Friday, April 30, 2010



Bedford High School

47 B Nashua Road

Bedford, New Hampshire

Dear Sirs:

We were concerned to hear about your advancement of the homosexual agenda through giving academic credit for participation in the Day of Silence. We can understand teachers appreciating silence, but you need to be aware that young people often have some homosexual attractions that do not determine they will feel homosexual or live that way as adults. We really don’t want them exploring sexuality to find out if they are hetero- or homosexual. The public health risks for homosexuals are overall much greater than those of heterosexuals, due to the nature of the activities. All sexual activity before marriage should be discouraged in youth for their own and society’s good.

It is our conviction that adulterers, sexually active unmarrieds, people who live together sexually without marriage, pedophiles, incestors and homosexuals --all have choice that starts in the mind. They share in common a fixation, compulsion and preference, an indulgence in activity that should be rejected at the mind’s entry-way. If we view it as wrong to be fixated sexually on under-age youth or other people’s spouses, why are we more sympathetic to activities like anal sodomy and same sex relations?

While it is true that homosexuality is rarely observed in nature among animals, we are not animals. We have discernment and choice. We have a respectable drive to procreate –and it is most beneficial within life-time heterosexual marriage. All other sexual behavior is inevitably frought with difficulties, especially for our offspring.

We influence youth. Encouraging the Day of Silence in favor of homosexual activism is not a wholesome, positive direction.

The American College of Pediatric Physicians has recently notified schools that it is harmful to promote and encourage homosexual identity and activity among youth.


Now, will the schools allow the rebuttal in a Day of Truth observance? See the next article.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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