Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Right of Churches to Marry Same-Sex Couples

A blogger: Of course, some churches have same-sex matrimony, as well, and I’m sure, deep down certain in fact, that you would respect their religious right to have it, no?

I am more tolerant of the RIGHT of liberal churches to marry people to their same-sex friends, their pets or their motorcycles –if that’s their goofy man-made religion –more tolerant of that than I am of same-sex civil unions being sanctified by the state.

Marriage has ALWAYS, in nearly EVERY culture, every generation, been the union of a man and wife (or even wives in some cases.) It is by DEFINITION the union of opposite sex persons who then give us children (or role model the procreative units who give us children.) That definition shouldn’t change just because some people have been mentally damaged in their orientation and gender identity and don’t want to be with persons of the opposite sex.

Homosexual couples do not conceive and procreate together –they try to simulate marriage –and in doing so confuse any children exposed to them. The school and the popular media contribute to the confusion, telling children and teens that it’s ok to “marry” and do sexual things with their same-sex best friends. That’s what redefinition of marriage becomes: a teaching of youth that any 2 persons can enter into sex and also redefine marriage.

But marriage is the right of every person–to marry one of the opposite sex. That’s it. There is no other definition of “marriage” for which we are bio-designed. Our bodies aren’t made solely for orgasmic pleasures –but also for procreation and role-modeling the romantic/procreative/male-female unions –who become PARENTS and grandparents and role models of 2 genders to their offspring.

Each parent brings different qualities to the home –both of which are advantageous to children. And two moms and two dads can’t replace the opposite sex parent missing from the home.

All we do by the great marriage debate of the 21st Century is cause more kids to experiment and mis-identify their sexuality and get addicted to swinging both ways –sexploration and sexperimentation.

Sorry if this is too repetitive for you all — but I keep hoping someone will eventually GET IT!!!! (Quote)

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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kilo papa said...

Hey there, Jesus nutters!

If you're so worried about children growing up without a male and female example in their home, then you must be anxious to write to your congress person and encourage him/her to adopt an amendment to the Constitution outlawing divorce. Immediately!! We just can't allow our precious children to go another single day without both parents in their lives!

Oh, did you deluded Jebus morons ever consider that there are many potential role models that a child might be exposed to during their lives? You know, like close friends, other family members, teachers, etc.,etc. and that there is no credible evidence that children who grow up in gay/lesbian families are any less well adjusted and normal than their counterparts.

Of course, I know full well that no self respecting Jesus nutter is really interested in actual facts, but I had some time to kill and thought I'd take a chance that maybe a little light might actually slide past your deluded cranium.

Praise Jeezus!!