Saturday, February 25, 2012

Murphy Browns Get Married!!

Light in the darkness: National Review’s Rich Lowery wrote about marriage and out-of-wedlock births in Time magazine this week. He noticed that most *Murphy Browns –i.e. successful, educated, accomplished, deliberate choice-makers –are, in fact, MARRIED –”a bastion of marital traditionalism. It is left to the poor and the working class to ignore age-old wisdom about how to order our lives and thereby [they] suffer the consequences.”
According to his article, ONLY 8 per cent of women with college degrees are unwed mothers –compared to 70% of high school drop-outs, 51% of high school grads, and 34% for those with some college. I remember when it was 1 out of 40 white girls who had unwed pregnancies –and 2 out of 5 black girls. Now it’s 29 per cent white, 53% latino, and 73 percent blacks –who have out of wedlock births.
Lowry suggested Michelle Obama should use her position to encourage kids to wait for marriage –instead of worrying about their weight.
He said, “The decline of marriage is our most ignored national crisis. As it continues to slide away, our country will become less just –and less mobile. (I assume he meant “upwardly mobile?”)
I can’t think the courts promotion of gay marriage as a right is going to help at all. More and more men are contemplating hedonism with each other instead of making families with women for whom they are designed. Homosexuality is the gift that keeps on giving! from one generation to another and not through parents as much as through gays themselves.
* Murphy Brown was a tv sitcom character 20 years ago who decided to bear a child, accidentally conceived out of wedlock. She figured she could raise it herself when she should have considered adoption. Vice President Dan Quayle was ridiculed (later vindicated) for being so out of touch and old-fashioned about women's rights to bear AND RAISE children, married or not, that he criticized Murphy Brown. He spoke of the importance of fathers to children. Culture war in politics is nothing new. Unfortunately we are at the tipping point where more people are immoral than moral --and want policies to support the immoral.
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


WhyNot said...

Hi Barb,

I see all your posts score zero comment. Being a compassionate atheist, I thought I'd leave you one.

Barb said...

Have you figured out yet that this article is right? from personal experience and observation of the French?

Santorum said only 2 percent of Americans are in poverty who do these 3 things: graduate high school, get a job, and marry before having children. Staying together is surely the 4th leg on the financial stable table. And staying away from alcohol, nicotine and drugs is probably a 5th leg on the table.

Religion is a tremendous support in helping us to make good choices like the above.

I believe in Christ's redemption --that it's never too late to redeem the rest of our lives and live for Him with hope of heaven.

Nice to hear from you, Whynot. Really. How are you?

mud_rake said...

I thought she was dead, WhyNot. But then I remembered the line, 'The good die young.'

The poor thing is still lingering in her pathetic obsessive state hoping that she can score 'points' with god by promoting an exclusive agenda which 'fits' her warped view of the world.

I have to laugh at [roll over really] at the insipid statement:
Religion is a tremendous support in helping us to make good choices like the above.

Religion? Seriously? I note that nothing has changed [of course it never will] and she is still wedded to a 1st millenia BCE, misogynistic tribal god- a god who loved Jews but no one else.

Get your head [and ass] out of the stifling bubble in which you have existed for 65 years and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine out here in the real world- the world of nature, not make-believe.

Barb said...

Mmmm. I see your anti-Semitism is showing, Mr. German Mudrake.

I guess you are still functioning as usual.

WhyNot said...


"Have you figured out yet that this article is right? from personal experience and observation of the French?"

No. Nor from my personal experience and observation of Malians. Nor of Germans. Nor of Australians. Nor of Americans. Nor of Japanese. In fact, it' s kind of like double-dutch to me, lol.

"Religion is a tremendous support in helping us to make good choices like the above. "

I may have been so in past centuries. However, nowadays, In all the countries mentioned above, except Mali to a small extent, religion is essentially dead and buried. But if it helps you (and others), it's fine by me; I certainly don't have anything against ppl who are religious - as long as they don't take over the running of the country or try to shove religion down my throat under pain of torture or worse.

Religious ppl like my friend Valérie are ideal in this respect and have helped restore my confidence that not all religious ppl are retarded cretins, lol.

"Nice to hear from you, Whynot. Really. How are you?"

I'm ok, thanks for asking. I spend most of my time watching movies and surfing the Net - and get laid occasionally (which is unfortunately not as often as I'd like, lol). How about you?

The following may sound strage to you, but I mean it: at times I miss you on PP; in the past, whenever you weren't ranting about religion, you could be a fun companion. Feel free to drop by any time - and if so, keep bible quotations to one or two paragraphs...

Be well.


Hi there. Seems the only place we meet is here, lol. Well, I kind of agree with your statments; however these issues are not a priority in my life. if ppl want to be religious to the extreme, it doesn't bother me, it's THEIR problem, not mine.

Barb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barb said...

You have a very social blog, a blog community like no other --which has been in large part due to your usual tolerance.I've never seen another like it.

I enjoyed my give and take with Microdot and yourself in the good times there at your blog. But some people just cannot tolerate conservative, pro-American, or Christian views --and have to hate those who hold them.

Whynot --if you are honest, what decisions in life could you have made that would have resulted in more happiness for you, more financial stability and health?

I recognize in you a brilliant mind and musician --and wish you had not gotten sidetracked.

But Eternity is forever, and it's not too late to jump on the High Road to which Christ calls us.

WhyNot said...


"But some people just cannot tolerate conservative, pro-American, or Christian views --and have to hate those who hold them."

I think it depends to a large extent how those views are expressed. As in all things, a certain moderation goes a long way to make yourself listened to, even if not necessaraly agreed with. Just as a quick example: you mention "pro-American": that's a double edge swrd statment; if it means you're not blindly against everything that's American, then you'll find most ppl will agree with you; however if you mean you condone everything USA does or has done, including mass genocide, then you are likely to find lots of ppl who think you're a fucktard.

Anyway, must go, see you some time.

WhyNot said...


"if you are honest, what decisions in life could you have made that would have resulted in more happiness for you, more financial stability and health?"

I can't give you an answer for the simple reason that I can't think of any decision that I could have made which would have improved all 3 points simultaneously; some (that I made) improved one point but did nothing for the other 2, etc, I'm sure you get my meaning.

But to answer your first statement, I think I am reasonably honest. However, I'm no saint and I am not above lying if I feel I am morally justified doing so. Still, even if I do lie, it is hardly ever with the purpose of hurting or defrauding other ppl; as a result my conscience doesn't nag me in the least.

Jeanette said...

Have you noticed, Barb, that many of the people who were raised in the Catholic Church are so dead-set against all Christianity that it seems something was forced upon them when they were attending church?

I've noticed it with lapsed Catholics here in the States too, and most of Europe is of Catholic background.

Mudrake and Whynot both are lapsed Catholics, but their former religion teaches if they were baptized as babies they automatically go to heaven, so maybe that's why they feel so free to blaspheme and to mock people who truly love Jesus whether Catholic or a member of one of the Protestant churches.

The Proverb does tell us to: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

I wonder what their last thoughts will be as they lay dying.

Don't get me wrong. There are just as many lapsed Protestants too, but it seems our country still has more believers than those in Europe and other places where Catholicism was/is the primary faith.

Barb said...

The hypocrisy is in Mudrake still going to Catholic Church.

I think his problem is that he is just like his father who was so anti-protestant --then Mudrake was so anti-his father and his Catholicism --so now he's a mixed bag with one foot in the church and one foot out --and definite obsessive compulsive knee-jerk feelings against evangelical protestants --just like his father had against all protestants.

He's more like his father than he wants to be.

Hopefully, he will come to a saving faith in the Lord.

WhyNot said...


"but their former religion teaches if they were baptized as babies they automatically go to heaven"

Wow, your ignorance is staggering. I do believe the only features where you beat that ignorance hands down is your stupidity and your propensity to lie like it's second nature to you.

Watch out, Barb: this jeanette woman is the very scumbag who in a 3-way conversation with me and Mr Politeness, ensured you were nuked out of PP. Nice jesus-loving born again christian, right?

Barb said...

How is Mr. Politeness, anyway?

Jeanette and I made peace --that is the born-again way. Non-Christians aren't likely to do that.

Jeanette said...

Strange, Philippe, but every Catholic funeral I have attended (and 1/2 my family is Catholic so I've attended more than a few) the priest always says something to the effect that "because of his/her baptism he/she will enter into the kingdom of heaven." See, you just have to be baptized by a Catholic priest and then Bob's your uncle.

Barb said...

To Philippe --whynot

I didn't post your last comment because you were evidently in a very foul mood. I won't let you insult below the belt as you did to my family. As for whether or not I am dead yet, as you asked, my mother is dying --at 92 --and I'm typing in her room and she isn't eating anything and drinking only water. She's on Hospice and they say not to force foods. wE are trying to give her enough meds for pain relief and nausea relief. It's kidney cancer spread to liver and bone and lung --as I understand it. I don't think i got very good info....because she is too sick for a biopsy --and what they found in hospital tests are described as "lesions" in her various organs and spine --I guess. I think she may go quickly and I am not prepared for the difficulties of nursing at home even with hospice help --they haven't really showed up much yet.

Jeanette said...

Barb, I'm so sorry to hear your mother is suffering, but after speaking to you, you said they have her pain under control. Having a doctor in the home helps too.

Hospice doesn't come around much until you call them, they take your money and send you all kinds of mail afterwards to help you deal with your grief. Oh, and they come to pull all the meds from the house and get the hospital bed out of there if it doesn't belong to you.

Let me know when she goes home as I would like to send flowers.

And Philippe's remark about a 3 way conversation about getting you off his blog: He didn't know that at the same time I told you it was your name that was blocking you.

I checked his blog a few minutes ago and found that he has a Word Press error that is not allowing comments to show. I guess that's the end of his blog unless he possesses the skills to fix it. He has such an old version the whole thing will probably crash soon.