Monday, February 4, 2008


Schools should not have clubs encouraging youth in their mis-identification as homosexuals. Data does not prove a genetic, con-genital, inevitable, immutable cause for gayness. Twin studies, for example, prove the opposite, though more twin siblings are gay than are non-twin siblings. It's more about being a twin than having a gay gene --because most often one twin is straight and the other gay --despite identical genes. Moreover, former homosexuals have successfully changed their orientation, so it can be done.

Ridicule can affect identity and is rightly disallowed by schools. Most youth, especially late-bloomers, are insecure about sexual self-image, attractiveness, and normalcy. This may be less true for those affirmed in their sexuality by their two original parents with whom they have good relationship. Not that parents alone are responsible for sexual orientation, but they play a huge role in cultivating normal self-image. But there is no denying the role of culture, peers, molesters, and rebellion in the formation of homosexual identity. Schools and entertainers seem determined to make homosexuality “trendy.” Youth can be lured into homosexual addiction because of encouragement and opportunity to “explore one’s sexuality.”

We now have another disease entering the population via gays, in addition to all the others that can be spread by immune-suppressed people. A new Staph “super-bug” (the “flesh-eater”) called “multidrug-resistant USA 300” is being disseminated in 38 U.S. states, Canada and 9 European Union countries. (“Men who Have Sex with Men,” Annals of Internal Med. 19 Feb 2008.)

Moreover, there is “conclusive evidence that HPV via oral sex causes throat cancers in both men and women.” Reporting in the May, 2007 issue, of The New England Journal of Medicine, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center found that having multiple oral sex partners tops the list of risks for the HPV-related throat cancer.

It’s time to stop telling kids that pre-marital sex and sodomy are safe with condoms. They are created male and female; we should help youth feel normal and delay their urges for monogamous, hetero marriage for which they are designed. Sodomy will always, ALWAYS be unhealthy.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

What if we had Morality Squads and Sex Police like they do in Iran? Maybe that might curtail this latent gayness?

Barb said...

Neither extreme is a solution, obviously. Careful parenting is --and culture clean-up. There should be no teachers or counselors or sex educators telling our kids that "some of you are born gay." Because it isn't true.

There should be no one teaching that condoms will make illicit, premarital, extramarital sex "safe." For one thing, someone can get into bed with a creep who won't use the condom after all. Start having sex with strangers --or on casual dates --and you start down a road to potential misery. Many don't do well feeling used and then rejected. Condoms also don't cover all contagious parts of the anatomy --as with HPV/venereal warts.

There ought not be shows advocating homosexuality on tv --there did not used to be such shows and there is nothing commendable about the kind of freedom that advances the cause of evil and misery --and promotes a lifestyle that is a public health hazard in and of itself.

Fonso_2006 said...

Well said Barb.

Barb said...

Welcome to my world, Fonz --hope to hear from you again. I'll have to write more topics, I know. I've been a bit sluggish lately. I enjoy your blog.

Hooda Thunkit said...


As I understand it, there is no genetic cause for homosexuality, its a learned behavior.

And, these learned behaviors are the results of individual choices; they are influenced by a child's environment and surroundings.

In an environment where strong moral parents are present and involved, homosexual behavior is much, much less likely.

When I attended high school in Toledo, I had homosexual teachers, but my strong family life was more influential than these exceptions.

Maybe kicking God out of our schools wasn't such a good idea after all...

steve said...

What 'r' ya gonna do? Gays will be Gays.

steve said...

"illicit, premarital, extramarital sex "safe"

how bout that crazy Ruth and that Kooky Boaz?

And that David, killing a chump to pimp it with that hottie Bathsheba?

Now those are some morals we can all use!

Im jez kikin it gangsta yo!

Barb said...

Steve, Gays don't have to be gays --that's the point.

Homosexual temptation starts with a first thought --like any other sin--and we can filter out those temptations --rather than entertaining them in the mind, leading to action.

Like incest --you may HEAR of it and you REJECT it immediately for yourself --don't even go there. that's the way homosexuality is for most people --and should be for all.

Some people are tempted by thoughts of adultery, fornication, incest, pedophilia, molestation, rape, bestiality -- illicit carnality. Without a cultivated conscience, teachings on right vs.wrong, they are more vulnerable to temptation. Sexual desire is supposed to motivate us to find one person to marry. Sexual attraction is a powerful urge--but it gets misdirected too often --so there is a lot in the Bible to warn us away from sexual impurity.

There is no homosexuality in a person who rejects the idea of gay behavior as soon as it occurs to them. The admiration for one's own sex, the idolatry of ideal people--is fairly normal --but can lead to sin --"worship of creature more than Creator." Especially in the absence of a good same-sex, mentoring role model --especially in a self-indulgent person as we all tend to be.

Parents who are successful in getting kids to resist temptation of any kind --do them a great favor. Instilling the presence of God in their minds as a loving, guiding friend who wants us to do right -- is a great favor for children.

I remember the song, "Dare to be a Daniel --dare to stand alone --dare to have a purpose firm --dare to make it known!" I took that to heart at a young age.

Barb said...

Granted, youth beat themselves up over normal desires on the way to marriage -- lapses in self-control. God knows it's difficult for youth who have opportunity, lack of supervision, lack of wholesome outlets for their time and energies --or just plain opportunity to get into trouble.

They can take that guilt to the Lord who is faithful to forgive and to cleanse.

"What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear."

Barb said...

Steve, can you translate for me: Im jez kikin it gangsta yo!

I think you mean you are giving me a hard time for the fun of it?
but I'd like the literal translation.

As for Ruth and Boaz, I don't think that was sex --I've heard revisionists say as much--but they weren't alone on the threshing floor --and I think it was just a really tempting gesture -- in the dark, at night, a woman lies down at your feet--and you are single and she's a widow --and a comely one at that. WOW what a story! And God didn't say there was any sin to it! So I don't think they could've fornicated --unless this was considered a wedding in and of itself --like jumping over the broom in the slave community! (I think she should throw him the broom, actually.)

What I like about the story of Ruth--is that it says it's ok for parents to "match-make" --to introduce people for purposes of matrimony -- and it's ok for a woman to be a bit forward! and go after what she wants. i wish I could convince my daughter. I also tell her about Abraham sending out the servant to find the wife for his son. If it was OK for him, it must be God's way today as well.

Know any wonderful single men around 30-36?

As for David and Bathsheba --it was a sin. David knew it and grieved with remorse. God was redemptive blessing them with a son, Solomon, known for wisdom --but like his father, he sinned excessively. God let the kingdom suffer as a consequence of the people's rebelliion and idolatry and immorality?

Will he let the USA sufrer for the same reasons?

Christian Apologist said...

I'm almost 30 ;)

Barb said...

I have knowledge, Christian Apologist, that you ARE a wonderful Christian man -- how old is that person you were seen with recently??? Looked good to me --and smart, too!

Christian Apologist said...

She's just a friend. Not sure how old she is. Mid twenties.