Sunday, January 21, 2007

On "Indoctinating kids" as in "Jesus Camp"

We require teeth-brushing, school attendance, curfew, baths, dentist visits, shots, vitamins, drinking their milk, eating nutritious foods before sugar --but LD would have us leave the religious questions up to the child to research when he is older? right? or even try to liberate other people's children from their faith? If I really believe in my religion, don't I have every right and obligation before God to pass my beliefs to my children--since I really do believe that Christ came so that "whosover believeth in Him will not perish but have everlasting life" ? Now why would I consider tooth-brushing more important than religious inculcation that helps kids to make good choices, to feel loved by their Creator, to feel they have an advocate and friend in Jesus, to know that they can be forgiven if they sin, to know right from wrong so they can flee temptation, to know they can talk to the Lord as a friend any time and that HE does answer prayer.Granted, I would not want my children to be taught how to speak in tongues --since it is a spiritual gift --I don't believe you TEACH people how to do it --I don't believe in a negative faith that makes kids miserable growing up --and I don't believe in the right to teach children to kill people who won't convert --to "kill the infidel." When the charismatics would say, "Take back america for God" they don't mean by brute force --by the sword or the army, but by being righteous themselves, praying for the salvation of others, choosing righteousness over the sin that prevails as temptation in our culture, by witnessing the truths of the Gospel --the Good News that we have a reprieve from our mortal conditions and can live after death --because Jesus did --and promised that "Because I live, you shall live also!" I have always said, Christianity would not have gotten off the ground if it were not for Jesus's resurrection; the disciples were too afraid after the crucifixion. They might have recovered enough to teach His love and forgiveness path to peace --but they would not have preached "Christ crucified, risen, and coming again," if they had not seen him alive and heard His messages afterward.The Christian soldiers concept --taking America back for God --is partly a way of macho-izing Christianity for the boys --because too often Jesus is merely perceived as gentle, meek, and mild --when He was really bold, strong, and sure of what He said --and did. and Brave in the face of danger. Boys need to know this --that Jesus is in every way a good role model for them. It DOES take courage to be Christian in a culture that is hostile to Christians ---as evidenced in hostility expressed toward Christians in such forums as LD's blog. As evidenced in Jesus day when He and His followers were put to death.I say all this without seeing the film.

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