Sunday, August 15, 2010

Overview of the Demise of Marriage

Read part of an article about No Fault Divorce issue HERE. This August, 2010, article from World magazine, edited by Marvin O’Laskey (brilliant Jewish convert to Christianity) concludes that divorce should be more difficult –and that when someone like Christie Brinkley complained and exposed her husband’s misdeeds , it was because he was so wrong and there should be consequences. Divorce ought to be fair –rather than neutral about fault when one person has devastated the other’s life, financial and emotional security, and guaranteed the kids a more than 90 per cent chance that they, too, will get divorced some day –if they even marry.

The institution of marriage in the U.S. has been more egalitarian and humane than in some other cultures throughout history, but it has received a battering ram in the last 50 years.

During the Hippie era, free love was in vogue; parents let their college-age kids bring home their boyfriends to their beds and wondered why their example wasn't embraced by their kids; the reason: they didn't TEACH their kids that the fear of the Lord and respect for His statutes are the beginning of wisdom -- and example alone wasn't enough; abortion replaced shot-gun weddings, freeing the young couples who erred to pursue serial monogamy. Soon virginity was VERY unfashionable –except for the religious groups that came along with their “true love waits” programs.

Abstinence ed. had some success with delaying teen sex activity and pregnancy –when it was really embraced by the sex educators. Those who didn’t try very hard to teach it saw their students following the Hollywood love/sex model instead. (i.e. They run up to the bedroom –and live happily ever after –until the next person comes along — or, as in Sleepless in Seattle, in which the old shacked-up mate is tossed aside for new, and in Bridges of Madison Co., women vicariously enjoyed the “romance of adultery” (the bad thing about the movie) –even though the wife stays with her husband –(the good thing about the movie.)

HOwever, TV actually helped marriage with the Cleavers and the Ingalls family as examples. The latter (conceived and directed by Michael Landon (Jewish heritage –and Christian from his parents) were role models for Christians and home-schoolers But then followed Friends and then Seinfeld’s young adults jumping in and out of bed with whomever –as though this were not immoral, just funny, and wouldn’t be emotionally damaging and physically risky.

The Sexual Revolution started with the hippies, aided by Roe vs. Wade –and then came AIDS and Herpes –and instead of the whole country wanting to return to traditional American, religion-inspired, moral VALUES to prevent incurable STD’s, we quixotically endorsed homosexuality because of our compassion for the AIDS afflicted–the group that brought AIDS to America and the group that still has the most new cases.

Finally, I believe we are seeing more and more people with gender identity issues –no doubt, in part, because they don’t have one parent of each gender modeling love for the opposite sex spouse and affirming the given sex of the children in their immediate families. Tougher divorce laws and promoting the importance of traditional, hetero marriage, MIGHT help.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

Didn't David kill Uriah, the husband of Bathsheba, so that they could "hook up"?

Apperently "family values" have been compromised for a long time. God didn't seem to mind too much about the adultery and murder because he allowed David to remain King - his punishment was the death of his child with Bathsheba - whome David wanted to disown anyway.. some punishment. And then later in the story, David's son Absolon revolted against his father and took 10 of David's personal prostitutes and had sex with them in public.. Whew Wheee! Those were some chaste times. I wish it was still bible days so that I could hook up with as many brides as I want, and even then, if that isn't enough.. take for myself some personal prostitutes to fill out my harem.. (no I don't - just kidding if my wife reads this LOL).

Jeanette said...

Steve, you're right about David, but the boy born to Bathsheba and David was taken as a baby and David grieved deeply.

What you won't admit because I believe you know it already, is that back in the Old Testament days such things were common and acceptable. Not killing a husband so he could marry the wife he impregnated, but having wives and concubines.

But we are no longer under the Law of Moses, but under the Age of Grace made possible by the birth, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Christ to Heaven where He delivered our pardon to God the Father.

That's why He told Mary Magdalene not to touch Him, because He had not yet ascended to Heaven. He had to deliver our pardon before He could be touched.

After He did go to Heaven to deliver our pardons He returned for a short time and allowed people to touch Him. See Thomas who doubted it was really Jesus.

You proclaimed your salvation. If you meant it you cannot lose it.

Choose whatever you wish for your politics but please do not mock God. The only unforgivable sin that would take your name from the Book of Life is blaspheme of the Holy Spirit. From what I understand that means giving credit to Satan that which God has done and giving credit to God that which Satan has done.

Please do not mock God because one day you will have to stand before Him and explain your actions since you were saved. I doubt I would want Him to remind me I mocked Him. And I doubt you would want that either.

Don't give up your soul to satisfy your earthly life. It should be the other way around.

Seek His counsel and follow it and you won't go wrong. Some of the hate you express toward other human beings not of the same political beliefs as yours should be cast aside by you and the Lord will do the rest.

Hanging out with atheist blogs is not good for you soul. You sound back-slidden to me, and Jesus told us straight is the way and narrow is the road to Heaven.

You might have a lot of buddies who nod their heads in agreement with you now, but do you want the eternity they are determined to have?

Or have I been wrong and you are not saved?

Barb said...

Steve, you are right that there are many examples of immorality in the OT. First of all, God didn't really desire that Israel have kings, but the people wanted them. Of course He didn't approve David's adultery, nor the idolatry brought in by extra wives and concubines like Solomon's. David grieved and repented of his many sins. God allowed grievous punishments --which did return the people's attention to Him. Nothing like suffering and danger to incline people to hope He is real. As they say, "no atheists in foxholes."

Yes, some of the OT stories are shocking --and some things attributed to God in the OT are hard to accept --because of our view of God from the NT. I think of the passage where God wanted Israelites to offer freedom to their slaves every 7 years? but if they wanted to keep a wife who was a slave, they would have to remain a slave with her. (Correct me, anyone, who knows I've misunderstood this story.) And reportedly, God told Solomon He would have given Him many more women if He had been --obedient? whatever.

The basic view of marriage gleaned from the bible is the Adam and Eve model, Joseph and Mary, and Jesus' teaching about adultery and leaving and cleaving --according to the male/female image of God model. And we have the idea of the Church as the Bride and Jesus as the groom --and how fidelity is to be mutual. And the teachings about church leaders being the husband of only one wife. And we have the 10 C's on adultery, too.

We get some beginnings of the equality of women in the NT --with respect for the traditional role of Man as the Head of his home with his wife as the helpmeet suitable --a contributor to man's work and decision making --that would include her wisdom to contribute in decision-making.

Mutual submission within the church is a model for the husband- wife relationship, too. The Golden Rule practiced in the home makes for harmony. Wise spouses don't want each other to be miserable, so compromises are sometimes necessary --and more compassionate than having one's own way.

Sure hope your wife DIDN't read your enthusiasm for OT immorality!