Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama, still better than most liberal bloggers

Obama praised Bush's team for helping with a smooth transition and said part of what America is about is being able to have "disagreements politically and yet treat each other civilly.

Time after time, in the blogosphere, surely from all perspectives but more consistently from liberal bloggers, I see the America that Obama isn't talking about.


Anonymous said...

I recognize that you're trying to attack us liberal bloggers. However, your example of Obama's open-mindedness isn't really even open-mindedness. Perhaps, being in the public eye, Mr. Obama IS more open-minded than some liberal bloggers. However, you'd be hard-pressed to find liberal bloggers who would call this a difficult transition. It's been pretty smooth.

And Obama isn't praising Bush here. So your entire post is refuted and useless. M.

Barb said...

I don't think it's an attack but an objective oberservation for Rob to note that some, maybe many, liberal bloggers don't treat conservatives with civility or common courtesy.

Rob did not credit Obama with open-mindedness, Masoni, but with praise of civility despite disagreement.

I think it IS praise for Bush that Obama has given --he says he's a good guy at heart, a good man, well-intended --rather than saying he's a lush, an idiot, a philanderer, a dope, etc. Obama has extended an olive branch to all in the wake of a vigorous campaign of criticism against Bush (which is normal for politics and politicians to blast the other side in order to get the edge in popularity --in order to WIN!)

As for the smooth transition, except for the housing issue before mid January, Bush has said his team would not do as Clinton's did --you won't see any vandalism of the White House computers by GOP staffers, e.g. which the democrats did. Bush has been very courteous overall -- putting the country ahead of politics.

Barb said...

A thought occurs to me --knowing how Americans theoretically prize civility and tolerance --along with broadmindedness --can someone charismatic who exhibits civility and tolerance --lead us down the broad primrose liberal path to destruction nevertheless???

Rob R said...

I'm actually not thinking of you specifically at the moment masoni though my fisrt post of this nature give or take a month ago was inpsired by your comments.

No, the praise of civility is always good to hear, but I double posted this at another liberal blog where the host explicitly claims to desire to hear other points of view and yet enjoys the insults of those he disagrees with from the trolls.

I think that more often than not, you have been civil, so for the complaint of the intolerant tolerant liberals, I'm happy whenever someone wants to prove me wrong.

Rob R said...

Oh, and civility and I don't consider civility and open mindedness to be the same thing, though often they can be good together.

Jeanette said...

Someone must have watched a different speech from what I watched.

After thanking Bush for a smooth transition Obama began trashing his administration and actions.

It didn't sound too bi-partisan to me, except he did say the same things Bush has been saying for a long time.


Barb said...

Rob wrote this before the Inauguration, in reference to Obama's PAST expressions in favor of civility, in his civility shown in asking Warren to pray, e.g.

I noticed Obama showed no positive expression on his face during Rick's prayer --(to please constituents, I figure) but was responsive facially during the music and the final prayer, looking more agreeable.

Even Mudrake praised the notion of civility--while showing none to people who disagree with him --which was the point of Obama's praise of civility for people with whom one disagrees.