Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What about Newt?

A Leftist Blogger:
It seems to me that the Right was all about saying the affair made Clinton unfit because he lied about it, while we were extremely disappointed in him but didn’t see a sex scandal as a deal breaker, but now the Right willfully ignores what they once denounced (Newt won in SC), while we merely point it out and laugh at you all.

Well, you rightly can mock us if we end up with Newt as our candidate –Nevertheless, in that case, I would vote for him for competence over Obama who I believe is only a speech contest performer and “community organizer.”

I believe Obama has proven that he knows nothing about business and how to get this country moving. He’s failed at that. His policies and proposals are socialistic --how Big Gov't can solve problems with the workers' money --instead of letting the private sector and the market work. Consequently, more and more people depend on gov't to support them and will vote for such socialism. FDR set us up for this with the doomed Social Security System. Now we even have alcoholics and addicts getting 700 a month in SSI --Supplemental Security Income. Even in our protectorates like Puerto Rico. World magazine told about a family that had its 4 members on SSI and wanted to get the four-yr. old pre-schooler on it --so gave her their meds and she died!

I do think Newt is a genuine conservative, very smart and a good communicator –and wouldn’t have trouble besting Obama in debate –but he’s not a warm and fuzzy, likable guy despite his ability to get women –and sad to say, tv charisma is important. I don’t know that Newt can keep his arrogant airs and obnoxiousness in check –especially when he takes offense when we criticize his past –much as we’ve liked his debate performance.

He would be really smart to be humble about past sins and not bristle when they are brought up. We want to hear that he HAS changed –and that spiritual change is what all philanderers need! And that he knows he sinned against past wives. To tell the public it is irrelevant –well, that’s not for him to do. And the GOP should say it was wrong for King David and Bill Clinton and Newt Gingerich –and that we hope that Newt, like David, could sincerely practice the repentance of Psalm 51 in the blog thread below.

Then and only then can Newt be a family values candidate. According to scripture, repentance can make us clean and useful again –qualified to fill the “bully pulpit” of the presidency. Of course, he has appealed to the religious right with his “God in America” book/DVD. He "gets us" on that issue.

We surely need overhaul of family and spiritual values to save American economy. We are SOOOO dependent on the money of workers other than ourselves now, and family breakdown is the reason. High gas prices aren't helping and I do wish the fat cats of that industry would have compassion and less greed. I also think the gov't should develop sources in Alaska, etc.

This is not the time for the Left to make the clamor for gay marriage and abortion the biggest issues --when we, the people, should instead be saving the economy via:

  • shoring up families by publically condemning shacking up, abandoning wives and children
  • showing the Courageous film
  • promoting marriage, fidelity, Golden Rule and Grace attitudes to couples
  • promoting abstinence until marriage to our youth,
  • chaperoning youth and providing more youth leadership and activities that teach good Biblical morals and promote school achievement –private and church activities like Bush’s “points of light.” Volunteerism with youth is so needed.

(While Obama presents the facade of a good family–any truth to the Rev. Wright’s murdered choir director and Obama rumors?)

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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