Monday, January 22, 2007

Time's article on brain structure/depression, etc.

Time magazine has a fascinating story about the brain's structural changes, adaptation ability, "neuroplasticism" I think they called it --and how everything in there is not "fixed." Previously they had told how addictive activities change brain structure.Now they think we can change our brains without drugs to combat depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. They explained how people with much of their brain removed or damaged can regain functions because other parts of the brain CHANGE to take over.

Implications: When the researchers in California, Lavay, said gays have a slightly enlarged bit of brain, they assumed it was congenital (from birth.) I said at the time it could be because of their extreme sexual activities that the brain had changed. The Bible would say God gave them up to their passions --I never liked the idea that God would give them up, but the point could be that the structural change is scientifically natural by God's design when we undertake certain activities that are forbidden--perhaps because of the design of our brains--forbidden, again, for our own protection.

Implication 2 --The Schiavo girl --her parents charged that she was neglected and allowed to go into decline --that there was a lot more to work with initially after her collapse. I know --hubby did try to do some things for her medically, we heard. But did they give up too soon?

Implication 3 --maybe there IS a better way than drugs for depression --and following God's prescriptions perhaps can change brain structure.

And no. 4 --the bible says, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds." Now the researchers are saying that certain "self-talk" commands to the brain can affect its structure for the better.

"As a man thinks in his heart (mind), so is He."

There are some positive steps we can take toward mental health and freedom from addiction.

Maybe something to that old "power of positive thinking" that Peale promoted.

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