Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attorney Paul Clement leaves King & Spalding to Keep the Firm's Former Commitment to DOMA

I’m glad to hear that DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) which defines marriage as between a man and a woman will continue to have good representation by Paul Clement against Obama and his so-called Department of Justice who are trying to kill DOMA in the courts --even though elected federal legislators passed the law --along with many states.

I am sorry to hear about the political pressure causing Paul Clement's law firm to cave. Clement said he believed attorneys should defend to the finish the cases they accept and not yield to political pressure --as King and Spalding yielded to the gay activists. So he left them.

If ever we needed a defense of marriage and an emphasis on it by gov’t, it is now –with the bloated entitlements necessitated by all the baby daddies of every race failing to marry and support their baby-mamas and babies.

What we don’t need is more men and women turning to their own sex for comfort –guaranteeing confused and sexually experimental (and thus promiscuous and disease-risked) children. We don’t need polygamous men either, who put their families on food stamps --because most men can’t afford more than one wife and her children. With gay marriage will come legalized polygamy and a proliferation of both.

We need to once again teach and role model to children that sex is for the married couples –that boys and girls are different from each other so they may grow up to get married and become mommies and daddies. And we need to chaperone and limit dating access of our teens still at home –and TV broadcasters should voluntarily clean up their garbage --with a little help of public pressure on, and responsibility of, sponsors.

Fact: college freshmen girls come to college free of STD’s –and over 90 percent leave college with HPV infection because there is no deterrent to sexual activity of students on campus which permit copulating in the dorms --and look the other way at binge drinking and sex at frat parties, etc.

Smart parents still look for campuses that have curfews, dorm deans and frat house moms and rules which operate in loco parentis (In place of parents.) Some of the Christian schools still do have a voluntary atmosphere of morality in dorms and disallow any drinking. There is positive peer pressure at least in Christian colleges --in spite of the unchaperoned freedoms most all college kids have these days.

Of course, gay sex for the men, especially, is high risk sex fraught with STD's --thus, a public health hazard whether or not they marry.

A recent UCLA study was reported in the Blade on April 18, finding that the health of older homosexuals was worse than that of their straight counterparts --and that half of older gay and bisexual men lived alone and lacked either partners or children to help care for them.

"The gay culture tends to be youth-driven," the researcher, Steven P. Wallace, said. I have said that before myself --and listened to gays deny it. I likened the gay youth preference to that of promiscuous straights --the inability of shallow, youth and beauty-oriented folks to maintain loving fidelity with mates into old age. I have said that the preference for homosexuality IS either gender identity disorder or arrested development (arrested during the same-sex hero identification and worship of youngsters) --failure to move on to more mature interests and goals.

Our economy cannot withstand such an immoral culture which not only raises boys who sleep around and won't support their kids --but blurs the distinction between the sexes.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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