Sunday, July 5, 2009

Inspired by Blogs

On another blog, that shall remain nameless, the Perrysburg Tea Party was highlighted by a liberal commentator who concluded that the Tea-drinkers probably voted for Bush twice.

Bush was the more conservative of the two choices when GW Bush ran for president both times. So, of course, "tea drinkers" of Perrysburg would vote for the one who would take us leftward more slowly.

Bush slipped leftward on a few occasions --but Obama is steamrolling us downhill and off a cliff on almost every issue.

Change sounded good in a recession even though there were no specifics about the nature of such change--but if this recession doesn't turn around --the changes obama is making/has made will be seen for what they are --the most calamitous decisions for the economy made in recent presidencies.

Is it true that he has spent more thus far than all previous presidents put together? I heard it. If you count his "national healthcare planless plan" the statement is surely true. He said the other night on the health care "town hall" meeting, that he didn't know if it would cost one trillion or two. Yikes! What kind of shot in the dark is he trying to pass anyway?

I predict the economy will appear to rally for awhile -because some people who still have their jobs ARE spending more right now --because of the expected inflation and the devaluing of their dollars ---a future when they won't be able to afford what they can buy now. Others will hang on to what money they can, wondering how to protect retirement from the long reach of Obama's Uncle Sam, reaching into our pockets.

My kids gave my husband a birthday card --that said there would've been presents for him but the democrats decided that people whose birthday it was not, deserved his gifts instead.

Ain't that the truth!!??

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

"Taxes are the price we pay for civilization"

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Barb said...

I'm not against taxation, Steve. Goodness knows, we've paid plenty every year! and gave away plenty, too. We are among those just hoping we'll have enough in retirement to hang on to what we have.

The question is: is it better for every one to become self-reliant, working for their own living and retirment and health care --or better for gov't to provide these things for all.

The thing we see in socialist countries is that the average citizen is not as comfortable as ALL our citizens. We see here in US that entitlement living has spoiled the citizenry --into expecting everything free.

But, in fact, capitalism, free enterprise, made us the richest country in the world --such that everybody wants to come here to live! in part for the socialistic generosity we already have!