Thursday, May 24, 2007

RESTRICTIONS ON THE SEX CLUBS --HOORAY --Strickland is going to make a step in the right direction? Will wonders never cease?

Strip joints really serve no good purpose and should be shut down altogether. They just tempt men out of their homes and take food off the table --and cause spousal alienation and ultimately divorce --and that contributes to poverty.

"Patrons" need to be heading home by midnight. Don't they have to get up and go to work? or look for a job? It's safer for the women, too, I suspect --to have these distance rules and earlier closings. If it's not as much fun with restrictions, good, let 'em go out of business!

Porn, sex clubs, promiscuity --all become destructive, costly addictions --and I would think clubs are a source of frustration if men can't act on the arousal that occurs in such places. Fellows with impulse control issues might be inspired to rape, leaving such a place --or commit sex crime in their homes toward their own--especially if they add alcohol to the mix. Incest and molestation seem to be rampant among the sleazier elements of male society today. And I would think the same people are also among the patrons of sex clubs; there are way too many such poor souls.

One of my young acquaintances said his friend invited him to go with him to a strip bar--and my acquaintance replied, "Why would I want to share an erection with you?"

The friend said --"aw, it's not like that" --and my acquaintance replied, "Why then would I want to go to such a place and become immune to naked women such that I would NOT have an erection?"

You know, in the old days men could hardly wait to "have and to hold" --and got married as soon as it was legal without parental signature. I wonder if all the available online and sex club porn isn't delaying the normal urge to mate --sometimes because most women don't match up to the porn ideal? --or because some young men are spending more time with the computers and clubs than meeting women they might marry? or finding jobs that support marriage? And then they all wait until they are old, bald, paunchy and lose the chemistry of youth that attracts people to each other. They still have a chance --but have wasted a lot of time and the benefits of their youth --and it's worse for women who marry later --infertility and breast cancer are more common to those who bear children later --plus the greater risk of Down's syndrome in their babies.

Any attempts to regulate immorality and vice are worth the effort. BECAUSE YOUNG MEN GET TEMPTED INTO VILE HABITS by such places. There are probably millions who wouldn't be porn addicts if not for the easy accessibility of the internet porn today.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


kooz said...

Amen. I made some comments on various local blogs regarding my support of this. Per usual...I was verbally attacked as a Bible thumper, neo-con. etc...

Nice to see someone else realizes the dangers of sexual immorality in our community.

Barb said...

Nice to meet you, Kooz. I posted your link on my blog list so I can come over and see what you're talking about now and then.

I saw the one about the libraries --I so agree!

It seems people can connect with their fantasy sex partner by internet but can't go and meet any really compatible people face to face. It IS nice to be able to meet people on line and find out that you think alike, etc. --or even to get to know and befriend people who are dissimilar from you --but a chat room isn't the appropriate place for a meeting of the minds.

And I think there's something to be said for meeting and getting to know people to date without the physical distractions/attractions --a good potential of internet

But this sex conversation in the chat rooms --you'd think one episode of To Catch a Predator --would deter anyone from meeting someone underage that way.

I have wondered, if the predators were propositioned by women closer to their age --by these justice groups looking for pedophiles --what if they approached these men in the chat rooms as adult women talking dirty --would the men be just as apt to want to meet them? or are they really partial to young teens?
You know what I mean? Some of them are fairly young men and the young teens don't necessarily LOOK like children to them. It does seem like entrapment if the person poses as a young girl eager to talk about sex -- and there are no older women doing the same. Was he really out to get a kid? Or would any female talking sexy do?

As you observed, what are the older men (and the married men) doing in chat rooms in the first place? and in our public tax-supported libraries? A lot of lonely people, I guess. It's really pitiful --I have so many single women friends who can't find good men --and there's a whole row of men lined up in the libary looking for youth and sex.