Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sharia in America --Dearborn 2009 Festival

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


No Guy in the Sky said...

Nice video. I would like to know if they were able to press charges, and if so. What was the outcome.

Barb said...

There are other videos concerning the same festival. I don't know if they did press charges. They should. Freedom needs protection from immigrants and their differing views about the nature of freedom and rights, etc. If they out-breed us as in Europe, we can expect the sort of conflict even among themselves that they have in the middle east--and ultimately, repression of Christians who want to dialogue with them. They simply do not believe in free speech.

kateb said...

This, if nothing else, is clear testimony that we need to begin educating people about their power to arrest.

Those abusers should have been placed under a citizens' arrest and the County Sheriff is the body entrusted to support those arrests.

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. But you can see what set them off was the cross on the man's tshirt. This ought to be a wake up call. For everybody.

This is a very good thing for you to have posted. People need to know that this is going on.

kateb said...

FYI - a tshirt that says 'security' on it in no way means that the wearer has been given police authority.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems this is something we agree on: I hate, hate, hate Sharia. Having a Muslim festival? Fine. Handing out pamphlets about Islam? Fine. Harassing, assaulting, and threatening opposing viewpoints? Not okay.

Although the Christian guys did instigate them by continuing to videotape (and I probably would have done the same thing in their position), the security guards' behavior was inexcusable.

This is genuinely something I fear, because if Sharia really does become the norm in the United States, my position of atheism will be the most dangerous one.

There should be a balance of religions, where none can have authority over another. And, remember, not all Muslims behave this way or even endorse Sharia. But the ones who do are dangerous to our country's ideals.

Anonymous said...

Also, this festival appeared to be taking place on public property, so kateb's point is especially valid. On private property, security guards can ask you to leave, and you can still refuse, at which point they can contact the police. But this was public property, and so the security guards had even less authority to make you do anything - a fact a few of them probably understood, which is why they resorted to using brute force and intimidation. They have exactly the same authority as a regular citizen, and I wish a couple of those Christian guys would have put them under citizens' arrest for assaulting the female camerawoman (No respect for women? Typical extremist Islam).

Barb said...

Maybe next year, they'll be more savvy about their right to make a citizens' arrest --and how to do it --if they are again treated that way in our free country.

Unfortunately, the authorities, the sherriff's dep't., just wanted to avoid any disruptions --when that happens --peace at any price --we got trouble if it means we appease violent people against our principle of free speech.

In another of their videos, they showed what was for sale at the festival--a T-shirt with a cartoon Arab "pissing" on an Israeli flag with Star of David.

ShitStirrer said...


"In another of their videos, they showed what was for sale at the festival--a T-shirt with a cartoon Arab "pissing" on an Israeli flag with Star of David."

This is a very interesting observation. All my toilet paper rolls have Israeli flags on them. But I would never think of pissing on them. Custom made toilet paper is not cheap, you know.

So, I entirely agree with you: it's disgusting people should piss on Israeli flags.

Barb said...

Imagine the uproar if we sold t-shirts at a public festival that mocked Arabs, Muslims, or Mohammad.
They can't take cartoon criticism, as you know --but they apparently can dish it out!!!

Barb said...

There you go again, SS --focused on excrement! Nice you could plop in!

kateb said...

Sad one we can still find a fully dysfunctional adult so preoccupied with their own waste.

Hopefully we're providing a County Mental Health facility wherever this poor poop preoccupied soul is.

Typically there is some kind of childhood abuse involved with's sad. Really sad.

Jeanette said...

Hope you don't mind, Barb, but I copied your video and put it on my blog. It's too important not to let people see it.

They said they were going to press charges and I imagine the video will make a strong case for the makers of it. You could hear the slaps and once you could see him get hit in the shoulder.

Good find.

Barb said...

Brings up the problem of individual private religious schools --Muslims need to be mainstreamed, lest they bring all their repressive views with them and multiply them with their kids.

the melding pot/melting pot idea of public ed for all has value --not to minimize good religious beliefs --but those that justify violence, "heavenly deception" (can't recall which religion does that, but there is one), denial of free speech, violence against those who proselytize, honor killings, etc. Unfortunately, the video reflects radical Islam --more than the nice peaceful friendly tolerant one we're supposed to believe to be the "real" Islam. Or do they make any pretense of "tolerance?"

But with public school being slanted toward atheism and moral relativism, I can see why they wouldn't want to send their children there.