Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Atheist's Question and My Response

A self-proclaimed atheist blogger wrote: I believe in freedom of ideas and beliefs, and this means that you are allowed to believe in god and I am allowed to believe god is all xxxxxx, yes? Do you have a problem with this? Or do you believe your right to believe in god is greater than my right to NOT believe in it?

Of course you have your right and freedom to believe whatever you wish. You have the right to be wrong, too. In religion it is called “free will.” Your right to disbelieve is as great as the right to believe –but that doesn’t mean you ARE right –or that God will honor your unbelief the same as He promises to reward belief. That’s the risk you choose to take.

When you look at nature and all the life forms and their ingenious designs –their amazing functions –the interdependence of their working parts –the interdependence of every part of a living cell –the amazing beauty and balance of elements sustaining life on our planet –the amazing colors and your eyes which can see those colors and transmit the messages of beauty to your amazing brain–how can you think all of this just “happened?” The intricacies of life certainly SEEM to be DESIGNED –they are amazing! If they seem so “designed,” why not a designer? And if there’s a designer, why would He not make Himself known to people?

I believe He has. That’s the message of the Bible –that God has revealed Himself clearly throughout all that He has made --throughout all of history and the written Word –(and yet, subtly, to us today, who do not claim to hear audible voices –but more like inspiration and HIs presence --and yes, through the truths of the Word) –and then He sent His son who did amazing exploits –like miraculous healings and rising from the dead –so that we would believe and KNOW HIM –and emulate Him –and be filled with His Spirit –and live forever.

No one says you HAVE to believe it –it’s a choice. But believers believe that it is a choice with consequences here and now –and forever. God loves us –and has offered us immortality.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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