Friday, June 26, 2009

Response to Blogger Candyly on N.C.'s Gov. Sanford

I wrote in previous blog about Canadian homosexuals wanting preferential healthcare for their unique problems:

How about embracing a healthier lifestyle, Folks? How much better if Obama would celebrate traditional nuclear families like his own! These are the ones we need more of --in order to be the mental health center for kids and adults --in order to produce children for the future.

Blogger Candyly answered: Like ultra Conservative Family Values Governor Sanford? That's the way to do, apparently!

No, his sin doesn't cancel out any other. Obviously Sanford would be hypocritical if he claimed to be strong for family values --as most GOP candidates do in order to get votes like mine.

I believe the Bible --where it says those who can't be trusted with small things can't be trusted with greater. In other words, if you can't be faithful to your wife and family, you lack the character traits for good leadership of a state or nation. That's why Newt probably doesn't have a chance to be GOP candidate for president. I'd vote for Huckabee or Romney first --even though I don't agree with Romney's religious theology.

There is conversion, however, but with a politician it may be difficult to recognize sincerity. Sanford may be a real Christian in his BELIEFS. Maybe "eternal security" belief about "once saved, always saved," would incline him to think he could get away with betraying his marrige vows and not pay an eternal consequence. For sure, if his wife forgives him, he is getting off easy. She needs to forgive him for her own sake--but by the Bible, she doesn't have to stay married to him. Adultery is grounds for divorce. God forgives adultery--if we are truly remorseful. But it's not easy to be truly remorseful over one's sin, once that sin has taken deep root in the mind/soul as a pleasure. Being sorry about getting caught isn't remorse. I felt this man might like to continue with the Venezuelan mistress. I didn't hear him say it was over. He should step down now --if a republican Lt. Gov exists to take his place. Had Clinton stepped down for Gore, Gore might have been president instead of GW Bush. Instead, the democrats looked bad to a majority, defending Clinton.

Chuck Colson is an example of one who truly converted --and would be trustworthy in any endeavor, I think. He heads Prison Fellowship, an international prison ministry --after coming to Christ as an adult. He'd be a good presidential candidate --except for age. I'm sure we have candidates of his calibre in the GOP, but I don't know who all they are. I know many, many moral men in positions of responsibility. I don't know why we have to elect rascals.

The difference between dems and GOP was brought out on a cable news show: Democrats don't make much claim to be moral or champion good morals, so they can slip and slide and stay in office as far as their voters are concerned--like Clinton-- and never be called hypocrites. After all, democrat adulterers live the way they believe, so there is no hypocrisy. GOP makes their values violators and hypocrites step down --at least until they can get another GOP in his place.

I've heard dems say, Well, "NOBODY is moral --everybody does it." but I'm sure you don't want to concede that about your husband, do you? It's not true of him, I dare say, raised as he was with Christian values --and it's not true of my husband either.

Qualification: we ARE all sinners and Jesus suggested all men are adulterers for having thought adulterous thoughts at times --making lustful observations at least --especially when women advertise their wares provocatively as in ever-present porn and immodest dress. Nevertheless, there are MANY MANY good Christian men who do not wallow in sinful thinking --who would never go to Venezuela to be with a mistress on Father's Day or any other.

Sanford never did say he had sinned against God --and he said more about letting his sons down --than about letting his wife down. He wept over letting down his Christian guy friends. His wife is probably so mad at him (for knowing what a jerk he has been for months, unable to give up an online girlfriend halfway around the world) that he feels less remorse for betraying her. He didn't cry about what he did to her. Those emails to the lover would be the last straw for most wives. So humiliating to a wife to have her husband salivating over someone else --and so publically!

It's a sorry mess.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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