Sunday, September 14, 2008


O I squirmed with Sarah when Charlie Gibson, with his face maliciously gargoyle-like, red eyes gleaming hot with anticipated glee, and blowing smoke from his nostrils --said,

"And what do you think of the Bush Doctrine, Sarah?"

And she hedged and hemmed and hawed a bit. Then smartly, but with obvious nervousness, said, "What aspects?" or some such question.

Sarah, next time, even in the upcoming debate, say, "What's the Bush Doctrine, Charlie? I'm not familiar with the term. You define it and I'll tell you what I think of it, if I can."

99 per cent of the viewers didn't know what it was. I've not heard much about it. Since then, I've looked it up and I know it's the media's interpretation of Bush's foreign policy--leading to "pre-emption" in Iraq. And the source I found in Google said there are at least 4 definitions of the term so she rightly asked Gibson to clarify what he wanted.

Well, we know what he wanted --to trip her up.

They did this sort of thing to Dan Quayle as Geo Bush, Sr's. running mate. The media elite who couldn't run a government if they had to, love to expose the midwesterner for his naivete, his lack of worldly knowledge and sophistication. Especially if he's a republican.

Sarah, you just relax and be your lovely self. Promise to research anything that's important to know when you draw a blank.

Don't let McCain's handlers wear you out. Follow your own instincts. They've served you pretty well thus far.

And relax in your chair. You looked a little tense and lost your model's posture, I thought --and like you didn't get a good night's sleep

We aren't behind you because you know everything there is to know: we are behind you because you share our values and ideals and we think that's important in national leaders who get our vote. And we think you've shown that you can rise to any challenge.

Don't let the Big Bad Boys of Elite Media scare you. They get no votes from us. Don't let anyone re-make you. You are just fine as you are.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Christian Apologist said...

Just thought I'd leave a comment here to support Sarah Palin. I dont really like McCain or Obama. McCain because hes been a politician way to long and because he likes to straddle the fence on so many issues. Obama because hes a proto-communist.

Sarah Palin however... I would vote for her hands down. The very fact that shes gone up against and taken down so many corrupt officials in Alaska gives me pretty good assurance that there are no skeletons in her closet. If there were her opponents would have long since dregged them out. Furthermore I here the media saying that she actually kept all the money earmarked for the bridge to nowhere and spent it on other things. Gasp. I mean how horrible a thing for her to do to take money which was going to be wasted and spend it more wisely. And isnt it the job of a governor to help out their state in whatever way they can? She put the needs of her state above the needs of the government which is exactly what a good governor is supposed to do.

The only question is whether it is wrong of me, as a christian, to hope that McCain gets elected and then promptly croaks, so that she is put in charge?

Barb said...

His mother has lived very long --so he may have longevity genes, too. I've been pleased with him in the interviews I've seen. I didn't agree with his campaign finance views --because I felt it would be used to muzzle the "special interest" groups --and special interest groups are US -- liberal and conservative groups. We put our money behind our causes and participate in the campaign that way --adn that is a free speech right, seems to me.

I never did understand, quite, though, his view --just that it was supposedly a bipartisan effort to reduce the influence of money in politics.

I get such a kick out of the Palins --because she expresses her faith so earnestly before her church, recently--and yet, they are so celebrity-looking and so colorful and have roused the national curiosity and our craving for new faces, etc. Of course, that's no reason to vote for someone, but it has put the democratic camp into a tizzy --it's amusing. I've read where McCain says things to the crowd --and they have erupted into chanting, "Sarah! Sa-rah! Sa-rah!" when she wasn't even in view.

He must feel like 2nd fiddle, but if he's more smart than egotistical, he won't care.

I like a candidate who shares my beliefs and convictions; I trust them more. She must have a terrific personality to have such high approval rating and so few enemies --though they will all be paraded out before we're done.

kateb said...

I think she was very gracious in not pointing out that there is no formal Bush doctrine. She let him off light and I have been praying for more diplomacy in our politicians in this country. I'm tickled with her and her carriage.

What has shocked me is the way liberals have reacted. To say that because she is a mother that she cannot hold an executive position is a complete about face for them. It's always disappointing when you find out people don't hold to their ideals if they need to be applied to people they don't like.

Who was it that said (I'm sure this isn't exactly correct), "I might despise what it is you have to say but I will fight to my death your right to say it." ????

Barb said...

I was disappointed at a conservative blogger pointing out in a Blade column today what she considers to be Palin's lack of eloquence --and therefore implying a lack of depth.

I want to think Palin has her head on straight and would surround herself with good people if she became president. I like her courage and her faith and her pro-life decisions.

Truman was ineloquent, right? unsophisticated mis-westerner --and Quayle was and Bush is-- the press wants everyone to be slick talkers like themselves in order to gain their respect. What we need more of is some simple straight talk --and less smooth talk.

D.C. and liberal journalists have the worst manners toward us common folk. History will be kinder to Bush than the beltway journalists.

Barb said...

Also --if you quote Obama word for word, he doesn't speak so smoothly either with all his "uhs" --and his sentences have disjointed grammatical aspects. That's what she was pointing out in Palin --but anyone who is quoted off text tends to not speak with great English. Tends to have run-on sentences and failure to agree the nouns with the verbs in number,etc. Though McCain does pretty well seems to me --and Condi Rice spoke in complete grammatical sentences --I think most people do not. Journalists do better than average.

Why isn't Condi running for president?