Friday, July 2, 2010

Senate Hearings, Dishonesty on the Left, Kagan and Abortion, Gun rights, ETc. Etc.

A blogger where I'm blogging lately wrote: I don’t really know if there is much value to having witnesses testify. I would rather hear more from the nominee.It is sort of like the opening statements of Senators. It strikes me as mostly a waste of time.

Good grief! The nominee is going to be evasive and parse her remarks so that we think she never had an opinion on anything of controversy. I welcome witnesses like Koppel who know her opinions by her past advocacies and judgments –who recognize that a sense of humor shouldn’t be our first criterion for a life-time appointment to the court. We can bet anyone Obama appoints is a sure vote for gay marriage, abortion, and against gun rights –in any cases on these issues. We know she opposed ROTC on college campuses for no good reason.

Mr. Kopel’s linked testimony here at 41:09 is the first I’ve paid any attention to re: Kagan because it’s so frustrating to have the most pro-abortion pres. in Am. history (who even supports late term abortion) appointing judges with a democratic majority.

Some young conservatives and Christians I know let themselves be outnumbered in the last election–uselessly voting for 3rd party candidates, rejecting McCain as liberal himself, heedless of the impact on the Supreme Court for decades. Some didn’t bother to vote at all. Of course, my state was screwed up by election boards who lack honesty and a liberal sec’y of state in charge of all kinds of provisional and absentee ballot and “early voting” mess-ups. If the people in charge of our election boards don’t value honesty (and some don’t) we can’t guarantee honest elections.

If our judges don’t recognize the humanity and rights of the pre-born child (and the liberal ones appointed by Obama don’t), how can we call them “just?” The woman’s rights? She has rights and ways of preventing pregnancy, not a right to kill a child. The pro-abortion argument should be about abortion only for rape and life of mother. The original Roe of Roe Vs. Wade claimed to be a rape victim to get the sympathy of the court, and she was not. As for the unwanted infant’s life not being worth anything: People want to adopt them.

An adopted child now grown, businessman Iott, is running against Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur for Congress –who has presided over the continual economic slide of our region for too many years. I doubt Marcy ever ran a business or had a real job –it’s been too long ago, in any case.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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