Thursday, March 4, 2010

Great Story from SAT 7 Christian TV in Middle East

I saw a neat story by SAT7 the Christian tv station in the middle east. A man in Iran reported to them that he was watching the story of Christ on their broadcast, and when he saw him on the cross, he wept and felt profoundly moved and believed –and he felt moved to kneel and pray for the safety of his family. “Jesus, protect my children. I don’t have money, I can’t give them everything, but you can protect them from any danger…”

That very same night, 2 am, his phone rang. One of his daughters, a college student, was quite shaken. She asked her father who it was that he had sent to her. She described how a man in brilliant white came to her as she slept. He told her to wake up, to quickly open the window in her room. Still dreaming, she asked the man who He was. He answered, “I am the one your father asked to protect you.”

Now she was startled awake, and smelled a strong odor of gas. The flame on the heater in her room had gone out. Flammable gas was leaking out, filling her room, ready to explode or suffocate her to death. She managed to open a window, letting the gas escape. After the room had cleared, she called her father.

This man and his daughter are now new believers in Iran.

Another man and his wife in Iran called the station to say they had become believers by watching the channel –and the result was happiness, “…the old fear and sadness that had filled his life were gone.”

That’s what faith does –turns night to day –darkness to light –dissatisfaction to peace, fear to hope and misery to joy.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...

Is this a channel you get on cable? We have DirecTV and we don't get that channel.

It's a good story and I'm glad you shared it. Just as promised, God is working with "every tribe and every people" to get the gospel message out.

Barb said...

It is a channel out of Lebanon on satellite networks in Europe and the Middle east, in Farsi, Arabic, Pars languages. They have a website.

Another ministry to Muslims is Crescent. I think they are based in Indiana.

These ministries tell of many Muslims being converted and seeing such dreams and visions. In fact, I know one such Muslim --who was almost but not quite persuaded when he had a similar vision. It was more Old Testament and Abrahamic-based --the sacrifice of Isaac and the dove symbol were in his vision. It gave him tremendous happiness and peace right afterward.