Monday, May 19, 2008


Is it a sign? What is God trying to tell me? I was standing in the center aisle of the church yesterday and a friend came up to me with a damp-ish envelope --addressed to me from my gynecologist. She said she found it under the wheel of her car. I had ordered this report last Thursday afternoon and watched the mail for it on Friday and Saturday. I picked up the mail and put it in my car Friday morning after a hair appointment. My son Rob brought in the mail on Saturday. Both times, I had looked through the mail for my lab results and concluded it had not come.

They had told me via phone that because of the results, I probably should have a hysterectomy --though the results weren't cancer or even pre-cancer, necessarily --just atypical in a couple of respects.

The envelope had no glue to seal it shut, so dampened it had become at some point. So it was essentially open. Somehow it had traveled all the way to church, a considerable distance (10 minutes drive at least) --either under my son's or my car --although I didn't park anywhere near this lady if it had been in or stuck to my car and fallen to the pavement when I parked. I parked on the west side and she was on the south. And the wind probably was not blowing from north to south as it would have to to blow something from my car to hers.

So it's really a weird thing.

When I returned from my daughter's spring arts fest --where I was official videographer for her --she takes attendance by the videos and likes a record of their performances to show the students --I found another piece of mail lying on the driveway. So I assume my son (or I) dropped some mail on his (or my) way into the house Saturday and that one piece rode all the way to church stuck to his (or my) car somewhere.

Is that even possible???? All I know is that my lab results followed me to church one day--just like Mary's little lamb.

So is there a message from the Lord here? Of course, I should take the problem to Him and leave it in His hands. But does that mean I have the surgery? or not?

I wish the whole message were clear to me. I admit I haven't wanted to lose the uterus in case they take the ovaries, too, and make me not feel like myself. I was clinically depressed once in my life when pregnant --and I don't like messing with my hormones.

My daughter in law, the surg. tech, however, says, they would look at the ovaries in a hysterectomy and they CAN leave one or both if they have nothing noticeably wrong with them and if they are still viable and doing something for me.

All I know for now is that the gyn. thinks I should have the hysterectomy.

My husband says he wants to talk to him and the pathologist.

Meanwhile, did God make sure my lab results made it to church??? And why??? A matter for prayer and waiting on the Lord for peace and clarity.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...

I think you guessed right on how the mail got diverted to you. I guess it's a good think Mud Rake didn't find it or he never would have given it to you. :)

I had a complete hysterectomy four years ago. I asked to have my ovaries removed and my doctor said I didn't need them anyway. If you leave one or both ovaries nine chances out of ten you'll have to go back and have them out later. Don't take a chance on ovarian cancer when you can eliminate that possibility.

You can get HRT and at your age you are not producing many hormones anyway. I was still ovulating at age 56 and managed fine with the HRT. One dose for six months and then half that dosage for another six months and then finished. I quit earlier as I see I still have a couple of boxes of patches in my medicine cabinet.

Go for it, Barb! Do what the doctor recommends and don't take chances.

Jeanette said...

good thing instead of good think, but probably a good think too. :)

Christian Apologist said...

I believe God is using this letter for two purposes.
1. To let you know he loves you, and cares about this situation. If you put your trust in him he will bring healing.
2. By using the letter he is saying that he has put the healing in the doctors hands and you should pray for wisdom for the doctor and submit to whatever he feels is the correct course of action.

Barb said...

That's probably the right interp, Friends. The lab result goes to church as God wants me to consider it seriously and follow advice of the experts. Putting the whole thing in His hands.