Thursday, December 4, 2008

Homosexuality not Proven to be Biologically Determined

Rob posted this as a comment on Masoni's blog:

Though it may be widely acknowledged that homosexuality may have precursors in biological inclinations, that is, biological influences, it is most certainly not the scientific consensus that homosexual orientation is biologically determined.

Francis Collins, the former head of the human genome project, denies that homosexuality is primarily biological in origin.

In reviewing the heritability (influence of genetic factors) of personality traits, Dr. Collins referenced the estimates of the percentage of various human personality traits that can be ascribed to heredity from the Bochard and McGue research.

The heritability estimates for personality traits were varied: General Cognitive Ability (50%), Extroversion (54%), Agreeableness (42%), Conscientiousness (49%), Neuroticism (48%), Openness (57%), Aggression (38%) and Traditionalism (54%).

Kirk et al. (2000) in their research using a community-based cohort of Australian twins reported a heritability estimate of 30% for homosexuality. Whitehead (1999, 2006) in his extensive review of the research cites 30% as the estimate of heritability for homosexuality as well, though he views the estimate as a maximum.

As for outliers, do former presidents of the APA count as outliers? Yes they do here because they are complaining of the lack of scientific integrity present within the APA citing the homosexual activism and claims about homosexuality.

And this year, the the APA has released a pamphlet that admits that the attempt to find a biological determinant of homosexuality has thus far failed:

"There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles..."

The claim that Homosexuality is of a natural, deterministic origin and an essential and irrevocable aspect of an individual has the epistemic qualities of dogma rather than something established by science. Science has not reduced the epistemic risk of this dogma.

04 December, 2008 20:07

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Edit by Rob:

Mom thought she would make work for me by copying this and posting it without the original format thus losing the hyperlinks to the articles from whence I got these quotes. Also, I had the articles outlined with "bold" text so you knew where a source began and ended.

I ain't no Microdot as I don't plagiarize so the original post is here with the links to the sources from where I got the info.


Jeanette said...

Everyone, please give a happy Christian greeting to Valérie from Paris. She likes to lurk here and then post it on the French blog for everyone to laugh at.

And she defends Microdot's plagiarism because he was expressing his true feelings. He confirmed it for her.

He also says Muddy has closed his blog but there are no lawsuits coming his way. I don't know if there are or not, but I'm certain he will be back in a new incarnation.

Barb said...

They are entertained by The Barb Wire? This is the group that thinks it funny to fantasize about eating at the famous, expensive Maxim's Restaurant in Paris together --and then throwing babies --was it fetuses? I've forgotten --in the Seine River afterward as some sort of sport. Isn't that a hilarious thought!?

Merry Christmas, Valerie.

Valerie, look at Microdot's plagiarism again on my Crucible article --he prefaced the article with a claim that it was his writing to make himself sound smart and educated and literate--that was all unnecessary. And he didn't apologize when caught, just defended his plagiarism.

I'm impressed enough when people know where to FIND articles to quote to reinforce their points. He only needed to cite the author instead of claiming to BE the author. Do you get it now??? how dishonest he was (and inadequate he must have felt) to specifically, in words, claim another's writing as his own??? This is a real no-no in any literary or researched discussion. In ANY writing --to either impersonate authors or claim their writing as your own.

When, however, people believe in no God, they feel unaccountable to even their own mushy, variable set of rules by which to live. Ultimately, philosophically, no behavior is too low --if there is no God.

But Thanks be to God--for sending a unique child who grew up --to do miracles, to teach love and forgiveness, only to be hated and persecuted for it --only to die for our sins, to defeat the grave and rise again, so that we might have forgiveness and live forever in a place where no one doubts that He LIVES! So that first- century witnesses would know and tell us and pass it on through just 21 few centuries, so far -that Jesus Christ is born -JOY to the World!

Every sin of disrespect for fetal life, every sexual sin, every act of plagiarism and cruelty to one another --can be forgiven when we repent and put them all under His atoning blood by faith.

the Bible is clear that we MUST forgive each other to be forgiven. We ALL have work to do! Myself included.

I have never despised the unhappy writers at the French blog --not one of them is beyond being someone I would like to meet in a friendly context. You may recall that I called blogs "living rooms" in which all people should be welcome to exchange views without being bullied.

Valerie, you have a little faith in God and Christ as a Catholic. He calls you to really know Him and shine for Him --and when you do, you won't justify blog dishonesty or blog cruelty or blasphemy --in order to stay in that family. You will find a Bible and see what a precious resource it is for life and faith.

You could find in the pages of a book, mocked as old and irrelevant on your blog, a relationship with the Son of God who would be "closer than a brother," -- and a new family of believers in Paris who would be closer to you than your cyber family.

Barb said...

Or better yet, maybe you would make a successful missionary to your blog, inspiring faith in God, Christ, and the Bible as God's true Word --which Jeanette and I never achieved.

this I know, your blog family cannot stand before Christ as Judge someday, and say, "b-b-b but, no one TOLD US!!! WE never heard about sin or repentance or salvation! or the stories of Jesus and his atoning love."

In fact, your blog brothers do not WANT the BIble to be true; they want to go their own way and choose their own beliefs and values. You, alone, retain a seed of faith --is it growing? What will you do with it?

kateb said...

Joyeux Noël Valerie

Rob R said...

See my edit in the opening post. Thanks mom for trying to make me plagerize!

Jeanette said...

I know this is way off topic, but I wanted to share a part of the conversations I had with Valérie and Microdot.

Comment by Valérie | 5 December 2008 at 4:11 pm

“Valérie, Everything you have accused is projection.”

Thank you for spelling my name properly.

Projection? If you speak of displaying your negative and ugly picture of you and Barb, then you are very right. It is the projection of what kind of people you really are.

I am sorry but I have grown up. Yes I am still a silly young woman whos is not pretty and lives in Paris just like Barb loves to say, and who prefers fun in life instead of doom and gloom of your bible that me, bad bad girl who don’t read like all French people who are such a territory for teaching things because they are so ignorant like Barb says also.

But i have become less naive in the last 2 years that I have been here, and actually I feel sorry for myself that i have met people like you and Barb, because before you, life was normal, there were things good and things bad, and also things in between, and somehow, it didn’t matter if I talked to my catholic friends, or my atheist ones, or my ones from other religions, every one could agree and disagree that there were differnet ways to look at the world, but all would see the bad things that are derived from users of this world like explotation that is at every level of our western societies and that you dismiss and give rubbish to Stiletto about.

I am quite a bit angry because I think you are such an unfair and twisted person to say things the way you do, which is like Barb does, a simple 6 word sentence that pretends to answer so many questions by dismissing it” “Everything you have accused is projection.“. And you think I am so stupid that it makes what you say a proof?

Is that all you can asnwer to me? It’s like it is all you and Barb and Kateb can answer to Mcrodot.

You maybe think you are convincing people of your ways, but unless you are really having your head buried in the sand, you must know you are talking wishful imaginary thinking.

Now, you can do like TLGK whom you seem to like and tell me that my Che Guevara picture is the result of my roamticized viewpoint, and I don’t care, if you were such a beautiful woman when you were young that all the boys were running after you, than I think it is wonderful, and it is only a pity that you don’t let the new generations also enjoy the discovery of love and sex because it is the very make-up of our and all other species on this earth.
Comment by microdot | 5 December 2008 at 4:57 pm
Microdot, do you deny Mudrake published Barb’s name, address, photo of her house and map to her house in addition to posting my name, address and telephone number at least 100 times in one day?

I wasn’t aware that he had done that, but if you say he did, then it must have been an attempt to use it like an aerosol bug spray to get rid of pests.
I knew he had posted your addresses to get you to stop your massive non stop posting on his blog.
But you know what? Nobody givers a shit where you live. Nobody outside of your ingrown toenail of reality wants to know your phone number. . he did it to piss you off and make you go away..

So to make you go away, do we have to get you to say your name backwards three times or some wierd shit like the movie Beetlejuice?
Comment by Jeanette | 5 December 2008 at 5:07 pm

We have very different world views. When I said it is projection I was saying you are actually saying those things about yourself.

Europe is not a Christian area in the meaning that it is not really practiced and not really believed. A true believer of the Catholic or any other Christian church would not mock the church. You can disagree with the theology, but if you don’t read the texts offered in the church how can you disagree with the theology except by what you think? God doesn’t change, Valérie. That’s hard for some to accept. I am not obsessed with homosexuality as you think, but when the topic comes up I am commanded by God to tell what He has said Himself about the topic and because the Bible is the source that’s where I get my directions. That and prayer. He doesn’t speak to me in the sense I hear His voice, but I read His words and there is a common thread from the Old Testament to the New Testament and the message has never changed.

I am called an evangelical because Jesus told us to go into the world and teach the Gospel, baptizing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. That is my commission and I will be judged one day by God Himself about what I did after I was saved. I am not a Christian because I belong to a Baptist church, but I am a Christian because one day the Holy Spirit got hold of me and convicted me of my sins and my need for repentance and acceptance of Jesus as the only way to Heaven. He said that. I can’t pick and choose what parts I want to believe and reject the parts that are uncomfortable to me.

As I see it, the Roman Catholic Church does not encourage the reading of the Bible by its parishioners. If so, you might learn something the church doesn’t teach.

From what I gather most of you come from a Catholic background and, like Luther, have rejected its teachings. How can you pray to Mary, a woman who was blessed but is dead? Jesus is alive and is the only intercessor between man and God. He asks only that you trust and believe in Him and He will guide you through reading His word and prayer for the ability to discern.

You’ve heard the Gospel from Barb and some from me. You cannot say you don’t know. One day you will all bend your knees and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, but if it is at the day of Judgment it will be too late. No one can pray for your soul after you have died, and if you haven’t believed in Him and you were to die today you would be lost forever, regardless of paying priests to say special masses for you soul. That is not biblical.

If I didn’t care about your afterlife I wouldn’t bother to engage you in conversation about it.

Microdot wishes for the Rapture so he can be rid of us. When it happens and he is left here he will see that because the Holy Spirit has been removed when the Church (body of believers) has been removed things will get much worse for those still alive. Some will beg to die.

I want to see all of you in heaven and have fellowship with you. If you died today do you know where your soul would end up? Remember, it’s not good works that get you to Heaven, but the blood of Jesus and the acceptance of the pardon He so freely offers to all who will believe on Him. He doesn’t want you in hell either, but we are all responsible for our own actions.

He will separate the sheep from the goats; the goats being the unbelievers who never gave their hearts and souls to Jesus and trusted Him as their Savior.

Laugh at me and make fun of me all you want, but in the end you will remember we tried to tell you and you will be in a horrible place because the things of the world were more attractive to you than the things of God and of Heaven.

I won’t bother you anymore. I felt I had to defend Barb and did so and instead got insults. You think I’m a fool. I’m a fool for Jesus and I am sure of my destiny after I die. Are you, and is it the destiny you want? Think about it and pray about it. You don’t need rosary beads to pray to God and you don’t need a priest to confess your sins. You can do it quietly between you.

The response from Valérie was that she was as angry as she has ever been.

Of course the rest of the cast except Kristina joined in. Stiletto says all rich countries look the other way when it comes to helping disadvantaged or poor prople. I told her she didn't have a clue and related a story of my grandson's school having 48 children who won't have Christmas without help from teachers, staff and parents/grandparents of students who heard about it by word of mouth. These teachers and staff even provide food on weekends and holiday weeks for these children to have healthy meals.

She had the typical response that we don't do that or some such thing. Instead of giving to her Amnesty International charity which is really a trouble-maker she should give some of her largess to the actual poor in the world.

I'm not trying to start or keep a blog war going but I thought people should see the type of people we have seen first-hand. She gets angry at the Gospel.

So, Merry Christmas to all the ones who believe and to those who do not. Happy New Year!

Jeanette said...


Microdot's dirty language was included in the quote and I didn't clean it up. If you can edit it that would be nice. Then again, maybe people should see how these people behave.

Barb said...

It's of interest to me that Valerie speaks of being more unhappy since Jeanette and I went to their blog --though I've not been writing there for many, many months --and I don't think Jeanette posts often there anymore.

Valerie wrote: I feel sorry for myself that i have met people like you and Barb, because before you, life was normal, there were things good and things bad, and also things in between, and somehow, it didn’t matter if I talked to my catholic friends, or my atheist ones, or my ones from other religions, every one could agree and disagree that there were differnet ways to look at the world, but all would see the bad things that are derived from users of this world like explotation that is at every level of our western societies and that you dismiss and give rubbish to Stiletto about.

I wonder if this isn't evidence that you are being convicted by the Holy Spirit. That's a good thing, though it doesn't feel good until you reconcile with Him. Perhaps we have made you aware that you just might have a decision to make --to get off the fence in your lukewarm Catholicism --and be either hot or cold for Christ as He said.

I think your unhappiness is spiritual at root. People who are avoiding Christ and what He asks of them, who are choosing to disobey the "eternal rules of right and wrong," by disagreeing with God's Word about what is right and wrong --such people can become depressed. They don't want to think about a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun --or God's claim on their lives and souls --and so they become depressed to think that something is being asked of them that they are unwilling to do --bow the knee to Christ.

When one seeks Christ and His presence with all her heart, He will show the way and fill the heart with joy and a sense of assurance.

and then you would understand what we've been saying --exploitation in the world is because of sin in man's heart. Christ is the heart-changer. It does no good to rail against each other and play a blame game about social injustices and politics-- the cure for the world's problems is the Christ-Child of Christmas. When we submit to Him as the Lord and Prince of Peace that He is, the crooked places are made straight; the rough places smooth.

He is the Light of Christmas; we must not hold Him at arm's length if we would find salvation and joy in our souls.

Forgive us, Valerie, for times of anger on our part in response to things said by you or others at PP.
Our intention has been to illuminate with God's Word, and to comfort with what God is offering us

as well as to warn people that we need to take care of the sin problem--repent, cease and desist. The vulgarity and cruelty at PP IS sin.

It's possible to have fun without sinning --we don't have to call good evil and evil, good --in order to have a good time.

I think there is sometimes some great humor from Microdot --that is too funny to be cruel. I liked to spar with him in the old days --but Mudrake hated that I could be doing that. He wants everyone to hate me. He helped you all do that --after he helped Microdot to turn on me.

I don't find a high value on truth and objectivity over at PP. Hyperbole, deliberate misinterpretations, ridicule, mob mentality --all features of blogstyle at PP. It doesn't have to be like that.

Barb said...

Valerie, I saw your discussion of Microdot's plagiarism. You said no one responded to the plagiarized article and the ideas in it. That is not so. Go re-read.

I said I had heard before Microdot submitted his plagiarized post that the play was supposed to speak to the issue of the McCarthyism, anti-communist fervor in the US --and the over zealous investigations at the time --the term "witch-hunting"

I explained how I saw the Salem witch-trials differently than I expected to, because of the play.

don't defend his plagiarism. It was too easy for him to cite a source; he wanted us to admire his intellectual doilies which which he stuffs his imaginary pillows of intellectualism!

Barb said...

Clarification for an unclear statement: I responded to Microdot's plagiarized post before I knew he plagiarized it --and responded to what was in the article. Before he posted, I did know of the link to McCarthyism supposedly intended by the playwright. I believe Valerie said no one did respond to the article's ideas themselves --not so.

Jeanette said...

I just wonder why someone would get as angry as she has ever been when she is told the story of salvation? Is it the Holy Spirit working? We never know. I said nothing mean to her in that comment but explained how she can be saved and asked if she knew her eternal destination.

In order to be friends with the atheists on that blog she has to deny Christ. How sad. What good does it do to have the world and lose your own soul? Indeed.

kateb said...

Just pray for her. That she would know the presence of the Spirit - that she would know the happiness of the security of salvation.

Pray for her :-)

God can do anything. And make no mistake - he wants her.

Barb said...

agreed, Ladies.

wherever 2 or 3 are gathered together and agree in prayer....

Anonymous said...

To Barb and Rob, if you really are two different people:

I am very sorry for you. I am sorry that you will continue to believe exactly what you believe now, no matter what anyone will say or argue. Even when you're proven wrong, you stick to a failed system of beliefs that allows you to feel holier than the rest of us.

So, if you're going to use flawed science and reasoning to try justifying your hate speech, be my guest. But I will have no part of your misguided and offensive nonsense anymore.


Barb said...

What's flawed about THIS statement from the APA? Granted, groups can make false statements, but this one is a correction by the APA of their unscientific political activism of the 90's --where they came to unfounded conclusions bowing to the homosexual agenda. Doctors' clinical experience did not support the idea of inevitability, immutability of gay orientation.

Of course, we're two different people, RR and I. ONly one blogger who blogs only about me made you think we might be one and the same. Do you believe everything your fellow liberals tell you? It would seem so.

My positions have nothing to do with feeling superior to you or anyone else. Why would you think that? I haven't compared myself to you, have I?

DID YOU NOT SAY YOU WANTED TO DEBATE OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS? WHAT HAPPENED? You found we know how to deal with your position intelligently --and so you sound frustrated. You have no rebuttal. You disappoint me.