Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rick Warren's Prayer --Great Job!

Rick Warren's prayer was the best speech of the day. He proclaimed God's love for all people --asked forgivenes for our failings and for our lack of civility to each other. Pastor Rick also closed without saying "In Jesus name" by ending with the Lord's Prayer --yet, was true to his witness, in acknowledging Christ as His Savior and the giver of the Lord's Prayer.

I did wonder if he should not have referred to Obama's election being significant because he was afr-american. Although that significance was noted by many Afr-americans themselves. But I bet obama would like to be known for something other than his race --like to have people quit focusing on that --though it is a milestone against racism in America. He'd like to think that his election was great and joyous for his attributes other than race, I'm sure!

I have to agree with Gerson (speaking on Fox News) that Obama's speech was good in content --like all innaugural speeches --but not literarily significant --no great memorable lines to go down in history--and lots of cliches. I found it rather anti-climactic in emotional tone --and noticed that people actually looked bored, not inspired.

I certainly wish him great success as a president --but he has a lot of evil forces at work on him --who want him to promote gay marriage and abortion and the atheistic and liberal agenda in general. Feinstein and Pelosi come to mind. Why was Feinstein so prominent in the event?

If Obama accomplishes reform in Social Security and health care, without breaking the bank, he will have done something necessary. I don't want national health care, per se, but I sure do think all families need jobs and insurance.

I bet Condi Rice is more qualified than Hillary to be Secretary of State.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Rick the Blogger said...

We watched the Inauguration in our respective indoctrination centers (classrooms). Rev. Warren had a lot of courage to say the name of the Lord in several languages, as if he was declaring to the "unbelievers" mentioned by Chairman Obama that he's not afraid to say His name.

By the way, do you think I should go back to blogging?

Barb said...

I didn't know you had quit blogging --I just couldn't get past your block system as you had not listed me as one of your allowed readers.

Of course you should go back to blogging and open it up to fans like me. You had a super blog.

Indoctrination centers! LOL!

He was sort of saying that Jesus is the man for all people with the different languages, wasn't he? I had forgotten that segment.

Barb said...

I bet our friend Mudrake was one of those Inaguration guests with the purple tickets that didn't get into the viewing area at all. Such ticket holders, workers for the democratic party from all over the nation, waited in line for hours, only to meet a closed gate. Why didn't the officials tell them they weren't going to get through the gate into the mall area?

I remember watching the fireworks in D.C. on the 4th and sitting on the lawn with a capitol sidewalk right in front of us --and people stood on that sidewalk blocking our view. I thought someone should have made them move along or sit down.

Jeanette said...

Feinstein was prominent because she was the chairperson of the Inaugural Committee. Sort of like the hostess.

I saw a video tonight on another site where they were showing the Jon Stewart show. He had a fake reporter saying how wonderful Obama's speech was, and then he cut to President Bush saying the exact same things.

The difference was Bush was belittled for saying those words and Obama is worshipped.

When Stewart quoted Obama's words in Bush's accent and "voice" the fake reporter took off his shoe to throw it at him and say he didn't want to hear that.

Stewart then told him it was Obama's words with Bush's accent and "voice", whereupon the "reporter" got confused too because he thought they were different and it turns out they said the same things.

I thought it was classless of Obama to bash Bush during his speech after briefly mentioning his thanks for being so helpful during the transition.

No class. And how about the idiots who boo'ed Bush when he came onto the platform; a perfect gentleman.

I predict in the next election in two years we will have more Republicans in Congress (if they can grow a backbone)and we will be on our way back. But we have to recruit the better candidates and make sure there's no dirt or the Dems will make hay on it.

I'm tired of Republicans trying to play by the Marquis de Queensbury rules while the Dems play "in your face" politics.

Barb, my husband's skin cancer surgery is scheduled for Friday morning at 8:30 am. He could be there 3 to 4 hours, I suppose for all the lab work that will be done during the excision. Please keep him in your prayers. He's such a wonderful man and a very devoted Christian. Everyone who meets him loves him immediately and I have had several people tell me he fits like an old shoe---very comfortably.

Barb said...

We both are blessed with wonderful, lovable, Christian men --with the same curable skin lesion. Sure will pray for him. I don't think you need to worry.

I'd like to see that Stewart piece. Surprising.

Yes, now that you mention it, there WAS Bush-bashing in the speech and that was classless. Kick the guy on the way out after he had been so gracious!

However, Obama's lament was more on the condition of things in general, economy, e.g. --and he didn't really say it was Bush's fault, did he? Just that WE CAN bring CHANGE! I hope so --if he meant prosperity again and fixing the Congressional pork.

We have had a crummy year --with the gas prices and job losses/business failures/mortgage mess (democrats can have a lot of blame for that --and they think Wall St. is Republican but i dont' think so anymore) --but Iraq was so much improved that our going to war was still a campaign issue but the current situation in Iraq and urgency to get out were less so. Obama even said in campaign that we need to leave Iraq but not before they can sustain their peace, didn't he? And he talks about helping Afghanistan against the Taliban--while releasing GITMO's detainees? That will be a feat! Or does he mean to send them to prison in GITMO. That will be worse for them. They may get killed back there.

Christian Apologist said...

Oboma is foolish to even talk about escalating the war in Afganistan. The Soviets fought there against the taliban for a decade and it cost them their empire. Lets not do the same thing.

Barb said...

Difference then, CA, USA was funding the Taliban/arming them, i believe.

I believe they and al qaeda have been weakened because we've gone to their haunts.

I remember how Jay Leno's wife, before we went to Afghanistan, was a leader in concerns for Afghani women under the Taliban. Professional women weren't allowed to work anymore and forced into the burka --not to mention the murders in the public square of men's wives, etc. It's a human rights issue; we are already there; such groups harbor and breed terrorists; They think Osama is on that border and I hear Obama wants to be the president who brings him to justice; they are terribly cruel to their own people; I think we need to stay there as we are in Iraq --and win. We can't take on every oppressive country --but terrorist harborers and breeders were our first concern --the miserable middle east could no longer be ignored after 9/11. There is evil in the world --evil versions of Islam and evil followers of it who accomplished a terrible tragedy on our soil. It's too bad that we just can't "all get along." But we can't let AFghanistan again become Obama's ally and remain as his hideaway --without risk to world safety --and ours.

Christian Apologist said...

Im not saying we should evacuate Afghanistan. Just not escalate it. Do you really think all those countries out there who dont like America arent arming the Taliban against us? Plus they probably still have leftover ammo from the 80's. I say we fight them in Iraq where we have been for the last 6 years. It is an easier place to kill terrorists as long as they come there to get killed. If we shift our attentions to Afghanistan all those 'freedom fighters' will go there instead of Iraq and we will have a much tougher time of it.

Barb said...

Some say that Taliban have resurged because we've focused on Iraq --and that we need to shift military resources there to help their new democratic gov't survive --after all, we don't want our gains to be lost -- and our soldier losses to be for naught.

I think we need to stay in both countries and help them have peace and prosperity --as we did in Germany and Japan and So. Korea. Most countries just need a peace-keeping force to make progress.

Barb said...

I'm not sure who would arm the Taliban except al qaeda --maybe Iran--Al qaeda needs help themselves. Do middle-easterners in general like the taliban? I don't think the women do. They are just too cruel and harsh for any other country to want them around. Let's see who wants to receive and harbor the Taliban guys from GITMO in their nations. I bet there will be no takers.

but we do wonder about Muslims in general supporting groups that hate US and Israel --us for being the Great Satan. But there are a lot of Afghanis who don't want the Taliban to prevail.

Rick the Blogger said...

Actually, I shut down my blog after the disappointing election, and delved myself into school works (SAT tomorrow, AP Tests in May, and complete my college app. this summer). Now, I'm trying to remake my blog, and it will be ready in a few weeks.

Blogging felt like a burden to me sometimes, but when it's gone, I don't know how to deal with my urges to write something anymore.

Barb said...

Ah! the urge to write! I have filled notebooks! I love blogging because people actually see what we write! and communicate with other writers.

Yes, it can be burdensome if you feel obligated to post new material or respond to comments when you are busy. But just take a break and leave your blog up --and open. People are finding it on Google everyday --they may not read it --or then again, they might!