Monday, January 22, 2007

About people who say religious indoctrination is child abuse

For now, my blogging time is being spent on Politics in Mudville.blogspot --and this is my reply to liberal democrat who said religious indoctrination, as in Jesus Camp, is "child abuse." I haven't seen the movie but here is what I think about his statement that indoctrination (teaching children what to believe because YOU believe it, as their parents) is child abuse.

YOU, LD, are dangerous to religious liberty and parental civil rights when you make such a loose cannon statement and liken religious "indoctrination" to child abuse. I don't think I'd want you in the classroom or on a judge's bench in the family courts --or employed at the CSB.You would favor a religious education (if any) that puts the religions on a smorgasbord table of choices and say, "Now, Junior, you can hear about the various religions --and I, LD, will tell you none of them are worth a hill of beans --but you are free to choose and think as you wish --but you will have my everlasting disrespect (implied at least) if you choose to believe in the history and claims of Christianity --or any other faith for that matter--other than skeptical agnosticism or certain atheism--which of course have truth on their side."

Of course, that, TOO, is indoctrination.

If Christianity IS true, then to indoctrinate your kids in atheism is REALLY child abuse but I defend your right to raise your children as you see fit --barring physical and real emotional abuse. You give them no ultimate eternal rationale to be moral, to be comforted about death, to hope in prayer when frightened or insecure or ill, to feel that there is a loving creator who knows them by name--or to be unselfish. The atheist view says its a dog-eat-dog world and you gotta get all you can for you while you are here --and it doesn't ultimately or eternally matter how you do it. You are really not a "live and let live" kind of guy, apparently. Or maybe you'd like to retract your statement about child abuse.

Indoctrination is often used in a negative context as you use it, but it really just means to teach doctrines of one's religion.

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