Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some Ways I Would be Disappointed by Gay Marriage

A Question on Another Blog --and My Answer

Have you, now or at any time in the past, been harmed by the marriage of two persons of the same sex?

Obviously not, since gay marriage is not legal around here.

If it were my kid, I would be harmed by his/her opinion that he/she were homosexual–and I would be harmed by such a “marriage.” Or even a civil union. Why?

1. I would feel that my husband and I had failed as parents to pass along God’s family values in a positive way. We had failed to teach or role model hetero marriage effectively. We had failed to help our kids be happy in their given sexuality, with normal family goals.

2. I would feel that I made mistakes in not chaperoning them better in youth, not grounding them in Christian faith and worldview before college, not shaping their character so they would resist sexual temptations.

3. I would be disappointed that they would not have a normal union and bring children into the world, at least not by any normal means, passing on their fine musical genes and raising chaste and heterosexual children. (Granted, single children don't do this either, but celibate singleness is pleasing in God's eyes, when it's part of a godly lifestyle.)

4. I would be harmed in them deliberately choosing to avoid normal marriage, bringing us no grandchildren for us to love and to love us. There would be fewer family members to help us out and cheer us in our elder years. (My family enriches their grandmothers’ lives, looks out for them.)

5. By not having their own children, homosexuals do impose duties to look out for them on their siblings’ children–who already have their own family responsibilities. Otherwise, the burden falls to themselves or the state entirely. (Again, chaste hetero singles do this, also, but they also haven't made any unholy alliances, given us grief or made children out of wedlock for gov't or us to subsidize.)

6. My kids ARE harmed when they can’t find chaste, hetero mates if more and more of their peers are going off with their own sex.

7. My kids are harmed if their teachers or neighbors or cousins or friends lead them into gay experimentation: “Try it; you’ll like it!”

8. My kids are harmed and I’m broken-hearted if they get a highly promiscuous sex addiction or an incurable STD or other physical ailment because of homo-sexperimentation --or any extra-marital sex for that matter.

9. Families/spouses and children are harmed when the spouse or one of their parents decides to transgender or leave for another person of either sex. I would be devastated if my daughter or son-in-law decided she or he had to be with someone else of either sex, and caused divorce for it.

10. We feel we are harmed if we can’t disapprove of this lifestyle and teach our children to reject it for themselves. We are harmed when our Bible-based values are considered Hate speech –and when we can be prosecuted for teaching or preaching the morality of the Bible. We are harmed if we are denied our constitutional right to free speech, freedom in media, and freedom of religion on this topic –as in England and Canada.

11. We are all harmed in economy if we have to give the same economic benefits to partners of homosexuals who don’t bear the children, educate them for over 18 years per child, spend thousands on them. The perks are for the child-maker-bearers –to offset the costs of bringing children into the world, having one parent stay at home to civilize them, or hiring daycare to do it. This is just best done with a hetero couple –as they are the only ones who can make babies and role-model the functional nuclear family with both a mother and father for their children. Yes, homosexuals may already have children from hetero marriages, and they should have the father’s financial support for those children–unless the mother caused the break-up by coming out gay. In that case, the father should get the custody and child support from the mother because of her infidelity. Marriage law should be just.

Granted, many of the same things I list are true about heterosexual immorality, also –except for the greater likelihood that children will be involved.

Homosexual involvement is just one more rung higher, on the already dangerous and depressing ladder of nuclear family breakdown with promiscuity.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...

What of hetero couples who are married and cannot have children? I don't believe marriage is just for the purpose of populating earth, but I understand what you're saying.

Right now a member of my blog writers is preparing to go back to Kazakhstan to pick up a little boy who will be almost a year old after a long and tedious adoption process.

He and his wife are 48 or so and could not have children of their own. My sister is sterile, but loves her nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews.

I have a good friend from school who is sterile and they adopted.

God told us to go forth and multiply, but for some it is medically impossible to do so.

God Himself performed the first marriage ceremony and it was between one man and one woman, although the Israelites also had wives and concubines in the day.

I doubt any church that is truly doing God's will would perform weddings for gay couples, so if they get married it would be a civil ceremony. There's a reason I got married in the church. I wanted it blessed by God.

Yes we had children and they are both straight. If gays want to get a certificate from a civil servant declaring them "married" I have no problem with it because (1) it's just a piece of paper and not blessed by God and (2) even if they can't get that paper it wouldn't change their lifestyles one iota.

Yes, I have a problem with same sex unions, but it happens and I can't stop it. I can vote against it if it comes up for a vote in my state, but that's all I can do besides pray it doesn't pass.

When we all get to heaven we will be sexless. We will not be husband, wife or lover. We will be brothers and sisters and the need and desire for sex will be gone.

I certainly hope I explained what I am thinking and didn't give the impression I don't care about these unions, but "married" or not they will continue their lifestyles and only God can change that.

My best to you and your family.

Barb said...

I always say that marriage is for intimacy and the one-flesh union that God ordained --not just for procreation but for completion of each other "In the image of God, male and female,..." --not that celibate singles are somehow "incomplete" --but people are "complemented" by mates, providing enrichment to each other in meeting each other's needs and lacks --and a great comfort and blessing to each other and their families. To children they provide the role models that God intended children to have in a mother and father.

He made the woman to be a "suitable helpmeet" --a companion that the animal kingdom could not provide for man.

I certainly oppose any advancement of gay coupling in the law --as the unions are vile in practice --especially what the men do. And I think the lesbians are just substituting other women for the men who have disappointed them.
It's all against our design, common sense, public health, and the common good. And there is no need for legal recognition. They can arrange everything legal by contracts, wills, etc. downloaded off the internet.

They want recognition for perks that should be reserved for the people who can and do bear children --though some cannot do so, like your blog friend --and some refuse to. We don't force people to be child-bearers and shouldn't discriminate against the childless whatever the reasons. However, family perks should be for those who role-model natural coupling, children or not, --not the unnatural.

Live and let live is fine until your teen-age kid finds love with her same-sex coach --and goes on to think she should marry a woman -because there is no longer any societal stigma or disadvantage to being with your own sex. Or until your grown child divorces her mate and takes your grandchildren into a lesbian-headed home --depriving your grandson of a father in his home and normal role models and then he decides he wants to transgender to be like his mothers.

there will be temporal consequences undesireable for our nation--and one of them may be Islam's terrorism toward the U.S. as the Great Satan -a nation so vile as to legalize homosexuality. They are hypocrites, of course, because they have a lot of homosexuality in Afghanistan and Pakistan --a lot of gays raping boys. See LA times and Public tv segments on this.

steve said...

Those guys's (Mudrake et-al) oppinion on religion / atheism / agnosticism have no bearing on my oppinions about God or religion. I've become skeptical on my own. And being a skeptic is no problem for Jesus in the first place as you pointed out Thomas. Thomas was with Jesus the whole time and witnessed the nail prints, yet was a skeptic. I think faith demands skepticism and I think that if you are honest with yourself, everyone has doubts from time to time. Some people doubt more than others. God expects a lot from us, concerning faith, shouldn't we expect a lot from God? If we are free will agents built in the image of God, then we have the autonomy to make demands of God. A lot of the Christian religion just doesn't add up and is contradictory and some of it is downright lunacy - especially the OT. You say that my "shaking my fist" in God's face demanding answers is meaningless.. maybe so, but if I am a "child of God", and I supposedly have this relationship - well then I have a right to ask questions and demand answers. I don't expect any,, but I have a right - as a free being - to make up my own mind. So what are we? Are we just puppets dancing to God's tune? or do we really have free will?