Friday, February 8, 2008


I just heard Hillary speak shrilly today about universal health care. She said of health ins. companies that, "We [democrats] want to take away their power!" --and I thought, "You mean JOBS!" And I heard the real meaning, "WE WANT GOV'T TO HAVE POWER!" She said we want the ins. companies to stop controlling health care. So there go THEIR jobs--and to whom? gov't bureaucrats who know NOTHING about efficiency of health care.

Look at the VA hosptials. That's gov't. Look at the runaway costs of medicare and medicaid --That's gov't. Gov't's best isn't good enough. Gov't is about endless record-keeping of minutia and paper, paper and more paper --or in this case, maybe computer data. Gov't is about inefficiency, waste and waiting, also.

My husband's PA didn't get a letter and form from the state for updating his license. The Columbus office said, "Oops. We'll send it right out." Monday came. No letter. "Oops, somebody left it here on the desk. We'll get it right out." This form could've been faxed and mailed back, but NOOOO! that wasn't their way. So the PA couldn't see patients for 3 days until they got him reinstated. Meanwhile, he is on salary and unable to work, a loss to the business and 75 patients not seen. Gov't doesn't think that way and doesn't care. There will be lots more of such waste of personnel and tax dollars and people waiting longer for care if feds get the power over all of U.S. healthcare.

What people have to do to qualify for their Medicaid, SSI and Medicare --it's all so BURDENSOME --like IRS forms are. And that's all government.

Why would we want to eliminate competition between health providers for our health care dollars? Free enterprise is our friend, People! Government will give us no affordable CHOICES --just whatever they want to give us for our much higher taxes in order to have more inefficient, bureaucrat-laden, holiday-laden gov't programs --that grow ever and ever larger, filled with people who don't have to be efficient or think about being diligent or profitable or even courteous and caring in order to keep their positions.

Keep those insurance companies and providers small and regional, competing with each other, under local control, and that will do us more good than any federal healthcare plan.

That's not to say that big insurance can't be just as frustrating as big gov't. But I do NOT trust the democrats' view of utopia. It's socialism, pure and simple. It's nanny gov't and we will not like it after having the best health care in the world --where even the poor don't have to wait for open heart surgery and new knees if they need it. Yes, health care costs need addressed --and there may be SOME kind of role for gov't to play -- but when I hear Hillary say, "WE WANT TO TAKE AWAY THEIR POWER" --yikes!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

People in every other western industrialized nation the world over seem to love and value their universal health care and are willing to pay the cost in extra taxes. The only people that value our current slapdashed insurance company run health care are insurance companies and their shareholders... and the people's whom eyes they have pulled the wool over.

The Real Kooz said...

I've read about plenty of citizens in countries with universal healthcare who talk about how horrible it is.

The democrats want the American people to be dependent on the government...because that is how they keep their power over us.

I truly believe anyone who votes democrat hasn't grown up yet. They live in this fantasy utopian world in their heads dancing down streets of chocolate and licking lollipops. Where life is fair for everyone.

Here's an interesting video of a man in Canada who will die because of universal healthcare:

I am The Walrus said...

Here's a comment a blogger made on another blog. This guy lived in Canada and experienced the universal canadian healthcare system and the U.S. system. Here are his comments:

As a Canadian citizen living in the U.S., i will agree that the american system is better...I think if it were more free market driven we would see more reasonable prices in the U.S.! More privatization is the solution. I am not an expert, and i as a poor student "free" health-care is appealing, but I know better. I have been sick on both sides of the border. Treatment is faster here and there are more options. I took the same condition to a doctor in the U.S. and a doctor in Canada.

USA: "We can operate and fix it to make sure there are no problems...we could get you in really quick"

CANADA: " probably isn't worth it. You may be fine, and it would take a long time to get in anyway"

It went roughly something like that.

Barb said...

Thanks for this, Walrus.

Anonymous said...

God takes care of us all, love Jesus, love everybody, read the Bible and know it all, don't stumble, don't fall, I am the greatest of all.

Barb said...

I don't quite get your sentiment here, Anonymous. Care to elaborate? I have no idea what you're thinking. Who is the "I" in the statement?

Who "knows it all?" Do you mean we should know all the Bible? Good idea.

Christian Apologist said...

Universal health care and other socialist programs are the direct result of compassion trumping common sense.

I heard from a friend that Hilary was quoted as saying.
"the FAFSA form (thats the form you fill out to get student loans for college) is way too hard to fill out."

Is this really the kind of person you want in high office. I dont know about you all but I personally want people who are much smarter than myself running things in washington. And I find filling out FAFSA to be extremely simple and straightforward.

Barb said...

Interesting -- for sure, federal can be complicated --especially the tax stuff. I just don't see Hillary making anything simpler -- but my biggest concern about her is her past record on children and women's rights --things she has said that showed she was far from her Methodist roots.

Barb said...

The Real Kooz? Welcome!