Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Grand Night for Singing! A Valentine Love Feast at HFM Church

Ninety people (including the 16 entertainers, but not counting the dozen cooks and servers)) gathered for the annual Valentine Banquet at the Holland Free Methodist Church last night.

Foil hearts on ribbons hung from the ceilings; the room had a rosy glow with candles and towers of Christmas lights covered by tulle. Better than a Prom! All red and white with chocolates at each place setting, with a Divine Valentine with scriptures comparing our Lord to an earthly Valentine --He is ever faithful and true, constant in love. He will never fail us. My friend Patty provided the Valentines and Sue Conklin was again the decorator.

The chapel annex featured a chocolate fountain and fruit and marshmallows, etc. for dipping; also, shrimp, cheese and crackers. Sparkling juice was already poured into champaign glasses (well, plastic!) and the guests mingled for fellowship before the dinner was served.

The Mayor of Holland was the emcee and the musicians were the blue, sparkly-clad Royal Troubadours, from Elmwood H.S., directed by Christine Rohrs, accompanied by Dean Bell. They sang romantic solos throughout the evening and did a fantastic sparkling "love show" after the dinner --the highlight of which was the choreographed "In the Mood," with the dancing of the Glenn Miller era. We could hear them so well; our mics and speakers were working! Also circulating the room with his crystal ball and card tricks during the dinner was student and magician, Brandon Coleman.

Following the show, the audience sang a couple of songs about Christian love and God's love for us, as a segue into Pastor Keith Simpson's brief devotional about God's love. He told how Teddy Roosevelt lost both his mother and his wife to illnesses on the same day, a Valentine's Day, reminding us that real love will include sadness --but God will give us the love and strength to go on in our hope of Heaven --thanks to the Love of Christ on the cross.

The students concluded with a choral number called "The Greatest Gift" --which is love.

The area Youth for Christ director, Jim Franks, was there to give a benediction.

The roast beef dinner by Kathy Heisinger and her crew was fabulous and the teens did a great job serving with Andrea Conklin's direction. Dessert was strawberries on Chocolate merangue cookies with whipped topping. Lucious to look at and to eat.

Proceeds for the banquet and table tips went to the youth fund of the church for their summer trips.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


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