Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where is Kooz News!??

Kooz --when I click the link to your site, I get an energy drink site. Are you selling something? Where's your blog?

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...

barb- you will have to re-send you [no doubt] nasty email to my Yahoo address. This morning Yahoo had major problems and deleted it.

Barb said...

O, it wasn't nasty. A real olive branch in fact.

microdot said...

Hey, I am posting here for the first and only time!
I just was on History Mikes blog and your little buddy Kooz is posting that Mike should disassociate himself from Mudrake because he is harrassing you and implying that there is a dark liberal conspiracy brewing to do nasty un named things to the poor little innocent Barb!

Do I need any more proof that you all are a bunch of bed wetting hysterical drama queens?
You folks do it to yourselves!

Kooz posts that there is a dark conspiracy against Christians...

An Olive Branch, HAH!

More disgusted with you than ever,


Barb said...

Really!?? I truly wasn't aware that you never posted here before, Microdot. Are you sure about that?

And what's with all YOUR rage toward me? I didn't complain to Kooz. He called it like he saw it.

You honestly feel sorry for someone who goes around threatening to post personal info as an intimidation tactic --when he can simply delete or block or moderate his blog against unwanted comments. You think it's dirty pool if someone criticizes Mud-rake when his whole style of commenting is ad hominem attack --and posting all sorts of personal history (albeit skewed) and data on someone like me --whose only sin toward Mudrake is to disagree (too effectively) with his liberal views.

Barb said...

And why say, "An olive branch, HAH!"

Did you see the nice email I sent him?

microdot said...

Would you remove the link to my blog on your page? Either you do or you don't, I don't care. I just do not wish to be associated with anyone who might find my page through yours.
Au revoir.

Barb said...

You are blindly loyal to a fault, Microd. Has the whole world gone mad ---or just you two?

Barb said...

I wonder if Kooz pulled his blog --
and if he did so because Mudrake called his place of business or made threats against his identity.

We have seen the lowest form of blog behavior by this Mudrake character. Can he get worse? I hope not because he's just one step short of jail in acts of maliciousness.

For any readers following this man's obsession with me and what I believe and write: I want you to know that I never ever called any of my CLC club members messy--and never said those of minority race were badly behaved. I said all of the children were disorganized by reason of their ages --and if their mothers didn't hover over to organize them, paying attention to our achievement goals for badges (and behavior dollars) , or if they weren't exceptionally responsible for their age, they would have fewer dollars to spend than those whose mothers were involved with our club goals (like the kids whose mothers work in the program.)

He says on his blog for those who wisely never frequent it, that I am a racist. This is libel when said with the extreme emphasis he has put on identifying and labeling me.

mud_rake said...

You DELETED my last comment!

Tisk! Tisk!

Barb said...

I'm no fool, mudrake, despite your opinion. i don't put anyone's address on line --including mine.

Barb said...

Since you know where I live, do feel free to come visit. WE have lots of Christmas goodies right now --and flavored coffees. Just call first.

Barb said...

By the way --I do wish you would remove my address from your blog comments.

mud_rake said...

4 comments from outsiders, 8 from the blogmistress. OCD at its zenith!

kooz said...

Don't worry Barb.

Through some help of my technical savvy friends...I have just learned of mud rakes true identity yesterday. I used his IP address which always logged on my blog when he would leave a comment. Then I got help from one of my friends who works at buckeye cable, she was able to track it down and get his real account info. So now, I have all his info. Unfortuanately for him...I'm not always as christian as I should be...he's going to wish I did have some of those christians qualities he despises so much.

If I were you...I wouldn't worry about it anymore. Justice will come to him when he least expects it.

mud_rake said...

Barb- your old pal and relative[?] Kooz posted some nasty stuff on my blog on Christmas Eve.

You know, I have a real hard time trying to understand what a 'born-again Christian' really means.

Take Kooz, for example, he told us that eh accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, yet he stoops to vile trash talk on my blog.

If one is 'born-again' is a person then on a straight path to Heaven regardless of their ugly thoughts and words against others?

Just wondering how this 'I love Jesus' thing goes?

Let me know.

mud_rake said...

kooz said...
I finally figured out why you blog so much.

Your gay ass can't keep a dick out of your mouth long enough to talk.

mud_rake said...

kooz said...
You better always be looking over your shoulder never know where I just might pop up...

unless you're at one of your gay can be sure I won't be there.

Barb said...

Kooz and I are not related. I don't know his real identity by name or face, etc. He is just Kooz with a very interesting blog with common sense --which I hope he re-opens. He's been able to get along with other bloggers who don't share his views, I've noticed--because he usually doesn't entertain comments like yours --he deletes them and doesn't get into fights normally.

I know his relative's relatives--only because his relative posted on Kooz's blog with HIS whole name.. I knew that person many years ago when he was a young pastor. I appreciate Kooz's defense --though he is certainly suggesting you are gay, I guess. I wouldn't know what he's saying on your blog as I don't go there these days. So I expect your readership and comments will decline--except for the excitement you say Kooz is bringing.

But it's hard to believe you or Microdot's version of other bloggers and their comments --since I've seen what you do to me. You certainly commit libel against me by saying I'm this awful racist, bigoted, homophobic person, who wants theocracy, and you both put words in my mouth that I don't say or think --but I really don't feel the hatred toward you as you both have expressed toward me--nor do I use your nasty tactics. I think I'm always in a defensive mode -you just don't like it when I quote or teach the Bible or express the precepts therein.

If you are gay, Mudrake, it would explain the vitriol toward me --because many gays are furious that the Bible and the believers both say that homosexuality is not to be acted upon--that God has a better plan for our lives. But it's not a child's fault when he gets turned that way by either parents (or lack of--and lack of supervision) , clergy, or molesters --which I think is too often the case. I think parents have to be INTENTIONAL in cultivating normal sexual orientation in today's culture.
Furthermore, I think it is cure-able --a mental fixation that the Lord will hope the repentant overcome.

If he did say what you claim he has said, it's no worse than the cumulative effect of what gets said about me. I DO wish he would put your name here on my blog --as you did to me. That would be justice.

mud_rake said...

Did you answer my question about born-again Christians?

Seems I missed the answer to my question.

Please repoeat:

Barb said...

I don't know anything about Kooz's upbringing and what he has been taught about language.

I am at least a 4th generation Christian --and so I never heard my parents or grandparents use any off-color language because it is considered "unclean lips" which is taught against in the Bible and church.

As I said, i didn't go to your blog to see if you are quoting Kooz accurately or not --I don't know why you and microdot would be accurate, since you haven't been about me.

If he said what you claim, about your sexual activities, that was not Christian charity on his part --but the insult to you pales in comparison to your cumulative bullying of me. And microdot's, likewise. Microdot, you say I bully Mudrake! You are so smarmy when you say that. You don't mean it, surely! Mudrake is the bully ---As Roland Hanson says --calls him a troll. I see where hanson's blog is one of the highest rated in Ohio blognet.

As Christians, we aren't about getting even, revenge, etc. --but I need to stop your revelations of personal info in an insulting defamatory context. I expect better from an educator, retired or otherwise.

I think it will be a good thing when I know who you really are --don't you?

Say, Kooz, I did say I would pay for the info --I will give our mutal acquaintance my phone number this wee or see if if has an address for you so we could get in touch one way or another.

I hope you had a merry Christmas, Kooz --you, too, Mudrake --and Microdolt.

(Micodolt is just a tempting misspelling that amuses me --and not to be taken as vitriol --not said in that spirit--though he has been asking for it.)

-Sepp said...

Where was I when this arguement began? I always miss the fun. The curse of being a nightshifter I guess.

Barb said...

Perhaps you didn't go to Mudrake's blog enough to see that he has systematically harrassed me this year, with what seems like Obsessive compulsion that he accuses me of having. It's HIS father who had OCD, after all, acc'g to him --not mine.

He started by blasting me for my Blade letters --rather than just disagreeing with them--in Nov. 06 --before I ever visited his blog. At that time he gave his skewed version of my years on public school board. That's when I started my own blog.

After going off the deep end and posting a photo of my home, he ended his one blog and started another --and came over to comment on mine, so I followed him to his blog and figured out right away that Mudrake, or Manwiththemuckrake -- was the former Liberal Democrat of Politics in Mudville.

Then he got so frustrated with his inability to respond with any substantive argument to my points that he started his intimidation tactics --posted a photo of my house from public records, then more recently a photo of my church (which I've not made a secret of), wrote to my pastor about our racial balance at our church, quoted him, made up a story that I called my black church kids "messier" and more poorly behaved than the other kids --which I never even implied. With that libel, he posted my name in large colored print.

He threatened to post my address and phone number if I commented any more on his blog --I told him to just delete or block me (Is there a way to block without moderating? I thought there was and suggested he do that --otherwise I'd be over to defend myself and views like mine against his malicious charges like saying evangelical christians should be in detainment camps, are hateful, etc.

but he didn't want to delete or moderate anymore --since he had chided other bloggers for doing that to him and because I pointed out his hypocrisey for it. So he thought he would embarrass and intimidate me off his blog no matter what he said about me --and I was reaffirmed in my original suspicion that there is something not safe or right in the head about Mud-rake.

He also posted a maligning and biased post about my years on school board and the 3rd election.

With the fictional quote about my church club, he posted my full name in large multi-colored letters -- twice in large letters on his blog --and put my address in his comments and threatened to put my unlisted phone number on next. If he has my phone number, I must know him personally or know people he knows. I think his craziness has escalated enough that I need to know who he is for both his and my mutual benefit.

I wouldn't post his name --but I would call my attorney --and may still if he doesn't quit. I probably should keep looking at his blog just to see if he commits more libel against me. But there isn't any point in risking my safety by posting my info in an inflammatory context, when I post on his blog --since most of his encouragers are as blind and deluded as he is.

although, I DO think some of the mushy middle and not just the left read his blog and therefore, there SHOULD be a voice against Mudrake's extremely leftist and vitriolic views about Bible-believers. And he should be stopped when it comes to his threats, intimidation, and libel --because they are inflammatory and could influence the criminally minded or the mentally, dangerously unstable.

Also, I have advertised that I go to church at certain times --and by putting my address out there, he is jeopardizing my home security as well as my own. (Though my house isn't necessarily empty just because I'm gone --I still have other people at home. And we do have an alarm system and security service.)

But how would he like it if I posted his address when he said he was going out of town for the holidays?

Some people are really jerks --and I suspect that atheism and agnosticism breed the type.

I'm willing to end the feud anytime, as I have a good tolerance for the emotional excesses of human nature --and can forgive readily --but it's tricky dealing with people who don't seem to mind behaving dangerously toward others.

mud_rake said...

Let me clarify a point or two for Sepp: I asked that she stop posting her stuff on my blog through her comments that I judged [and others judged] to be racially insensitive. She did not.

Then I demanded that she stop posting ; she did not.

I then told her both here and on my blog that if she continued, I'd reveal her name [that I deduced from a Blade editorial of many months ago].

She dared me, taunting, 'why don't you just ban me, Mudrake? That's what I would do.'

Such belligerence. So I did and Bingo, I must have been right because all hell broke loose!!

Mr. Kooz has been dropping adolescence-induced names on my blog after I challenged him to open up his blog.

After announcing that I won the award of worst local blog, he pulled the plug on his blog.

Now he just visits occasionally and lays his turds for all to smell.

Barb said...

You are full of the stuff you rake, Mudly.

I didn't say anything racially insensitive --YOU took my comments about urban areas and blue states (democrats) to be references to Afr. Americans. That was YOUR insensitivity to them, not mine. You were the one to conclude I was talking about racial minorities --not me. You were the one that suggested my black students were messier and less well behaved than the white ones --I never thought it, much less said it.

Furthermore, who tells people to not post at their blog? People who want to control the speech on their blog will delete or moderate comments. This is considered necessary by some blog-hosts when people are vulgar and threatening and hateful --which I am not.

You want to shout me off your blog because my arguments to your non-arguments are too good. You would delete or moderate except moderation discourages your other readers --and because you complain about others who delete --after doing it so frequently yourself. So you changed tactics --to threaten instead of deleting or blocking. So you tried to both shout me off your board and intimidate me with threats to reveal personal info --which you did do --which is far worse blog etiquette than simply posting opposing points of view --which is MY M.O.

There is nothing belligerant about my suggesting you block me if you don't like my posts.

I have gone to your blog because you initiate coming to mine --and because of your outrageous views against Christians and faith, in general --and faith-based morals. You attribute every difference of opinion to bigotry --when, in fact, my differences of opinion are simply faith-based.

The bigotry and creepy behavior have all been yours.

steve said...

"Where is Kooz!??"

He's busy turning the other cheek like Jesus commanded.

gha haha, I crack myself up..

Barb said...

Steve, you are giddy with your school vacation! When do you graduate?

Rob has just asked if he can co-author with me now that I have readership, he says. he had straight A's at OCC this past quarter and is now headed for the next school in his training.

I have another Christmas celebration to go with my brother's family. His son was so well liked by the Iraqi chieftains in a northern Iraqi province, that one of them named his newborn after him, my nephew. A little Muslim baby with a Hebrew/Christian name! But you'll not hear that on CNN!

mud_rake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mud_rake said...

Sorry about the delete...

Mr. Kooz News himself visited my blog yesterday afternoon and managed to write several paragraphs without a 4-letter word. Wow! He IS a real Christian fellow.

But that is not my point. I replied to Mr. Kooz and told him that you were waiting desperately for my name and address so that you could vengefully post it here.

I said that both you and I [and 50 readers of my blog] knew that he has a 'friend' who works at Buckeye Cablevision who could steal my information through my IP address. Of course it is illegal to do that, but, what the hell, who cares about that, eh barb?

So, I keep coming over here to see if he and you were complicit in that little scheme, but to no avail.

By the way, I called BEX [Buckeye Cablevision] and gave them a heads-up on the identity theft scheme. They assured me: 'they have security measures in place to prevent such actions.'

So apparently, you two 'good Christians' will have to wait until Kooz can blackmail the BEX worker before the identity theft plan can proceed.

God loves the sinner so don't worry.

Barb said...

I also know someone whose speciality is computers with buckeye cable --but I'll never say who either. And I seriously doubt it's the same one Kooz knows. Someone else suggested I complain about you to Blogger. Because it is VERY nasty to post people's identities with addresses on line as an intimidation tactic. You can holler all you want about how you told me not to post there. That's not the way to get rid of unwanted posters; you have legitimate means to delete and block; you don't have to post full names and addresses and attach libelous hate mongering labels to that person, and make up lies -- all of which is truly a hostile act of harrassment, libel and intimidation.

But you painted yourself into a corner when you complained of other bloggers' censorship and denial of free speech after being such a big deleter yourself.

You and Microdot like to write about my mental instability (alleged by you 2) -- but I'm not the one who deletes like a fiend and then complains because others do it, playing the martyr who is denied his free speech rights on other people's blogs.

No Kooz and I have not collaborated --I don't have his email or he, mine --we were not complicit in Kooz ferreting out your identity. I don't think you could mount a successful lawsuit about YOUR privacy considering your act of libel, and violation of MY privacy--several times.

And I haven't tried to reach him yet to ask who in heck this crazy mudrake is--but I'm sure I can. I don't think you have a prayer of a defense for your libel and threats against Buckeye. I think the law or the police would help me find out your identity if I went that route, because you do behave in a bizarre and threatening way.

I'm always willing to see conversion on your part --the emergence of a truly tolerant, pleasant chap.

Barb said...

Your deleted post came to my mailbox. You must have realized my nephew IS in the Army and has been to Iraq --at least twice now --and loves his work. Feels a lot of good has been accomplished and was the leader of a team that accomplished this good work.

He didn't get an Iraqi Chieftain's baby named for him without pleasing someone in Iraq.