Monday, March 8, 2010

State of VA. Denies Homosexuals and Transgenders "Protection" Status

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Virginia's AG [attorney general] Says State Colleges Cannot Ban LGBT Discrimination [in their stated policies.]

According to the Washington Post, Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II on Thursday sent a letter (full text) to the state's public colleges and universities advising them that:

...the law and public policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia prohibit a college or university from including "sexual orientation," "gender identity," "gender expression," or like classification, as a protected class within its non-discrimination policy, absent specific authorization from the General Assembly.


We already protect people from discrimination in college admissions and employment. All races and the usual 2 genders, physical disabilities, religions and national origins are protected classes--though religious schools maintain the right, still, to hire people of their own religion --as well as requiring Christian standards of sexual behavior of their students and staff. I still think there should be a RIGHT to have all-girls or all -boys schools and military academies, too --and distinctions between men and women and their roles in our military. [I do know of a WWII woman pilot who was a devout evangelical Christian.]

Now the liberal elites and LBGT's want gov't to say that schools --at least state schools--[and gov't will try to extend the requirement to anyone receiving students who have gov't aid]--to say that state schools must prove they aren't discriminating against cross-dressers, trans-gendered, bisexual, and lesbian and gay students and employees. The only way to prove that is to admit and hire such people who let it be know that this is their status -- like the Michigan prof. who was a man one day and changed to a woman thereafter in a Christian school.

That school settled out of court to get rid of him as a prof because this man was clearly not in sync with God's Will or Word to reject his manly self and embrace a caricature of a woman. And he is a caricature. I hear he "struts" around campus in a short skirt and blonde wig to be an offense to the Christian atmosphere there and an offense to God's clear prohibition of men dressing as women, etc. He has grown sons and a wife who, at last report, was putting up with this sad situation and staying married. He, reportedly, wasn't gay and kept his male equipment in order to be a husband to his wife. This is a travesty of human nature and nothing but unvarnished self-centeredness and gender-preoccupation on his part. Some might go so far as to suspect demon possession. I guess I'd call it mental illness, at least, but not one that society should be forced to indulge--anymore than we indulge a fellow who thinks he's Napoleon or Jesus Christ.

The dissatisfaction with one's gender and same sex attraction are both conditions to be pitied --but not the selfishness and damage to families and the in-your-face flaunting that comes with pride in such Biblically-defined sins. Let me hasten to say, that many of the Christians there took a compassionate approach toward him, but he insisted on having his way in a religious culture that does not condone transgendering, homosexual conduct, or any other sexual sin.

That is not to say that the disapproving religion, Christian students and faculty see themselves as sinless; it is to say that they define sin as the Bible does and are repentant when they fail --and not flaunting their sins as rights --or as good ways to be.

I am dismayed by Christians who believe they can love people out of this problem by never addressing the issue. That may be the God-directed function for some of them. We certainly are not to be like the Westboro Baptist Church who hatefully demonstrates at military funerals, seeing military deaths as results of the "gaying" of our culture. But we are called to prophetically warn people about the wages of sin --and God's definitions of sin are clear. There is only one sanctified sexual arrangment --the union of man with wife.

God assigns our gender, and we need to help children be glad for how he made them --rather than coddling childish fantasies of being the opposite sex. We ought not be raising a generation to think that gender and orientation are their choices to make. This can lead to confusion, self-doubt, and unhealthy sex-ploration/sex-perimentation --as well as the mutilating surgeries, hormone tampering, and sterility of transgenders. This becomes a life-time obsession with difficulty in finding someone for intimate love that lasts. Most people will reject intimacy with someone of their own sex who has transgendered. Straight people will not want intimacy with gays who may desire them. There has to be a lot of rejection and sadness with these abnormal fixations--no matter how much we celebrate and condone them.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

There are NONE that are rightous, no not ONE.

Your works are as filthy rags.

Those that are sinless, cast the first stone

Barb said...

Yes, your scriptures are consistent with what I said:

"That is not to say that the disapproving religion, Christian students and faculty see themselves as sinless; it is to say that they define sin as the Bible does and are repentant when they fail --and not flaunting their sins as rights --or as good ways to be."

steve said...

What about people who are born with both sets of genitalia? Do they just pick a sex? What if they pick wrong? Have they sinned?

More and more men are getting gynomastia because of the growth hormones put in dairy products. Some of this hormonal imbalance might affect a man's attractions. Are those people sinners because they've been poisoned by the dairy industry? Who's the sinner, the gynomastia sufferer, or Farmer Jones who taints our precious fluids with GHB? George Bush is the ultimate sinner because he dismantled the FDA's over site role and now our foods are causing us to go haywire. I always knew he was the Antichrist and Dick Cheney was his Dr. Doom. I think there is a verse in Isiah that prophesied all of this gynomastia business. God should just direct his fire and brimstone at Kraft and Monsanto world headquarters in righteous anger!

Barb said...

People with ambiguous genitalia have every divine right to confusion and choice regarding their attractions. Generally, however, the Kleinfelter's syndrome sufferers are said to be male, raised to be male, and may never realize they have the extra chromosomes --and I've not heard that they have found there was any connection to homosexuality and GID because of this condition.

I think the gynomastia is more associated with obesity -- and you can theorize all you want about the cause of homosexuality. i think the main cause is lack of both strong and compassionate fathering, and/OR fooling around and getting addicted to orgasms achieved in bizarre ways with people of one's own sex and/OR --and this is more common than ever before: I think a lot of homosexuals are getting there because of cultural influence --and self-image difficulties in a media saturated culture that makes boys think something is wrong with them if they aren't like macho movie stars. They envy what they are not --and envy turns to self-image issues and homosexual lust and experience. I think over-identification with Mom is a big causative factor along with ridiculing peers.

mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

I should ignore the blog troll--



in favor of traditional Judeo-Christian values -- right to life and other Biblical views of right and wrong. I know that family is a great boon to society and nation when it is headed by mom and dad who are faithful and Christian toward one another and their children --raising them to have good character, self-control and self-reliance.

I believe our libidos should be corralled and boundaried --channeled to monogamous marriage, fidelity, responsibility, self-denial when it comes to sexual temptations.

I don't say that anyone is inherently better than anyone else for holding good values and trying to live virtuously --as Steve is right to say our righteousness falls short of God's perfection--

and thus we have a Savior --who calls us to repent --to pursue righteousness with the help of the indwelling Holy Spirit. We do NOT have license to sin just because we claim salvation through Christ. But we obtain mercy when we are remorseful for letting Jesus down.
And we WILL run the faithrace to completion with our eyes on Him.

mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

Aw, shucks, Mudrake. I take it back. You aren't a troll --you just act like one!! You don't look that bad....

mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

I write about the gay issue in America the same way and for all the same reasons that the evangelical para-church ministries do so --including Focus on the Family with their Love Wins Out alliance with Exodus Ministries to homosexuals --Am. Family Ass'n which primarily focuses on media promotion of all things immoral and atheistic --ACLJ and Alliance Defense Fund and other legal defense groups focusing on cases of free speech for Christians, ministers, et al on the subject of sexuality and the right to preach the Gospel. Heritage foundation and Rutherford Institute also address the same concerns I have for free speech on this topic and freedom of religion.

I am very concerned for ANY trends that lead our children into addictions of any sort --any promotion of sin and sex or drug addiction to our children, any waffling on the part of the church toward sin.

Homosexuality is unique in being a Biblically-named sin promoted as a "right" and/or "a disability" that can't be prevented or fixed.

We have no pride parades for gambling, prostitution, adultery --but we have it for homosexual activity. We mistakenly believe people are "intrinsically homosexual" the way a black person is black. The next minority group that could say they can't help their affliction and orientation is the pedophile (who are often ALSO homosexuals --who themselves started into gay activities early in life -underage.) The pedophile feels he is also intrinsically and unchangeably fixated on intimacy with kids --which he says can be good for them --and not necessarily "painful." One university already published a book on that theme.

I write about sexualty issue as one of america's VERY contentious, up-front, socio-poltical-religious-related issues. I don't like what public ed, media, politicians, judges, legislators and the gay activists are doing because it is evil acc'g to God's Word.

My kids are definitely hetero in their interests, so that's not the reason.

Reasons for my concern on this topic:

I think I can imagine and understand the various routes to gender identity disorder and homosexual involvement. As a mother, I was aware of the importance of parenting to help kids identify as their given sex and orient normally. I saw the confusion in my children's peer generation as the AIDS movement became a cause celebre for special rights for gays --meaning a new, heretofore unheard of right to marry people of the same sex and adopt and foster-parent kids.

Instead of AIDS scaring people straight, it inclined the public to great compassion for the victims which was good -but then did the illogical --promoting homosexuality as inevitable and immutable --which I still do not believe it to be.

Another reason: the Bible is clear in God's Creation account and in JEsus instruction --that the man is to leave parents and stay with his wife --and not divorce --and not marry a person of the same sex. We are not to cross-gender, cross-dress, and lie with a man as with a woman.

Another reason: their are dire consequences to sin --including auto-immune-deficiency disease and all the spin-off diseases that come to the immuno-suppressed gay community. You just can't fool with nature that way and not pay a price.

So why are we PROMOTING this lifestyle???

Barb said...

Now, Mudrake, about economic injustice.

I OFTEN have decried the greed and economic wrong of multi-million dollar salaries/bonuses and lavish pleasure outings for company heads whose companies borrowed from the gov't --and/or fired people. I object to the 7 figure annual salaries of college coaches and administrators when they raise tuition on students.

I also address the issue of teen parenting and the better solution of waiting for marriage --and the evil of abortion. I write with genuine concern and honesty about the correlation between our sex lives, divorce and poverty and disease.

So if you think I'm a single issue writer; maybe you should consider that the focus belongs to YOU as much as me.

I also write about good things now and then--do you? I find you miserably, unhappily, hatefully focused on fundamentalist Bible-believers and their very legitimate, social-conservative concerns.