Monday, September 12, 2011

Wood County Area 9/11 Remembrance with Elmwood Schools

Yesterday, after our own church service which memorialized the 9/11 event, we attended a wonderful BG-Area /Wood Co. community service --a collaboration of local fire/EMS, law enforcement and Elmwood Schools -- to honor the local first responders and to memorialize and sympathize with all who’ve lost people in the event and its war aftermath. We attended because our daughter, the Elmwood director, planned it with the police/fire departments of her university county.
Both police speakers alluded to the prophet Isaiah, quoting him from the Bible –and one to Christ.
A joke told by the police chief: God made firemen for children to look up to; God made policemen for firemen to look up to.
One of them said, “You might think that we think of family first when charging into a building –but no, our mind is on the task at hand –more like, “O poop –look at all the steps!!” (I think "poop" was the sanitized word for the children present!)
The music was prepared in only 2 weeks of school with a few show choir kids coming in 2 weeks early. Sacred piano pieces were played in prelude by a school administrator followed by the high school girls singing Heavenly Voices –an absolutely beautiful piece of collegiate difficulty with ethereal effect of repeated Alleluias. The National Anthem was well-done by a student duet, a Latino boy and caucasian girl.
Police and fire officials opened and closed with prayer. All the firemen and police in their uniforms recessed in and processed out with a big, talented, Scottish-clad bagpiper leading them –who also did a rendition of Amazing Grace. Highschoolers did a flawless trumpet duet of Taps with echoes at the end.
The 6th grade sang tunefully and stoutly from memory (learned in 2 weeks!) There’s a Hero on the Way” (available on the internet --see the video used accompanied by the song) --so honoring to all the police and firemen seated in the front rows. It showed rescuers in action and looking battle-weary in various situations typical of their work.
The high school choir did 3 beautiful numbers and got a thunderous standing ovation: Salute to our Heroes –incorporating narration and America, the Beautiful. They sang an arrangment of God Bless America by Irving Berlin (Jewish) –and In Remembrance –by Jeffery Ames –a college-level piece sung in Latin and English with Fr. horn and amazing vocal harmonies.
In Remembrance included The Lord’s Prayer (as taught by Christ.) The director reminded the audience that this prayer was recited by Todd Beamer –on the phone with an operator –from the plane of United Flight 93. (According to this account, other passengers also joined Beamer in reciting “The 23rd Psalm” together before he said the famous “Let’s Roll.”)
There was a Moment of Silence –the tolling of the Bell.
Mayor Bloomberg’s secular idea of a memorial service couldn’t compare to this one.
ACLU and terrorists –too bad for you. Let freedom ring! (Quote)

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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