taxes for a gazillion gov't employees hired to regulate our lives, whose cushy pensions and annual raises are endless, retirements early, and double-dipping profitable, and work hours minimal and easy. (That, of course, doesn't describe all gov't, employees--and it would also describe the desires and jobs of some conservative employees, I admit.)

As for suppression of opposing views, Liberals are moving congress now with a bill to suppress grass roots activism by red tape, as usual trying to use courts, IRS, and bureaucracy to stifle grass roots involvement and free speech.
Whereas conserves are accused of suppression for their desires to clean up the internet and TV to provide a more wholesome, moral adult community and culture for family health--for the kids' sake.

So who are the fascists anyway? Is it those who say morality should be encouraged by law since Law is always a TEACHER about right and wrong?

or those with loose lips who want to generate hatred for and fear of their ideological opponents by wrongly describing them as Fascists --who are also using propaganda to persuade people that there is little difference between an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist--and a Christian.

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