Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome, Sister Jeanette!

Jeanette has an artsy blog --pretty in pink --and you sit down and sip the tea with her on her couch --so to speak! We have our faith, marriage, age, kids and grandkids in common. We're both concerned here about the "culture wars" and our lost world, believing we share a "saving faith." She is Baptist and I am Free Methodist --both Bible believers and "just Christians."

I should probably say, speaking for myself, that not everyone in my denomination (Free Methodist) thinks as I do about all the social issues, government's role, the War in Iraq, GOP and the issue of scientific origins of life. But I think most in my church would agree with me (and Jeanette) and be part of the much maligned, misunderstood, castigated "Religious Right." I am on the conservative end of the vine on these issues and she seems to be also--and we're right, of course! : D

I do not understand the link business one bit. Except that I have created a link for her in my list of blogs. So click on Js Cafe Nette in my link list to the right and you will find your way to her parlor for a chat.

And when she posts here, hopefully she'll indicate cross-post link to her blog.

Jeanette gives me credit for inviting her here, but the collaboration was her idea initially --and I'm honored to share in her blog, and have her share in mine. We might widen our little audience this way --and keep our blogs active with more frequent posting.

"God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...

I'm not a Calvinist. I do not believe in pre-destination. I'm just a Bible believing Baptist. Don't let the Southern Baptist thing fool you. It's as fundamental as the church I attended in Maine and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Barb said...

I went to your church's website which you can post here if you want. I was impressed to see all the music groups and a 100 voice choir? is that every Sunday? That's wonderful. We get 30-45 out every year for a Christmas musical with great decor and costumes, nativity pageant --and choreography ! (shocking) --includes drama, solos, etc. No live orchestra, however--we just aren't big enough for that --YET.

Our pastor graduated from Moody Bible Institute.

Our website is

I think I'll post it with my other links.

There is a radio broadcast from the previous Sunday accessible on internet via the church website (mic on the left) at 11 AM every Sunday. So if you're ever home ill--tune in to us! Sometimes our music is very good --sometimes it depends --on personnel both on platform and sound techs. There is an art to getting it right.

Jeanette said...

We have an absolutely wonderful choir. So many people can do beautiful solos. There is one in particular I love to hear. On Easter Sunday she sang a song and went up a full octave between two words without even taking a deep breath.

We also have an orchestra and our pianist and organist are second to none. There's a lot of talen in our church and a beautiful spirit.

But we are not reformed and we are not Calvinists. :)

Our pastor is great as are the rest of the pastoral staff. If you're ever in town come to our 9:15 service as that's the traditional one. The one at 10:30 is contemporary and I don't care for that music. :)