Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Constitution Does Not Guarantee a Right to Homosexual Conduct or Marriage

Yes, the constitution gives us all the same rights. But show me the right to homosexuality in the constitution.

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman and homosexual men and women may enter that kind of relationship if they wish --and it will be better for them and better for all of society, for any children they conceive (and they do), for any hetero spouse they marry, if they take advantage of their constitutional right to find a spouse of the opposite sex and found a family with her --or him in case of a lady --and remain faithful. In fact, if they remain virginal before marriage and NEVER start into homosexual relations, I predict they'll not likely see themselves as homosexual.

The Constitution neither explicitly nor implicitly, legitimates adultery, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, polygamy/bigamy/polyandry, transgendering, rape or homosexual behaviors and gay marriage.

There are universal moral laws beyond our Constitution --and some man-made laws derived from our constitution, which govern our sexuality and our sexual relationships. Homosexuality involves abnormal ways to copulate--which have proven to be highly risky to the participants and harmful to public health. We spend a lot of money trying to cure and manage STD's and promote condoms and gay "marriage" without addressing the actual problem --the abnormal, promiscuous, risky, homosexual activities themselves.

The "right to privacy" is limited in what it can legalize. Most of us know that privacy does NOT mean doing whatever we please between consenting adults in private --including abortion--and other crimes done in private. (Yes, I know about Roe vs. Wade --judicial activism legitimizing the killing of our children against the vote of the people and the laws of the states. )

The Bible talks about "unjust judges" and we've got them. They may give us gay marriage eventually as they gave us abortion (by a vote of 5 to 4?) --but it will never be moral or right or safe or monogamous or accepted by the masses. (At least I hope it won't --for that will be the beginning of the end when all the people are swinging both ways.)

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...

Lady Janus said...
*sigh* When did this blog become Barb's personal pulpit from which she gets to spew her bile?

Looks like you killed another blog.

Prof. Howard M. Friedman, Religious Clause Blog:

Beginning with this morning's posts, I am turning off the Comment function on new postings on Religion Clause. In recent months, comments have largely become a lengthy colloquy between a small number of readers.

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We were doing just fine, Mudrake, _______________ until you came over. In fact, we were doing fine at the French blog --until you came over and got everyone's anger directed toward me with your peculiar demonic effect.

So who kills the blogs??? Who got kicked off of Toledo Talk?

Granted, today's liberals have no tolerance for free speech on the topic of homosexuality --but I had been posting there long before you came over with your undisquised nasty ad hominem attacks. Just as I had been posting a long time on the French blog before you came over.

As for Lady Janus--she should talk! about bile and personal pulpits!

You are the devil to the blogs --not me --the one with the poisonous effect. Think about it.

As for lengthy writers --kagehi was the master. I had many short comments and moderate length comments compared to others. Yours, of course, were just nasty jibes toward me, accusing me of being all the Christian anonymous posters --which I wasn't any of them, hater, etc. You rarely even addressed the issues --but you DID do better there than anywhere else to occasionally comment on an issue --but usually had to include your obsessive jibes against the "o so righteous fundamentalist homophobic Christians" --and me personally.

I will do what he suggested to us once --that we use his items of interest to us for discussion at our own blogs.

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