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Even Darwinists Doubt Latest "Missing Link" -- from OneNewsNow

Even Darwinists doubt latest 'missing link'
Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow - 6/3/2009 6:40:00 AMBookmark and Share

A spokesman for the Discovery Institute says the alleged "missing link" find is nothing new.

Missing link Discovery Institute senior fellow John West says the recent fossil hailed as the missing link between humans and primates is nothing more than "hype." The fossil known as "Ida" was recently unveiled during a press conference in conjunction with a book, website, and a documentary that aired on The History Channel. (See earlier story and picture of "Ida")

According to a Sky News report, the fossil find debunks creationism and brings the need for religion into question. But West questions the find.

"And it's interesting if you actually look, many evolutionists themselves are saying that this was just hype," he contends. "Because in fact, evolutionists themselves cannot agree on what this is supposed to be a missing link to."

West says it seems like every year advocates of Darwinism come out with a new "missing link" that they claim settles the debate. But then when they take a closer look at the evidence, they start to backpedal. He claims that happened a few years ago with a fossil named "Tiktaalik" that evolutionists believed was a transitional species between fish and land creatures.

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