Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mudrake Needs Rebuttal

Apparently a Robert Wright explained his atheistic views on Bill Moyers'Journal last night. See Mudrake's blog, here.

Mudrake, your Mr. Wright seems to gloss over the fact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. That was 20 plus short centuries ago. I don't think the NT writers fictionalized, as he has to believe--as you apparently believe --and yet you sent some Clear Lake sand in the casket for your sister's journey--just like an Egyptian.

Faith in Christ's resurrection is a certitude for me --I feel sure the accounts of the New Testament are true.

And no Mr. Wright can take that away.

You know, there is a certain arrogance in a kid who is happy to rebut resurrection in the name of naturalism. Wright must have been a joy to his Baptist parents!

It brings to mind some thoughts on parenting for inspiring faith. Children need to see that our faith works in our family life to bring about forgiveness and harmony, self-control and other fruits of the Spirit. They need to see that love characterizes their parents personalities. They need to see that the Gospel is truly the Good News and not a killjoy --not the bad news about all the things they aren't supposed to do being Christians. They need to see that God's laws and principles are for our good and protection--for our well-being --including happiness in life.

It's also interesting that as a child, Robert Wright could see that naturalism as in Darwin's theory was an atheistic theory --as theistic evolutionists deny.

Although, granted, if evolution is ever really proven as God's way of creation, I'd have no personal problem with it --it just seems inconsistent with His nature to use death and predators as a means of progress in upward mobility of life forms --since His Word says death entered the world with man's sin --and not before.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Rob R said...

Well, another scientist steps out of his lab and makes comments he is not qualified to make. Yeah mud, whatever will we do?

Our view on life after death did not come from the egyptians after all. It developed within Judaism (see my response to masoni a few topics down on his appeal to religion thread).

It isn't even the same thing. Egyptians believe in life after death in the land of the dead. Christianity holds to resurrection which is new life In this world.

Jeanette said...

There will be no smiles of satisfaction or "I told you so but you wouldn't believe me" for any of us who believe in the resurrected Christ Who was tortured, killed, buried and risen again for our sins that we will be able to have fellowship with the One God as He wanted from the beginning.

I feel such sadness at people who are so passionate in their unbelief, and yet while they are alive there is hope.

All I can do is pray for him and others like him who do not believe in Jesus as our Savior.