Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why Not Domestic Partner Status at Least, if not Gay Marriage?

a blogger: I could understand creating some legal scheme for same-sex partners given that they are de facto couples with property, shared income and expenses, and children.

In my city, to register as a "domestic partner," you can't be just 2 people sharing a place, family life, apartment, etc. in order to share expenses and have the same perks (whatever they are) as married couples --you have to say that you have a sexual relationship with each other. Why should gov't be recognizing homosexual couplings for legal purposes anyway???

What’s the need? Other contracts can suffice. As for the children, they belong to their bio-parents –and should never be given to gay parents via adoption or contrived “gay marriage.”

Mother’s house-mate ought not be in her room in the first place –and ought not be considered a parent –just Mommy’s friend. Or the lady friend “with whom we share life and expenses.” The other parent is the child’s father –by rights. If he’s a loser, join the club of other single mothers. There IS nothing inherently wrong with two women living together to pool resources and raise children and give the non-bio-parent-friend the comfort of family life --but today that suggests to outsiders that it is a lesbian arrangement --and in fact the gov't and employee benefits are only for those in a sexual "union." Too bad that sharing expenses and charitably taking in a same sex friend can look that way.

But 2 mommies? Even the step-mother/step-father situation has been problematic for kids, though sometimes the lesser of other evils. Two lesbian mommies and 2 gay daddies is not something to role model to kids –especially when we need kids to grow up able to form and stay in nuclear families –mom with dad and their children.

The functional nuclear family with a mother and father is a “mental health center” and “financial aid center” for families. We need more of those –not fewer.

See the post above for more on this topic.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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