Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blade Writer has it Wrong --about Theocracy

Almost 4 centuries ago, Europeans began fleeing the religious intolerance of their homelands seeking freedom to practice their beliefs in the New World. It is sadly ironic that Christian extremists today are incrementally striving to change the U.S. into a theocracy similar to what their Christian ancestors sought to escape. by James Lefevre, letter to The Blade, 12-20-07

These people whom Mr. Lefevre considers extreme, are no doubt those who want traditional values to be upheld in our country. They realize that it is the agnostics, atheists, and liberals of any religion who are willing to see this country's social mores change dramatically -based on their unbelief or liberal beliefs. Therefore, the traditionalists seek candidates who appreciate the value of traditional faith and morals and free expression of all faiths -- which value has served our country well.

The Christians are not the extremists. They are for tradition, not extreme change. It is the other end of the spectrum which is radical, as represented in the new domestic partner registry for homosexuals in Toledo in 2007 and the abortion legality declared in 1973. These were extreme changes for our culture. The "war against Christmas" is also a reality, a war waged by ACLU and those who support their extreme view of church-state separation--that would take all the fun out of the holidays if they could--or at least, completely secularize it and try to make us have "affirmative action" for other religions --giving them equal time in school holidays, etc., even though they are not equal in numbers of followers.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


craig said...

The war on Christmas is real and King George is the commander-in chief! For at least three years in a row, the annual December greeting card fails to contain the word “Christmas” and features no Christian symbolism.
Also, on December 21st, both King George and Condi ended their press conferences by saying "Happy Holidays!"
These secular liberals should be thrown out of office post haste!

Barb said...

I'm not at all worried by people who say happy holidays who are in gov't --that's appropriate--because they are the governors of all the people and they are not all christians.

My father had Jewish employers and he received Season's Greetings cards from them --and likewise sent the same.

The change is in all the effort expended to outlaw city traditions that reflected the faith of the vast majority of the citizens. As that percentage of other religions increases, there is reason for sensitivity and respect for the other religions --but the immigrants with other faiths were welcomed here; they need to respect the faith of the people who welcomed them.

This country was "Christian" by virtue of that religion being the one held by most of the people. Our laws and our view of civil rights and human equality are derived from the teachings of Jesus Christ. As a people we have a general belief in a Supreme Being as revealed in the Bible. Our view of morality in western civilization derives from our Bible-influenced culture through the centuries since Jesus came.

Merry Christmas, Craig!

craig said...

I forgot, King George is above reproach because he is a Christian. Unlike the other 90% of us who were born and raised Christian in this country, he cannot be wrong.
The reason that King George 43 and others don't say Merry Christmas is the same reason cities shouldn't pay for nativity scenes:
"because they are the governors of all the people and they are not all christians".

Barb said...

I'm sure "King George W." says merry Christmas to people generally in his daily life --and yes, he is a believer who says that REALLY believing and accepting Christ changed his life.

I thought his annual greeting always had a Bible verse on it.

You and I can agree that saying happy holidays is not inappropriate and not necessarily a war tactic against Christmas in and of itself in certain contexts.

But when a town's gov't employees and boards are Christians, like any employees, they have traditionally decorated for the season--and there is nothing wrong with remembering that Christmas is about Jesus Christ's birth and displaying a creche. Because, whether or not you BELIEVE the Christmas story, it IS a beautiful story and the basis of much charity --The Gift of God and the gifts of the wise men translate to charity and good will toward each other. The idea that the Savior of the world would be born in a humble stable. What a great story!

It's a very positive thing to believe that angels pronounced at His birth, "peace on earth and good will toward men " from God --some translate it, "peace on earth to men of good will." In either case, the birth announced that the deity believed in by Christians "came not to condemn the world --but to save it" --to bring eternal life --and at least to bring peace in our hearts and between us --if we would just practice His teachings.

No one has to believe it in order to appreciate it. Only the most Grinch-like soul wants to erase all visible reminders of the story from our culture. To go after the gov't on their public prayers, Bible for ceremonial oaths, their chaplains, etc. is wasted time in a harmful agenda.
It's the devil's work.

steve said...

Happy Kwanzaa! So what's everyone doing for Hanukkah?

Barb said...

Nice you could drop in, Steve! Did you visit the Baptist Church with your parents? You should visit mine some day.

steve said...

No, unfortunately I try to avoid my parents church at all costs - just like root canals.

I've been going to this very friendly and very liberal unitarian church (GASP!!!)

Barb said...

Goodness! Unitarians!

May God rescue your soul!