Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Islamic Peace Demonstration in England --SCARY!


is scary

from London ~ this is beyond scary... Makes you wonder
doesn't it...can you imagine having a Christian demonstration against Islam in
downtown Baghdad ?
These pictures are of Muslims marching
through the STREETS OF LONDON during their recent ' Religion of Peace

Why would
anyone think that we should be at war with such nice, peaceful
Muslims?! You need to forward this one to everyone! These pictures
tell it all!Muslims have stated that England will be the first
country they take over! These are pictures not shown on American TV
or in American Newspapers, but were forwarded by a Canadian who thought all
Americans ought to know!

End of email

The pics wouldn't copy from email to here (my ignorance, no doubt) --but these are the captions from the posters carried by angry-faced people in traditional Islamic attire:

Be Prepared for the Real holocaust!

Europe, you will pay. Your 9/11 is on it's [sic] way.
Freedom go to Hell.
Europe, Take some lessons from 9/11.
Islam will dominate the World.
Europe is the Cancer; Islam is the Answer!
Behead those who insult Islam!
Slay those who insult Islam!

Meanwhile, American and European liberals are blasting Christianity every chance they get. Frankly, you will never replace Islam with atheism, with John Lennon's "Imagine"; Christianity is your best bet -being the Truth after all.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mricasale said...

While there was a demonstration in London by Muslim extremists, it was in 1996 in response to the Danish cartoon of the prophet Mohammed. Many Muslim leaders strongly condemned this protest and several protesters were arrested. I have included a couple of links. There was also a much larger peaceful demonstration in London around the same time that was organized by Muslim and Christian leaders.
R. Casale (Toledo homeschool mom)

Barb said...

Thanks for the info. Nevertheless, the pictures don't lie --and 1996 wasn't that long ago, to me.

I do realize there are several different types of Muslims and that they aren't all terrorists in their hearts. It is true that some Christians were man-handled at the Dearborn Islamic Festival a year or so ago because they brought a camera, were witnessing --Muslim security didn't recognize their freedoms.

How did you find this blog, Mom? Do you know who I am? (Toledo grandmother of homeschoolers)

Anonymous said...

9/11 was after 1996. Either that or they've missed one of the master minds planning it.

Barb said...

I'm not sure what you are saying here, Anony.

Anonymous said...

Mricasale needs to look at the date of the articles she posted. They are dated 2006. But it appears that the pictures are accurate. Although many other Muslims condemned the protests show in these pictures, the fact that any protest like this would happen is scary. The protest was against the cartoons of Mohammad shown in the Danish press.

Barb said...

O --now I get anony's point --The Danish cartoon of the prophet occured in 2006 --after 9/11, Mricasale. Not 1996. The cartoon was a protest of Islamic terrorism, of course --and the fact that it comes from the religion.

Of course, you may know that in our fair city, Christians were warmly received by Muslims as the Christians made a prayer circle of love and protection around the mosque --organized through a Christian radio station--after 9/11 --when the Mosque and Muslims were vulnerable to retaliation by hotheads.