Sunday, September 14, 2008

Christian Life Club in Full Swing!

The church van went to pick up students at the Habitat neighborhood in Spencer Twp. and 21 kids poured out into the street to come to our church! And the alternator gave way --right away. So one of the little girls from my class, Kayla, said, "Let's pray!" and she got all the van kids to join hands around the van and pray for it. The pastor told this story about how prayer is the antidote to worry. The kids weren't worried. The van still did not start --but 4 minivans came from the church with CLC personnel and picked everyone up.

The song times are so fun -- we sing a song about the Love Chapter --"Love is kind...." and one about "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."
ALL THINGS! The leader says, "even homework?" The kids shout "ALL THINGS!" "EVen chores?" "ALL THINGS!" --and so on.

The Bible indeed teaches good citizenship, faith in God, kindness, and how to be a child of God.

In my class, we worked on our memory verse, Ephesians 4:32, as a rap. And the lesson had to do with accepting others/friendship Badge. The CLC lesson from my leader's guide suggested writing unkind words toward others with a tooth paste tube --I wouldn't let them use anything vulgar (bathroom and bodily function words) --but they came up with plenty of ideas like "Stupid." And then at the end noted that we couldn't put the paste back into the tube by any means. And that saying unkind words and putting people down is just like that. We can't take it back very well --not at all. Those insults are just hanging out there to hurt feelings.

Then we talked about kindness, apology and forgiveness as in their Bible verse:

Brian got the rap noise rhythm going:

"Be ye kind --one toanother --ten-der-hearted--forgivingoneanother --even as God --forChrist'ssakeHath --forgiven--YOU! E---phesians four: thirty-TWO!"

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Matthew said...

Ahhh, CLC. Of course, it was CYC when I attended.

These things are great for kids. It sounds like CLC is going strong for you guys. That's great.

This is one of the major negatives of our church not owning a building. We can't have this kind of ministry.

We're trusting God to use home-based ministry for His glory until the day comes when we own a building.

Barb said...

You can bring your kids to our CLC, Matt. I think you and they would like the music being used to teach scripture,etc. Just dump them off on Harold and Debbie on Wed. nights. How old are all of yours, anyway?

Matthew said...

Thanks for the invitation. I would seriously consider it except that, for the time being, Wednesdays are occupied with some other things.

Our church does a lot with home-based ministry which can also be good for children. My kids help get the house ready for our Thursday night group. It's great to see them considering themselves a real part of it. Our church also runs home-based VBS clubs in the summer called Backyard Bible Clubs. I think we ran about ten of them this year. This allows us to reach out geographically because we use houses spread out across the whole area.

Regarding your last question: Claire will be 5 next month, Samuel is 2 and Katherine will be 1 on Saturday.

Barb said...

We do have a class for 4's and 5's.

Sounds like a houseful of fun and joy.

Ever watch those nanny shows? I can't believe how out of control those kids are.