Saturday, March 28, 2009


God bless President Obama for announcements concerning Afghanistan yesterday. He is sending more troops to train security forces there to regain the peace and wants American and other civilian experts of all kinds there to help rebuild the nation. He cited the Taliban as the oppressors of women and girls that they are and called them brutal, as I recall. This is a struggling democracy which needs to be rid of the Taliban. He also mentioned Pakistan and their problems.

Ironically, he plans to move Taliban soldiers from GITMO to our court systems and over-crowded prisons and has or will release them to go back to business as usual. They need to be in prisons in their own nations. What did we do to rehabilitate and open their closed minds, I wonder? I suggested that, wrote to Congress and president about it, never heard that we were trying to introduce those benighted souls to western ideals. I suggested a course in the best of humanizing western movies, translated. Movies to soften the heart toward Jews and others. The Jesus movie on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. They should at least have found out what Christians REALLY believe about Jesus, which differs from Mohammad's revisionist version 400 years later.

The middle eastern regimes have provided fertile soil for radical Islamic terrorists like bin Ladin. They blame their poverty and misery on Christianity and the sins of the West, believing Allah wants them to rule the world with Sharia law.

Isn't it interesting that Obama's speech sounded just like Bush? Once a man becomes president, he talks to our foreign service and military folks "in the know" and realizes the gravity of ignoring the threat of terrorism by not opening these countries to the West, to democracy and rule of law (with respect for civil rights) with their greater potential for peace and prosperity.

With freedom and prosperity comes satellite TV --and Christian programming like that from Lebanon. True Biblical Christianity is the panacea for world hatred, war and poverty. In America, our own economic troubles can be attributed to a lack of Christian honesty and charity, a lack of stewardship, self-control --Christian virtues --in our own use of credit and irresponsibility toward debt. It is greed and corruption of individuals that affect corporations, unions, and gov't alike. It is the opposite of Christian principles which affects families who require twice the money to sustain when the parents split into two households.

It may be futile to help Islamic nations. Certainly their own people give up and emigrate when they can. It's hard to deal with people whose passions override their reason, who believe that death and murder are the answers to problems. But we should not be faulted for trying to alleviate the misery of people who mostly just want to live in peace without poverty and fear of unjust tyrants like Osama, the Taliban and Sadam--and without the exclusive influence of mullahs preaching hatred. It is in our national interests to establish greater freedom and overcome tyrannical oppression in the two nations that Bush took on. I think Obama has found this out.

Granted, during the campaign, I believed he spoke of our responsibility to Afghanistan --all the while blasting Bush about Iraq. But the surge worked --at least for a time. We must help that nation, Iraq, also, to experience the blessings of liberty, and not leave too soon.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Anonymous said...

Why Iraq war is uncool and Afghanistan war is cool? Is just because Obama said it?

I don't get it...

I'm tired of this Obama's adoration...

Barb said...

It is hard to figure --why it's ok in AFghanistan and less so in Iraq --although some would say we believed the first country's Taliban were harboring Osama initially.

I hope you don't think I'm adoring Obama. I've never seen anything like this rush to socialism we're seeing now --and the debt incurred in one month--with what I fear will be unsound fiscally in the long run.

For too long, we've had too many families intergenerationally on public dole.