Monday, December 15, 2008

JOY JOY JOY! IS COMING!! 34th Annual Musical

This is a delightrul, uplifting musical --this Friday and Sunday at 7 PM at the Holland Free Methodist Church, 6605 Angola Rd, Holland, OH --north of Spring Meadows Mall -east of the intersection of McCord and Angola.

The children and grades 4-9 have a lot of action and singing to coordinate with the adults --so it's been a LOT OF WORK!!! And fun, too. We all had pizza lunch Sunday during rehearsal --and birthday cake for Stephanie our director.

Sue C. has done it again--with nativity costumes, banners, children's colorful accessories, church decor.

And they tell me the choir is sounding good. (Six guests from other churches have favored us with their voices.) I'm one of 2 or 3 using the books on the opening numbers --just to help the one or two others feel better because they are using books, too! (heh heh) We have one pro-guest-tenor assisting us who will need his book, and I am an un-pro alto whose daughter-directors are indulging her because they need that alto part and I probably wouldn't accomplish memorizing both words and part. So Dean Bell and I, at least, will be on book.

We have a few sweet adelines in the group and some really fine soloists/ensemblists who are from our church--some people who are comfortable and experienced on stage with the little theatrics we are attempting as part of the show.

This is a great way to jumpstart your "Christmas spirit," --also entertaining to children --we open singing of Christmas angels all around us --and then Christmas celebrations, family, shopping, parking --the NOISE of Christmas!!! and move from there to the coming of the Child, the joyous announcement to shepherds, the gifts of the magi --and the quiet worship of the Christ child--the traditional story depicted with a real baby, if all goes well. Babies don't always cooperate.

You'll enjoy it. NOt quite an hour --cookies and punch afterwards. Admission free; nursery provided.

Children's S.S. Christmas Program is this Sunday at 9:30 AM! For this, my middle-school class has memorized the verses from I Corinthians 13 --the Love Chapter.



THIS past week, I got one awful case of gastroenteritis --so sick to my stomach --blcch! Had to miss Sat. practice. Jon had had a milder case about 5 days earlier --but it was enough to make him miss half a day of work --which he NEVER does. Anyway, Sunday was Stephanie's birthday and a rehearsal after church until 3 --so she played for church, worked with the children during the sermon, worked with the adults and the children after church; JOn forgot to pick up the birthday cake I ordered even though he made a run to the store for salad bowls and greens --so he had to make another trip. Others sat up the tables and picked up the pizza and subs for the choir rehearsal lunch--then we all rehearsed until 3 --and then 9 of us left at 4 to see the Madrigal Dinner at our other daughter's school where she directs the choral program --excellent solo and choir work --exquisite.

After much merry old England foolishness about men in tights and chastity belt commercials, beggars begging, and so on, the members did the traditional recitation of verses from Luke between sacred choir numbers, including a challenging piece from Catholic Church tradition --"magesterium" something or other --and other traditional carols. They departed singing Silent Night acapella --and the hall erupted in appreciative applause for the exquisite sound in the quiet beauty of the night --and the excellent achievement of the students. Tonight we had the school's show choir (the banquet's royal court) for a party here --and Wednesday we have the CLC group of 3rd and 4th graders. And Friday, the church musical and sunday the S.S. program.

I'm bushed! and Christmas is always like this --and I wouldn't have it any other way --except for the illnesses. I thank God for Stephanie and our friend Camille who helped spruce up the house --as we weren't ready after a week like last week. Pray for Chrissy as she's afraid she's getting a sore throat --and she has such a beautiful solo to sing this week --and we need her voice. Choir is about 30 singers this year and we can't afford to lose anybody --but she's one of our directors, too.

The whole family is in it --as we have done for many many years. We did the first one when Chrissy was a baby --when we moved here. I did not have a choral or vocal background in music, just piano and trumpet and exposure to choirs and I accompanied voice class and voice lessons and learned a little there. But we were all amateurs trying to do a big production every year with about 10 people at most showing up for the first rehearsals --but then we'd pick up steam --and the Lord would give us a production that would tell the story faithfully and make a teaching memory for children --and a family memory for all--and Sue C. and I have enjoyed the partnership. I have people taking my place, but she is still going stronga doing decor and costumes herself. I give advice now and am told, "Got it covered, Mom."

I do have to edit and finish the typed program tomorrow, however. I volunteered. But Steph has taken over all the details --and her sister is doing a lot of directing and working choreographing children, too --while doing her own program for her job.

I love to see them all make music.

ROB R., by the way, has a most beautiful voice --smooth as chocolate. A wide range and a pure sense of pitch, vibrato --the works. a warm high baritone. But no solo this year as he doesn't aspire to perform and his sisters are less apt to twist his arm than his mother is.

Singing is something Rob was more or less forced to do when we let him quit band --and ever since. Because we found out he had talent and we needed him and we don't ask all that much of him in life. And he always gets into the spirit of the thing and has a good time in spite of himself --for the most part. Right, Rob? He studied, too, had a voice scholarship, soloed with the college choir --so while reluctant, he has nevertheless developed his gift and I hope he'll always make it available.

There's just something about music about and for the Lord --it's just beautiful --speaks to the soul like nothing else.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Barb said...

P.S. --CA is in the choir--do you mind me saying, Aaron? he, too, has a very nice rich bass/baritone voice.

matthew said...

I went to see the good doctor yesterday. Actually, I saw Joel since I always prefer to get scheduled right away.

Anyway... there was a Joy, Joy, Joy poster in the room and it had a handwritten note in the corner: "Hear your doctor sing solo!" I wonder if any patients will go to hear him?

Sounds like it will be a nice time. My family is booked both Friday and Sunday nights, though. December is really flying by.

Barb said...

We put the posters up because we get more visitors from his practice than anywhere else. And the fact that he's in it is a draw for them.

Sorry you can't come --Paul would be disappointed if he were still here!