Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Religious Right --not like the Taliban!

Liberal Democrat of the Politics in Mudville blog said I was like the Taliban in my views. To this I replied as follows:

So how are my ideas like the Taliban's? I don't believe in shooting adulterers, honor killings, or covering women from head to foot in burkas. I believe in equal rights for women without erasing the good differences between the sexes. I bare no resemblance to Osama and his followers and their views. I don't believe in forcing conversions by the sword or any other way. You seem to share with the Taliban an intolerance for friendship or discussion with people who disagree with you. To be in your life, people have to agree with you? I don't personally know of any Christians who are eagerly awaiting armageddon-or a last battle between Israel and the world --in order to see Christ's return. Not all Christians agree about end-times sequence, as the prophecies are not that easy to understand. We do find it noteworthy that the descendents of Jacob continue to be at war with the descendents of Ishmael --by both Christian and Islamic interpretation. All 3 peoples of the Book claim the Abraham heritage --Christians by their faith in Christ claim the Jewish heritage as their own --or rather as the heritage of the whole human race as regards the Creator-God, man's fall in sin and redemption through Christ. Christians see themselves as ingrafted members of the family tree --or as adoptees into the family of God by repentance for sin and faith in Jesus --chosen people as all are chosen who choose to believe in Christ and be His disciples.I won't tell you you have to agree with me or believe what I believe in order to be my neighbor/friend/ or to receive kindness from me. I won't tell you (as you did me) to go sit in the desert and see what happens to you when Christ returns before you believe and receive Him as your Savior. I'm not wishing any evil on you, nor do I resent you --although perhaps you are like the teachers I described whom I resented for trying to undermine my faith and values in my children in public school classrooms. More than resentment, I just wanted them to SEE that this was inappropriate to do to taxpayers' children. Methinks your protestations come from anger over the possibility that the Christian right just might be right. otherwise, why does it make you so mad?? You can go on enjoying and living your daily life. I didn't poke into your blog until a friend googled me to find my My Space and instead found you had written an irritated, erroneous article about me on Nov. 30 after my blade letter --your error was in the first paragraph. I didn't blame media for what you said I did.I don't think your blogs on the religious right should go unchallenged, do you? Yes, you probably do.As for religious zealots wanting their views to be the law of the land--the views of the religious right WERE the law of the land--generally accepted as common decency. There was a general respect for the Bible and its ten C's and Jesus by our forefathers whether or not they were merely Deists or Christians. Leftists, on the other hand, have succeeded in changes that are not good for the country. Consider the Blade article today about the homeless young adults who outgrow the foster care system and have no sense of family anywhere. Drugs and immorality are chiefly responsible for the destruction of the home --such that too many are raised in foster care --too many have parents who divorced and thus will be at over 90% risk of divorce themselves. Liberals believe that all lifestyles(except ones backed by Christian belief, i guess) are equally moral, as regards sex. I saw DeBoer's article in the Blade today, naming a gay friend who is going to carry a gun now to protect himself from people who would harrass him when he is dressed "in drag" he said. She didn't bat an eye at his interest in dressing in drag and carrying a gun to protect himself from teens who would harrass him. So that's what we have to look forward to --immature teens shot because they saw something bizarre and made fun of it. Our youth may be safer in Iraq.Functional families are still the best social service agency in the world. We are designed to go in male-female couples, to marry and then give birth to children, and when possible, to provide those children with male and female role models in a mother and father.Liberals think we can break the rules of centuries, not learning from the past --the fall of Rome and Sodom and every other family or institution that collapsed from moral rot within.There is hope...and it lies in the right --not the wrong.

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